Image Processing

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Image Processing

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By the end of this you will be able to:

Manipulate images to achieve special

Image Processing

A programme such as Microsoft Picture It!
will allow you to manipulate an image to
achieve any special effects that you want

Microsoft Paint also has the ability to
manipulate images and some of the options
discussed are common to both packages

Microsoft Paint

Image Processing

Once you have opened Microsoft Picture
It! You can then use the tools included in
the programme to change the image

Image Processing

Available tools to edit image:

Add Something



Touch up

Crop or Rotate

Image Processing

Each of these tools expand further into a
wider range of tools that can be used when
editing image

Using the Crop Tool

When you select the “
” tool in the
image processing package it will allow you
to trim the outer area of the image

To do this you will need to open an image
that you want to crop

Using the Crop Tool

Select the “
Crop or rotate
” button and
select “
Crop canvas

This will open a new menu

On this menu you can

select the size you want

your image to be and
select the shape for the crop

Using the Crop Tool

If you are not sure what size you want the
image to be, simply use the mouse and
keeping the left button pressed drag a box
around the area of the image you want to
crop (see next slide)

Using the Crop Tool

You can alter the cropped size of the
image by clicking on the yellow tabs
around the image and dragging them to a
desired size

You can also rotate the position of the crop
area by clicking on and drag it around to
the required position

Once you are happy with the size and
position press the button

Using the Crop Tool

Before Crop was


After Crop was


Using the Rotate Tool

By selecting the rotate tool in the editing
programme you can rotate the picture to a
desired position

Again a new menu will appear showing the
possible options for rotation

Using the Rotate Tool

Once you have completed

the required rotation

press the

at the bottom of

the screen

Using the Touch
up tool

When you select the Touch
up tool a larger
menu expands

Depending on the effect you that you want
to achieve will depend on what function you

Using the Effects tool

Using this tool allows you to achieve the
special effects shown below

To select any of the effects simply click on it
to use it

Using the Effects tool

Image after using the

” effect

Using the Edges tool

This tool will allow you to apply an edge to
your image

Image source:

Using the Add tool

With this function it will allow you to add
the following to your image:

Using the Add tool

By clicking on any of the additional menu
buttons, a new menu will be shown so that
you can pick the feature you require to edit
your image

Using the Add tool

Image source:

Image manipulation

You can also manipulate an image in any
Microsoft Office programme

To do this you must turn on the “

toolbar (this is done by right clicking on any
toolbar and selecting “

Image manipulation

When the image is inserted into Word,
PowerPoint, etc… you can crop, rotate
change colours, etc…

Now You Try!

On the internet search for an image of any
model of a car you like

Save the image to your computer

Using an image processing software
package, manipulate the image to give
special effects such as “black and white”,