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gs to look for in the future


Things to look for in the future of Web designing

With 3G and 4G technology more and more people are using net and accessing mobile websites
on the go via their iPad
, iPhone, android or even their e book readers. I think mobile technology
surrounding the digital age are in the process of changing not just Internet but modern life
general we are rapidly moving towards a point where people used it web more often from th
cell phone and they do from a computer. If a website is not user
friendly when accessed via a
mobile device customers simply will not use it. It is that simple!

is able to implement this
knowledge into web design

maximizing traffic to any websit
e and mobile website making it
more accessible which in short, means more money. If a business is not mobile friendly they are
losing countless customers daily. To give an example in June 2010, according to COM score
people were

their desktops

and av
erages 64 min. per day online whereas 43 minutes a day
using mobile web devices. In contrast to this just one year later in June 2011 mobile use had
overtaken regular internet use. The figures are 74 minutes regular internet use; while the mobile
user has
skyrocketed to nearly double the amount from just one year ago mobile use was now a
81 minutes per day

Let's not limit ourselves to thinking of mobile computing as only connecting
to the internet

Mobile devices can interact with a variety of networks, no
t just the internet. For
example, here are a few "networks" that mobile devices can connect to:

SMS (short message service)

mobile web marketing



Mobile users are 25% more likely to respond to advertising

Of the 4 billion mobile phones in

use today, smartphones = 1.08 billion, or ~27%, and the
majority of them are SMS
enabled (3.05 billion or ~75%)

By 2014, mobile internet should take over desktop

1/2 of all LOCAL searches are performed on mobile devices

On average, Americans spend 2.7 hou
rs per day socializing on their mobile devices

1/3 of the Facebook user base uses Facebook Mobile

200 million YouTube views on mobile every day (YT gets over 1 billion total views per

54 are most active group in mobile socializing

marketing is simply marketing to people who use mobile computing devices. If you have
a cell phone that is either "smart" or has SMS enabled, you can be marketed to exclusively

through that device

ere are some facts that I found interesting when researc


marketing. These are in no particular order, other than that this is the order in which I found

gs to look for in the future