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Keene State College

Cell Phones & Other Wireless Communications Equipment Agreement

Effective Date July 1, 2008. Must be renewed annually by
November 1st

of each year.

Employee Name:


Job Titl




Cell Phone # (with area code):

Cell Phone Carrier:

Estimated Annual Costs:

Type of

Voice Only

Voice + Data

Business ju
stification, based on job responsibilities

Policy Summary:

In order to comply with IRS regulations KSC has established a new policy regarding cell

phone and other wireless
communications equipment policy. Some f
aculty and staff are required to use cell phones and other wireless communication
devices in the performance of their jobs.
hese devices must be for a business purpose that cannot be accom
modated with a
landline phone, pager, or other less expensive communication device


enable an employee to:

respond to emergency and/or health and safety situations whereby staff are r
equired to be available 24 x 7

remain in contact with others due to

the requirements of the job, such as frequent business related travel

he complete policy is available online:

This policy applies to Keene State College and is intended to
ement USNH wireless communications





cellular phone service and equipment and assume responsibility for vendor terms and conditions. As
such they are responsible for plan choices, service levels, calling areas, ser
vice and phone features, termination clauses, and
payment terms and penalties.

Employee will work with Purchasing Department to obtain approved contracted vendor list

Employee agrees they are responsible for devices that have been lost or damaged and/or replacement of said devices.

Employee will promptly report to their department head any updates or changes regarding cell phone numbers or plan
es that could impact the access to cellular services.

Employee agrees to carry the device with them, keep it charged and in operational condition, use it appropriately, and be
accessible for business use of the device as required by their department head o
r supervisor.

Employee agrees to return device to KSC if duties change no longer requiring the device to perform his job, or if he ceases
to be employed by KSC after being provided with such equipment.

Employee(s) supervisor is responsible for reviewing th
e necessity of providing such equipment to employee(s) on a periodic
basis and taking steps to recall equipment no longer needed by employee(s) for the performance of their duties.

Employee Certification:

I certify that the expenses I incur for cell phone

and/or other wireless communications equipment comply with KSC usage policy and
agree to its terms and conditions.




Employee Signature

Human Resources Signature



Department Head/Dean Signature

Principal Administrator

KSC Provided Cell Phone Process:

New Users:

KSC employees
, (similar to current travel program process), will contact cell firm and determine b
est plan and
equipment to serve their needs.

Purchasing will

contact Cell firm and KSC employee
and approve request

KSC employee

can pay for phone and service via their KSC PCard

Contact Jim Draper

with any questions or concerns

Current Users:

KSC employ
ee will complete KSC request/agreement form and forward to Purchasing

KSC employee

can pay for phone and service via their KSC PCard

Contact Jim Draper
with any questions or concerns



Early October

KSC Purchasing sends out ann
ual memo to Directors

November 1

Annual forms completed and sent to Purchasing

November 30

Annual USNH report sent to system