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and Business

The Internet: Changing
the Face of Business

Most commonly cited reasons amoung owners of small
and medium
sized businesses for taking their
companies to the Web:

Reach new customers

Sell goods and services

Disseminate information more quickly

Keep up with competitors

Reach global markets

78% of small business owners whose
companies have Web sites report that
their businesses benefit by having a

Opportunity to increase revenues

Ability to expand into global markets

Ability to remain open 24 hours a day,
seven days a week

Capacity to use the Web's interactive
nature to enhance customer service

Benefits of Selling on
the Web

Power to educate and inform

Ability to lower the cost of doing business

Capacity to improve efficiency in the
purchasing process

Ability to spot new business opportunities
and capitalize on them

Power to tract sales results

Benefits of Selling on
the Web

Myth 1: Setting up a business on the
Web is easy and inexpensive

Myth 2: If I launch a site, customers will
flock to it.

Myth 3: Making money on the Web is

Myth 4: Privacy is not an important issue
on the web

12 Myths of E

Privacy on the Web does matter!

Jupiter Communications survey: 64% of
Web customers distrust Web sites.

Post a privacy policy and stick to it.

Safeguard information your company
collects from customers.

Privacy and the Web

Myth 5: The most important part of any
commerce effort is technology.

Myth 6: Strategy? I don't need a strategy
to sell on the Web! Just give me a
Web site and the rest will take care of

Myth 7: On the Web, customer service is
not as important as it is in a
traditional retail store.

12 Myths of E

Jupiter Research Study: 72% of on
buyers cite service as a critical factor in
their on
line shopping satisfaction.

Unfortunately… only 41% said they were
satisfied with the service they receive
from on
line merchants.

The Importance of
Service on the Web

Jakob Nielsen Research: 56% of the time
an on
line shopper is unable to complete
an e
commerce transaction.

Cost: Billions of dollars in lost sales due
to poor customer service.

The Importance of
Service on the Web

Study: 75% of Web shoppers who fill their
line shopping cart become frustrated
and leave the site before checking out.


Shipping charges too high

Delivery times too long

Checkout process required too much information

Insufficient product information available

The Importance of
Service on the Web

Streamline the steps in the checkout

Include a progress indicator on each
checkout page

Provide a link back to the items in the
shopping cart

Allow customers to see if an item is in

Tips for Reducing
Shopping Cart
Abandonment Rate

Include product photos in the shopping cart

Make it easy for customers to change the
contents of their carts

Give customers the option of calling to
resolve problems they encounter during

Make it easy for customers to pay for their
line purchase

Tips for Reducing
Shopping Cart
Abandonment Rate

Myth 8: Flash makes a Web site better.

Myth 9: It's what’s up front that counts

Myth 10: E
commerce will cause brick
mortar retail stores to disappear.

Myth 11: The greatest opportunity for e
commerce lies in the retail sector.

Myth 12: It's too late to get on the Web.

12 Myths of E

Focus on a market niche

Develop a community

Attract visitors by giving away "freebies"

Make creative use of e
mail, but avoid
becoming a "spammer"

Strategies for E

Make sure your Web site says "credibility"

Consider forming strategic alliances

Make the most of the Web's global reach

Promote your site on
line and off

Strategies for E

Develop an effective search marketing

Jupiter study: 77% of Internet shoppers go straight
to a search engine to find the products and
services they want.

Bad news: Business owners invest less than 1% of
the marketing budgets on search engine marketing.

Strategies for E

Start with your target customer.

Select a domain name that is consistent
with the image you want to create for your
company and register it



Indicative of a company's business

Easy to spell

Designing a Killer Web Site

Be easy to find.

Give customers what they want.

Establish hyperlinks with other businesses,
preferably those selling complimentary

Include an e
mail option, an address, and a
telephone number in your site.

Designing a Killer Web Site

Give shoppers the ability to tract their orders on

Offer Web shoppers a special all their own.

Follow a simple design.

Assure customers that their on
line transactions
are secure.

Follow up every on
line transaction with an order
confirmation e

Keep your site updated.

Consider hiring a professional to design your site.

Designing a Killer Web Site

Avoid clutter and huge graphics

Include a menu bar at the top of the page
and navigation buttons

Incorporate meaningful content into the

Include a "FAQ" section

Include privacy and return policies

Web Site Design Tips

Avoid fancy typefaces and small fonts

Watch for "typos" and misspelled words

Avoid small fonts on "busy" backgrounds

Use contrasting colours for text and

Be careful with frames

Test the site on different browsers and
different size monitors

Web Site Design Tips

Collect information from visitors,, but don't
put them through a tedious registration

Include a search function and company
contact information

Avoid automated music

Make sure the page looks appealing

Remember: Simpler is Better!

Web Site Design Tips

Take an inventory of the customer data

Develop a company policy for the
information you collect.

Post your company's privacy policy
prominently on your Web site and follow it.

Ensuring Web Privacy

Virus detection software

Intrusion detection software


Secure sockets layer (SSL) technology

Ensuring Web Security

Develop a well
known, trustworthy retailer name

Modify the product, assortment for Web

Enable the shopper to click as little as possible

Provide a solid search engine

Use customer information wisely

Maintain customer privacy

Recommendations for
Web Retailers

Complete the E
Business PowerPoint
and handout worksheet (hand in for

Read "E
Business Terminology"

Read the article "Is it time to put your
small business on the internet?" and
answer the assigned questions on the

Business Terminology Crossword