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Ruby on Rails

a popular web application framework, aimed to
increase the speed and ease of web development

Ruby on Rails, Tim Zappe


Rails was created by David Heinemeier
Hansson and based on his work with
Basecamp at 37signals. It was released
in 2004.

Apple has announced they will ship
ROR with the new version of OS X
[10.4] due out in this spring.

Ruby on Rails, Tim Zappe

Why Frameworks?

A framework is a set of software tools and
libraries used to streamline the development
process. Typically the provide built
functionality for database access, templating,
and session management.

The goal of using a framework is to only write
the code for your project that is specific.
There is no need to reinvent the wheel for
common tasks.

Ruby on Rails, Tim Zappe

Why Rails?

The success of rails has been based
mostly on Ruby’s ease of use.

By not wasting time reinventing the
wheel on every project, developers are
able to spend more time working on the
richness of the user interface.

Integrated ajax techniques

Integrated unit testing

Ruby on Rails, Tim Zappe

Why not rails?

Some recent complaints about rails talk about
why the core team develops mostly on Apple
computers. There have been complaints that
programming rails on Windows can be
challenging since there lacks a IDE for the the

Rails works wonderful for projects built from
scratch, but can be a pain to function on top
of legacy databases.

Ruby on Rails, Tim Zappe

MVC Programming

Controller Programming is
way to split an application into multiple
layers. It’s common to split the user
interface from the data access, but MVC
goes a step further by splitting the UI
into view and a controller.

Ruby on Rails, Tim Zappe


A model in MVC programming is the
layer that represents the data in an
application. It adds meaning on top of
raw data.

In Rails, the model represents a table in
a database and interacts with other

Ruby on Rails, Tim Zappe


The view is the portion of the the code
that displays the user interface.

In rails, this is done with .rhtml files
[ruby embedded html] to display
dynamic data in usable interface.

Ruby on Rails, Tim Zappe


The controller is designed to respond to
events, and to designated which view is given
to the user.

In Rails, the controller is used to define
common actions. By default, rails includes
scaffolding which is a technique used to
generate common actionsused such as
Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD)

Ruby on Rails, Tim Zappe

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Ruby on Rails, Tim Zappe