Northview PTO Minutes September 10, 2012 - 7pm - Northview Media Center

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Nov 24, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Northview PTO Minutes

September 10, 2012


Northview Media Center

In Attendance

Northview Staff Members:

Kathy Carl (principal), Sue Hannasch (nurse), Becky Hanson (

instructor), Kelly Schlagel, Mary Pat Kurt and Julie Dahl
(kindergarten teachers)

NVPTO Board Members:

Tera Vitale, Heather Lorentz, Barb Schmitt, Michelle Johnson

NVPTO Committee Chairs:

Holly Jenkins, Heather Nelson, Chris Krogh, Lynn Stein, Michelle

Altier, Erica Knipe

NVPTO Members:

Mike and
Traci Schmitt,

Marie Merwin,

, Sara and Damian

Moran, John Chapman, Shawna Peters, Jenny
, Lindsay McNally, Alyssa Lorenz, Teri

Bumpers, Kim Lyon, Melinda Olson

Call to Order

7:01 pm The meeting was called to order by Pres
ident Tera

Consent Calendar

Tera Vitale

Engineering Kits were

in the amount of $2,800
, as approved in last year’s budget.

Board Report

Tera Vitale
, President

Introduction of Board Members and brief description of their roles

Staff kick
off breakfast was a success with many donations from businesses

PTO Website will continue to evolve as we move forward with our “go green” efforts

If you haven’t completed a Volunteer Sign
Up, please do so as there are many opportunitie

still available

PTO can be reached at our e

and Michelle will respond

Heather Lorentz, Vice

New fundraiser added this year (Square 1 Art) information to be sent

home on 9/28 with the


Apparel is on display and can be ordered until 9/21.

Barb Schmitt
, Treasurer

The NVPTO fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.

A budget report will be presented each month and is available any time on the

PTO raised over $45,000 last year for the school and provides such items as reoccurring

software licenses, to smartboards for added technology, to smaller expenditures with big

impact. Such as the cot that was recovered in the nurses
office, the parent directory, popcorn

for events and classrooms, NV garden and staff appreciation.

Parents should pick and choose their fundraiser and not feel obligated to do everything. There

are also free fundraisers such as the Box Tops
and Coke Rewards.


Michelle Altier suggested with the amount of families in attendance, we should quickly go

around the room for introductions

School Report

thy Carl
, Principal

Thanked the parents
for the high involvement in the

school and their positive feedback of


NV is still accepting enrollments and has grown from 381 to 406 students from last year. There

are 60+ out of district students who are coming from all different neighborhoods as well as

other countries.

Mrs. Carl attributes this to

the high parent involvement in events,

the continued focus

science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) as well as
, the

strong band program

and the pro
fessional development for staff,
as well as herself, as they are always learning.

In addition to current staff there is a new Art teacher and it is important to get the basics

for all

of the teachers in terms of supplies and books. She thanked PTO for the approval of engineering

kits and used this as an example of
our fundraising efforts.

Mrs. Carl also clarified that all fundraisers need permission and approval by the District.

Teacher Report

Kindergarten Teachers:

It has been a fabulous beginning to the school year w
ith minimal crying. The students are

eating well and telling good stories about their parents.

There may be a possible musical for Kindergarten as it is the only grade that does not have one.

They also thanked PTO for the support, interaction,

library, smartboards for learning and most

of all the food.

Committee Report

Sue Hannasch
, School nurse (Healthy Living)

She also thanked PTO for their



of Health and Wellnes

and the approval of

the new Carrot and Pea
Costumes, which she has yet to determine who will wear.

Again this year we will have Community Night at
Valley Natural Foods

on either the 1

or 2

Tuesday of the month (check the school calendar). In addition to the $172 per month given, the

school with the highest receipt total from September to May will receive an additional $1,000 to

be given in May.

NV is one of four schools that participate in this community night and it is fun

for all to taste new foods and get healthy recipes.

Also new this year is a raffle for a bike and

helmet giveaway.

The lunch ladies are supporting the program “
Fuel up to play 60

with the NFL
. E
very student is

encouraged to pledge to eat 5

fruits and vegetables
, as well as healthy food and
snacks, along

with getting active for 60 minutes every day
. The school with the most registered students

could get a visit

from a Viking’s Player

and there are other prizes also available

The link to

register is on the NV homepage.

The p
hy ed teachers are having Jam
Minute to promote movement. The 4

and 5


are running in the mornings to encourage running.

There are lots of things happening to encourage healthier eating and movement. Even the

Harvest Parties are
focusing on healthy eating such as apples with dip, rather than candy.

Check out the Moodle Page by clicking on Be Well at the bottom of the NV home page. Parents

can sign in as “guest” or with their children’s password.

Holly Jenkins
, Fundrais

This is her last year with Northview as her youngest will be going to middle school, therefore

Heather Lorentz, current NVPTO Vice
President will be shadowing her this year and take over

the responsibility next year.



parents have the option to pick and choose what they can and

want to do, which is why there are a variety of fundraising events throughout the year. Parents

can commit to providing financially as well as volunteering their time.

