Do we need the cloud?

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Do we need the cloud?

Maria A. Castellano

November 2, 2011

Monmouth University


Do we need the cloud?

Decades ago cellular phones were nonexistent, people used landline phones which had to
be connected to a receiver, and if one wanted to make a phone call when out in the street, they
would use a phone booth. Today, not only are there phones that can be re
charged and that can
receive wireless signal, but these devices are now “smart” phones. The application of computing
technology to cellular phones has been a major revolution over the last couple of years.
years ago, it did not matter if a phone was t
ouch screen, or if it could be used to check the
weather forecast or incoming emails, as long as people could take pictures, send text messages
and make phone calls. Take pictures? Going back to 2005, if a person had a phone that could
take pictures, it wa
s the most amazing mobile device in the market. In less than a year, this cell
phone was forgotten and replaced by a much more advanced version of the same phone. But
taking pictures was not enough.

Towards the end of the decade, it occurred to ph0ne com
panies to create mobile devices
that could be more practical. So cell phones now came with features such as a mobile playlist,
which is the definition for Verizon’s VCast playlists. Now cell phones were not just phones one
could use to take photos, videos,

make phone calls and send texts, it was a music player. But just
recently, It occurred to Apple and BlackBerry, that phones that could do all these things were not
enough. So they came up with the idea of inserting computer techniques into mobile devices,

turning “cell phones” into pocket computers.

Today, the iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phone allow the user

to: check their

check the weath
er, store their favorite songs, access the internet, listen to radio straight from the
device, and much more
! It even reminds the user of things to be done. All of these however,
would not be possible using the regular basic phone making processes. Smart phone architects
and designers use Java and other computer programing languages to bring these “smart” featur


Do we need the cloud?

to life. One could analyses the Android’s CMPlayer, (Cloud Music Player), music streaming
prototype that uses Google App Engine

The CMPlayer adopts the 3
tier client
server architecture and design pattern in
which the

presentation tier, business
tier, data storage/access tier are developed and
maintained as independent modules so that each module can be updated or replaced
independently. The

prototype enables

smart phone users to access
the Google
App Engine cloud space for music streaming

and uploading services. (Vu and Yuan 294).

Who would have ever thought ten years ago, that accessing an internet server from a cell phone
was possible? Mobile Computing has evolved from making phones that can be used to make
phone calls and send text me
ssages, to making small computers that can fit into people’s pockets.
The question is, Why do android users need to access a cloud music database? The closest
answer would be that they don’t, but it is used because it saves the process of downloading
c, and gives the user more space.
The truth is that as long as businesses continue to grow,
mobile technology will continue to advance, there was never a “need” to get to this point in
mobile computing, but there is a reason why applying computer technique
s to cellular phiones
has grown so much over the last couple of years.


Do we need the cloud?


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