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Feb 2, 2013 (5 years and 5 months ago)


Sybrant Technologies

Outlook of Our New Site & Our


We established our self in 2007 and was backed by US based
technology investor named vSpring Capital and now called as
Signal Peak.

We have grown up as a leader in mobility & UX design to
deliver a complete compelling mobility solutions for clients.

We deliver an impressive and clear picture on what we do &
who we are to the clients by our works.

We have worked on 50 different mobile products in varied
platforms as per users usability.

We and Our global team are always there to serve you better
with they ideas and thoughts.

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Services we do…

Mobile Application Development.

Mobile Application Integration.

Web Application Development.

Open Source software Development.

User Experience (UX) Design.

Cloud Computing Solutions.

Enterprise Application Development.

Mobile Application Development

We work with the mobile world to form different mobile apps
which evolve to take a large space in the industry with a
rapid growth in the market. The platforms we work on are:

1. Iphone Mobile App Development.

2. Android Mobile App Development.

3. Blackberry Mobile App Development.

4. Windows Mobile App Development.

5. Ipad App Development.

Mobile Application Integration

We make the existing data to integrate into your mobile to
present a new look and liveliness to your site with help of our
Mobile Application Integration. These helps the user to
interact through they mobile or Ipad.

Transfer of data into data centric and making a interaction
towards the latest technology through our integration

We optimize your business using mobile technologies and
integrating it into applications can give a real
time view
which can increase your business opportunities in the
competitive world.

Web Application Development

Web Technology being a basis for all the applications today,
we create an unique structure that makes user a satisfactory
app by using PHP, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress Web

We look into different aspects of web technology and work up
on it, to bring in more web applications in a better style to
serve you with the best of best services among others in a
competitive world.

Open Source Software Development

One of the leading application and cutting edge technology in
industry which just needs a support to enhance the
application forming an Open Source Software with low cost
and faster time.

Some of the open source Framework we work up on:

1. Code Igniter

2. Drupal.

3. Joomla.

4. Ruby on Rails.

5. Social Engine.

6. Zend.

7. Android.

8. Phone gap.

9. Native IOS.

10. Adobe Air.

11. Rhodes Framework.

User Experience (UX) Design

We implement your thoughts into User Interface Design to
follow a corporate design structure and define them as per
user’s usability concept and inherit them into a meaning full
web/mobile app.

These design are exhibited as per user view and idea, they are
implied into design to form a striking site.

The approaches followed in UX design are:

1. User Research and Strategy.

2. Information Architecture.

3. Interaction Design.

4. Visual Design.

5. Primary Validation.

6. Application Development.

Cloud Computing Solutions

We join hands to bring the tech services together into our
cloud services to serve you better in different sectors using
our Cloud Computing strategies:

1. Infrastructure
Service (IaaS).

2. Platform
Service (PaaS).

3. Software
Service (SaaS).

We would like to serve you in all aspects of your business
goals using our end
end cloud services.

Enterprise Application Development

A leading business application in the corporate world where
Enterprise Application

is deployed into different platforms
across the internet world.

It’s a complex system associated with many applications and
we provide our best services in:

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

2. Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

3. Supply Chain Management (SCM).

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