There will b
e a fundraising meeting on Saturday, 9/29 at 7:30 am at Panera Bread in Eagan for

anyone interested in attending.
They are still looking for Event Coordinators for certain

fundraisers such as the Parent Social Night to be held in February.

lly answered a parent’s question with regard to a list of all the fundraiser’s with descriptions

and/or website along with the percentage that goes back Northview. There will be an updated

“grid” posted soon on the NV website under the PTO tab.

She also stressed how easy it is to get involved and give back to the school and community.

Michelle Altier

Switched from Culver’s to Davanni’s Night in an effort to promote healthier eating. 20% of the

proceeds from the night go back to th
e school.

Coke Rewards
make sure you turn in the box codes or tops at school. Volunteers then enter

the codes on
line to earn money for purchases such as

and playground equipment.

Michelle also encouraged everyone to attend the PTO
meetings to learn new things.

Lynn Stein and Chris Krogh
, School Spirit

Lynn described the role of school spirit which is to get parents involved and make them aware

of where help is needed.

As an example of getting children together and
parents talking s
said that
the Open House

and Ice Cream Social

supported by the Spirit Committee
, which was very successful this


Old Business

Tera Vitale
, Discussion and Vote on Mobile Computer Lab


As stated in our bylaws, any


under $500 can be approved by the board, however if the

request is over $500 it must be presented to the group and voted on.

Last May Mrs. Carl brought up a request for the addition of a second mobile computer lab

which was the top wis
h list for teachers. Currently there is one mobile computer lab that has 15

laptops and with the second lab it would complete the “set” for the classrooms.

Becky Hanson described how the mobile lab is used and how handy they are to have. She went

on to say that statistics prove young scholars that don’t have lab time

score lower on MAP


It was brought up to purchase I
Pads versus Laptops, however there are district programs that

cannot be loaded on I
Pads and therefore would
not make sense at this time.

A parent that came from the St. Paul district stressed the time savings of moving the computer

labs to the students rather than moving the students to the labs

Julie Dahl (kindergarten+ teacher) went on to add that
last year they had 2 time slots for the

technology center and this year they have 4 slots, which further reduces other students from

getting their computer time.

Holly Jenkins brought up the importance of enrichment programs and getting the ch
ildren out

of the classrooms and excited about other opportunities such as the petting zoo that Northview

had. She wanted to make sure that as an organization we were not over spending on

technology and missing other



Tera Vitale asked if there was enough information presented tonight to take a vote.

A motion was presented by
Shawna Peters
to take the vote tonight and Michelle Johnson

seconded the motion.

By approval
vote of


in favor and


, t
he mobile computer lab was approved

purchase in the

amount of $16,394.

New Business


, Budget Proposal for 2012
2013 Year

Kathy explained the budget request for this school year:

$2000 proposed

for Cultural Residency (Art, Music and Author Residency) the school is charged

approximately $500
$800 to bring in these groups

$7505 proposed

for Technology (Classroom Technology) this would be to add additional

computers to the technology cen
ter bringing the total to 32 and possibly I
Pads to library lab

2500 proposed

for Curriculum Enrichment (Engineering is Elementary
The Works) this would

be to bring The Works to us like last year when the kids built


$1675 proposed

for Literacy (Accelerated Reader) this is software tool kit for children to read,

then take a quiz and earn points. The children can set goals, compete against themselves or

each other.

$1000 proposed

for Literacy (Library Books) this would be to add books to the school library

$300 proposed

for Literacy (Tumblebook and Tumblereadables Library) electronic books

$7500 proposed

for Classroom Support (Classroom Books) 5 years ago there was a one

grant from the District for special education

books. There are 25

s that
need to be


$3000 proposed

for Culture Residency (Art Supplies K
5) this is for the new Art Teacher to bring

her art supplies up to the basics and

would only be used in the art center

$1000 proposed

for Classroom Support (Playground Equipment) there was no explanation

$300 proposed

for Classroom Support (School Wide Behavior Plan Incentives) this is for prizes

for the children when their

name is drawn out for spe
cial circumstances

Additional proposed budget items

$1400 proposed

for Classroom Support (Classroom Supplies 23X$50 plus fees) this is for the $50

visa cards that were given to the teachers for decorations or items needed for their classrooms.

It was started as part of the Northview 50

Anniversary and we are continuing the support.

5970 proposed

for Technology (IXL Site, Safari Montage,

Education City, Kidspiration) this is

for the license renewal each year for these software programs

$34,150 proposed

budget items that were discussed and explained

Scholastic Book Fair

The smartboard for the library

did not get purc

as approved last year with

Should the funds be distributed equally among the teachers as it was in prior years

ould the

funds go to some of the
proposed budget

items such as Library Books ($1000) or

Classroom Books ($7500)

PTO Funding Requests

Tera Vitale showed an example of the funding request forms that teachers complete and turn

in to PTO for approval

Currently they are ava
ilable in the office or on
line on the NV website under NV Community,

PTO tab

Walk on Diffley

A concerned parent asked why there was not a crosswalk from the retail locations crossing over

Diffley to Northview. Mrs. Carl responded that Diffley is classified by the state and district as

too hazardous to cross. Altho
ugh the neighborhood across the street is within the district

“walking distance”, because of this classification the district must continue to bus the students

in that neighborhood at no fee.


8:20 pm The

meeting adjourned.