Sixth Sense Technology

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Nov 24, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Sixth Sense Technology

Already existing five senses

Five basic senses

seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting and hearing.

Now the sixth sense has came into existance
to revolutionalize this world



is a wearable gestural interface device that augments the
physical world with digital information and lets people use natural
hand gestures to interact with that

It was developed by Pranav Mistry, a PhD student in the Fluid
Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab.

He won the ‘Invention of the Year 2009 ‘

by Popular Science.

The device sees what we see but it lets out information that we want to
know while viewing the object.

It can project information on any surface, be it a wall, table or any
other object and uses hand / arm movements to help us interact with
the projected information.

The device brings us closer to reality and assists us in making right
decisions by providing the relevant information, thereby, making the
entire world a computer.


All of us are aware of the five basic senses

seeing, feeling, smelling,
tasting and hearing. But there is also another sense called the sixth

It is basically a connection to something greater than what thei r
physical senses are to perceive.

But the invention of sixth sense technology has completely shocked the
world. Although it is not widely known as of now but the time is not far
when this technology will change our perception of the world.

The device serves the purpose of a computer plus saves time spent on
searching information. Currently the prototype of the device costs
around $350 to build. Still more work is being done on the device and
when fully developed, it will definitely revolutionize the world.

Components used in sixth sense

The Sixth Sense prototype is composed of
the following things:

1.Pocket projector

2.Mirror &


4.Coloured caps

Working of Components

The hardware components are coupled in a pendant
mobile wearable device. Both the projector and the camera
are connected to the mobile computing device in the user’s
pocket, working such as :

projector: projects visual information, enabling
surfaces, walls and physical objects around the wearer to be
used as

camera and hands:
recognizes and tracks the user's
hand gestures and physical objects using computer
based techniques

Software program used in this

The software of the technology uses the video stream, which is captured
by the camera, and also tracks the location of the tips of the fingers to
recognize the gestures. This process is done using some techniques of

, Sixth Sense is a mini
projector coupled with a camera and a

which acts as the computer and your connection to the
Cloud, all the information stored on the web.


This sixth sense technolgy has many applications in our
daily life as follows:


Firstly, it is portable and easily to carry as you can wear it in your neck.

The drawing application lets user draw on any surface by observing the
movement of index finger.

The camera also helps user to take pictures of the scene he is viewing and later
he can arrange them on any surface.

While reading a newspaper and viewing videos instead of the photos in the

The device can also tell you arrival, departure or delay time of your air plane
on your tickets.

.When we open any book and you will find the Amazon ratings of the book.


While picking up any good at the grocery store, the user can get to know
whether the product is eco friendly or not.


To know the time, all one has to do is to just gesture drawing circle on the
wrist and there appears a wrist watch


To know the person’s details while talking to him.

Taking photos and viewing them whenever you want

By using this technology the person
can take photos where ever he goes
just make a square with your
fingers, highlighting what you want
to frame as shown in above image,
and the system will make the

which you can later
organize with the others using your
own hands over the air as shown in
the below image....

To display a map on a physical surface and
find destination..

The sixth sense also
implements map
which lets the user
display the map on
any physical surface
and find his
destination by just
using his gestures

To select the best and quality products when we go to
shopping with out asking any one..

Whenever you want to buy
best things when u go to a
supermarket when we hold
things then the product
rating can be seen on that
product as mini projector is
coupled with cell phone
which has net connection we
can easily get the rating of
that product on it..

To see the live video news while reading the news paper

The SixthSense system also
augments physical objects
the user is interacting with
by projecting more
information about these
objects projected on them.
For example, a newspaper
can show live video news or
dynamic information can be
provided on a regular piece of

To know the rating of books while we are
choosing a book to buy...

For book lovers it is
nothing less than a
blessing. Open any book
and you will find the
Amazon ratings of the
book. To add to it, pick
any page and the device
gives additional
information on the text,
comments and lot more
add on features...

To know the flight timings and also its late in
its departure

You can be in a taxi going
to the airport, and just by
taking out your boarding
pass, Sixth Sense will grab
real time information
about your flight and
display it over the ticket.
You won't need to do any
action. Just hold it in
front of your and it will

To know the person’s details while talking to him..

We can know the person’s
details while talking to
him when the person
stands before us the
person’s face is
recognized by the mobile
and the details are
projected on him as
shown in the image...

To know the time when you even dont have the

When we want to
know the time even
when we dont have
the watch then draw
a circle on your wrist
and a watch will
appear then you can
see the time on your
wrist as shown

Whenever we want to make a call with out taking our
cellphone out..

Whenever we want to
make a call just
extend your hand on
front of the projector
and numbers will
appear for you to
click then you click
on call button by
doing this we can
simply make a call in
very easy and easiest

Thank You