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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


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Local Search

6B Internet searches per month

180M per day

20% of those searches were local

trying to find a local business

Top 4 Search Engines = 85% of all Internet Searches

Top Search Engines

Source: Kelsey Group 2006

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Evolution of Search Engines


of users recognize paid listings as advertisements


of users used search to find a local business


used search to find a local business in the last 90 days


used a general service term + a geographical modifier


will use a phone number on a website to contact the business

How Search Engines are used has Changed….


Nielsen | NetRatings November 2006

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46% of Internet users used a search engine to find a local business in the last 90

Nielsen NetRatings.




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Guaranteed Clicks

Qualified Local Traffic

Turnkey Solution

Saves Time

Fee Pricing

Paced Web Presence

Powered by ResponseClix

What is ResponseClix?

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Choose the appropriate search engines to
advertise on (2 hours)

Initial research of appropriate keywords
(6 hours)

Create advertising copy for each search
engine (different rules for each one)

(5 hours)

Daily management of keyword bids and
budget (12 hours/month)

Monthly optimization of keywords,
advertising copy (4 hours/month)

Multiple bills from multiple search
engines (1 hour/month)

That’s 30 hours of your time

in the first month!

Do It Yourself

Search Engine Marketing

ResponseClix chooses search engines for
you (0 hrs)

Consultation to set
up Landing Page and
ensure campaign is customized to your
business (15

30 minutes)

Research keywords (0 hrs)

Create advertising copy for each search
engine (0 hrs)

Manage keyword bids and budget (0 hrs)

Optimize keywords and ad copy (0 hrs)

Consolidate multiple search engine bills
into one statement (0 hrs)

Less than an hour of your time!

Blue Ridge ResponseClix

What is Your Time Worth?

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Clicks = Leads = Customers = $$$

How Can You Convert Leads into Sales?

Does your website have a compelling offer? A call to action? Does it
say “pick me”?

Is your web site a true doorway into the business?

Can You Track Where Leads Come from and Conversion Rate?

Build in “track
ability” by having leads go to a special page

Unique offer, coupon or call tracking telephone number

Dynamic Number Replacement

Focus ResponseClix keywords on specific products or services

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ResponseClix Landing Page

We can build a Landing Page if advertiser does not have a web site or cannot
make changes to current web site.
Example is at:

Takes 3
5 business days

Format is fixed

content is

totally customizable

Call Tracking Phone #

Includes Google map and link to
advertiser’s web site, if applicable.

Call to action promotion / offer greatly

increases response rate of

ResponseClix and can highlight

seasonal items or special events.

Company logo

Landing Page Detail: Call Tracking

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Call activity data includes; Date & Time, Duration, Answer Status, Caller ID and a link to the recorded call if

Sample E
Mail Letter

A welcome email is sent
when order is in prep

A “Go Live” campaign
email is sent when
account becomes

A team of Copywriters
review the website and
select keywords.

A monthly email is sent
to advertisers

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Reach 95% of local searchers through the ResponseClix network.

ResponseClix Recap

Broad Reach

Targeted Advertising

Fixed Pricing

Turnkey Solution

Guaranteed Clicks

Get guaranteed qualified local leads delivered to your website

door into your business.

Fixed fee pricing

you know what you will pay for Local Search every
month, and the you know how many leads you will get.

Save your time and money by using ResponseClix. We bid on the
keywords, manage the Search Engines, and track the results for you.

ResponseClix guarantees traffic to your web site

you do not pay for
clicks you do not receive.


Online campaign management

24/7 via Merchant Center. Monitor
traffic, change keywords, call tracking, fine
tune your campaign.

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ResponseClix Target Market

Any product heavily researched on the Internet

Real Estate



Any business that sells a big ticket product or service

Recruitment (i.e. large employers that have constant hiring needs)

General contractors / home improvement / remodeling / landscaping


Assisted living homes

Any high
usage Yellow Pages category


Tire dealers / auto repair

Doctors / Lasik surgeons / chiropractors

Restaurants / wedding planners

Electricians / plumbers / HVAC

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“Why can’t I find my ad?”

Your ad will not appear on every search engine, each time to search for it.
However, it will appear with enough frequency to deliver your guaranteed
number of clicks.

The more clicks you buy, the more likely your ad is to appear when you search
for it. This means that you might have to perform several searches using your
keywords to see your advertisement. A vanity search can be used to find your
ad, by searching for your business URL on Google, Yahoo, etc.

On Google, you can find your ad by searching for your URL or business name.
A vanity search may not produce your ad if your account has reached its
performance target or has fulfilled the contracted number of clicks.


“Why can’t I find my ad?”

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ResponseClix can only target down to the DMA level based on a user’s Internet
Protocol (IP) address. ResponseClix takes the extra step to use a local
geographic term in your ad (e.g. Hendersonville auto repair). This lets the
search engine user know where your service area is located. Thus, the search
engine user will only click on your ad when he or she truly is interested in your

“I don’t do business with anyone outside the immediate
Hendersonville area
, yet the package you sold me covers Asheville as
well. Why can I only target ads in my DMA?


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You may be able to buy clicks on search engines for less, but we feel that
your time has value as well. ResponseClix purchases clicks for you on 30+
search engines that capture 95% of the search audience.

ResponseClix has professionals who determine the keywords associated
with your business that will draw the best results.

ResponseClix sends you monthly reports and monitors your activity

“I already buy clicks from Google at a lower price than
ResponseClix. Why should I do business with you?”


Copyright 2007, Confidential and Proprietary


The search engines do not allow multiple buys to be entered for the same URL.

Custom programs that exclude certain search engines can be developed, but
this is not recommended.

“I currently buy clicks from Google and Yahoo. Can I still buy from
you? Do I have to cancel my current ads on their search engines?”


Copyright 2007, Confidential and Proprietary


No. This is a performance based product, which means that you aren’t buying
static inventory, you’re buying performance


in this case.

The total number of clicks generated in a given month is determined by the
interest of the consumers

the search engine users. Therefore, it is impossible
to “corner” the market, as the market is always changing.

“Can I buy all of the inventory you have and block out my


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Build in track
ability in their website or on their landing page

Clicks in the monthly report are ones you received from ResponseClix.

The report also contains a running total number of clicks since activation.

“How can I tell the difference between the organic clicks I
receive and the ones you send me?”


Copyright 2007, Confidential and Proprietary


A click is a click, it doesn’t matter what search engine it comes from.

How a customer arrives at your website should not be important, as long as
customers are finding your web site.

“Can I pick what search engines my ads run on? Some of the
search engines you offer I have never heard of before.”