CS395 Internship Melanie Tarr

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Dec 13, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


CS395 Internship

Melanie Tarr

Company Overview

Midwives and patients informally tied towels
together, giving one end to the laboring woman
and the other end to her husband.

Each person pulls on one end of the towel, the
perfect counter
balance is created for the mother,
getting the maximum benefit of each push

shortening the second stage of labor.

Labor Link, LLC was created. To effectively
promote this product, an aggressive advertising
campaign and sound infrastructure was necessary.

What is a Labor Link?

The Labor Link is a rope device approximately
three feet long. It is constructed with polypropylene
rope and has clear, vinyl handles. The rope body
between the handles is covered with a colorful
fabric 'scrunchy'.

Project Overview

This project was developed as the final stage of a
marketing campaign for the start
up business
Labor Link, LLC.

Create a Web
based, user
friendly database query

The goal of this database was to allow my client to
quickly and effectively obtain information about
potential customers and birth centers throughout
the world.

Project Requirements

The system must require a username and
password to access the database for
licensing reasons.

The system must allow for user
modification, such as adding a new user,
deleting an existing user and changing a

Requirements cont.

The user must be able to search my name,
state and name of birth center.

The system must be able to differentiate
between hospitals and birth centers.

System Design

The database used in this system was
created locally with SQLite, due to its
powerful, lightweight nature.

Once deployed to the Web, the database
was moved to MySQL (which is what is
running on the server).

System Architecture

Data is processed dynamically, prior to being sent out to Web.

User Interface

Created to integrate into the existing Web

same design patterns, colors and style to adhere
to standard consistency and familiarity
principles employed in most professional Web


Passwords are securely checked for authenticity by encrypting their
entries in the database using the MySQL PASSWORD function.

Search Database

Add User

Change Password

Log out

Future Steps

The ability to import CSV files to add to the
database would be a valuable addition to
this system.

Implement a user
friendly option to modify
the database directly on the Web.