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Oct 31, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


(+ Internship)

Video Game Core Theory 12 Weeks
Video Game Analysis and Technical Design
Video Game Business
Video Game Mathematics and Physics
Video Game Development Fundamentals 12 Weeks
Video Game Prototyping using Flash & ActionScript
Introduction to C++ Game Development
XNA Video Game Development 12 Weeks
2D XNA Video Game Development
3D XNA Video Game Development
XNA Video Game Project
Video Game Design Structures 12 Weeks
Video Game Animation
Video Game Sound
Video Game Level Design
Advanced Flash & ActionScript Development
Unity & Mobile Game Development 12 Weeks
Unity 3D Game Development
Mobile Game Development for Windows Phone 7
Mobile Game Development for Apple iOS
Video Game Development with Low Level Graphic Rendering Engines 12 Weeks
2D DirectX Video Game Development
3D DirectX Video Game Development
DirectX Video Game Project
Career Management 1 Week
Lab Weeks 5 Weeks
Internship 16 Weeks
Program HIGHLIGHTS Include:
Team Approach to Game Development Projects
Development with 8 Gaming Projects
Industry Experienced Instructors
Program recognized by industry experts
Registered and Approved Diploma
Career Services
Job Search Assistance
Alumni Program Benefits


Program Length:



NOTE: In order to continuously improve our programs, triOS College reserves the right to modify programs at any time. Each training day is 5 hours, including 4 instructor-led hours.
Order of program delivery varies depending on program start date. triOS College is registered and approved as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act.
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: High School Graduation Diploma or Mature Student Status (18 years of age and high school equivalency test passed). In addition, a two part entrance
examination must be successfully passed.
ACCREDITATION POLICY: Like all post-secondary institutions in Ontario, triOS College reserves the right to accept or deny advanced standing into its programs.

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