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The Private Capital Market Crowdfunding
Website For Raising Capital

Are You Ready To Raise Capital?

The Private Capital Market Allows Three
Parties In A Capital Transaction To Conduct
Business In Private On The Internet

CEOs of private technology companies have their own
content management portal to upload important
documents to private pass
word protected levels.

All sources of capital firms and investors have their own
content management system to track and manage the
companies that they are investigating.

Professional service providers to capital market
transactions have a media platform to promote their
services to companies and find new clients

The Private Capital Market Offers Two Types
of Fixed Fee Software Subscriptions For
Private Companies

For StartUps, the PCM offers

word protected portals.

The CEO has the authority to

grant access to investors who

request authorization to enter

the first level portal. Investors

who like what they see on Level

One can request access to Level


The goal for the CEO is to use

the PCM as the front end

relationship starter for more

extended negotiations with

sources of capital.

For established companies,
the PCM offers five levels

of pass
word protected
portals, with the fifth level
acting as the due diligence
library of all archived

The goal for the CEO is to
allow investors to conduct
their own self
guided due
diligence investigation.

Companies Create Their Own Offering
Documents and Securities

The PCM is Reg D Rule 506c platform, where the
companies self
underwrite and issue securities directly to

The company can issue any form of securities that suits its
purposes and can set its own terms and conditions.

The company can also use the PCM platform to obtain all
forms of commercial finance and loans, as an alternative to
issuing securities.

The great advantage of the PCM is that the company can
conduct and manage the offering with many different
investors at the same time, and then pick and choose the
best option for funding.

Investors and Bankers Have Their Own Free
Administrative Portal To Manage Their
Investigation of Multiple Companies, At The
Same Time

Angel Capital

Venture Capital

FDIC Bankers

SBIC Lenders

Asset Based Lenders

Investment Bankers

FINRA Broker Dealers

Merger and Acquisition Firms

Commercial Finance and Leasing Companies

PCM Offers 3 Marketing Strategies To Attract
Investors To Begin Their Investigation of the

Extensive Internet Social Media Marketing and Search
Engine Optimization

Live, Online Internet Webinars

Live In
person Crowdfunding Presentations in Selected
PCM Regional Capital Exchange Cities

PCM Offers Internet Marketing Services to
Attract Potential Investors to the Company's
PCM Web Portal and Company Website.

Our internet marketing partner, SEO4Anyone, offers different

levels of marketing help so that the company can choose the

right package that fits the budget of the company.

Email marketing to vendors and clients.

Company investor relations page/sub
domain hosted on
SEO4Anyone server.

Internet r
elease distribution of
news stories, press releases,
articles, and business events.

Social media management for company IR web pages.


calendar sharing management and distribution.

Placement of ads on Angel matching websites.

Companies Have The Ability To Make Crowd
Funding Webinar Presentations to Selected
registered Viewers

The webinar software is powered by one of the nation’s
most sophisticated webinar platforms.

Companies pay a small room rental fee on a per event

screened investors request authorization from the
company to attend the webinar.

PCM Provides Independent Webinar
Consultants Who Will Guide You At Each
Step of the Process

Our professional webinar consultant partners have
extensive experience in helping CEOs make live

They help with document preparation and conducting the

They help preserve the webinar video for use on the
company’s website at the end of the webinar.

Your fee to Private Capital Market for the webinar
includes the consultant’s fee, so you do not have two

Companies Can Make Crowdfunding Event
Presentations to Local Investors in PCM
Regional Capital Exchange® Cities

Companies Have The Opportunity to Make Crowdfunding
Event Presentations in PCM Regional Capital Exchange
Cities, like the newest RCE addition for Myrtle Beach


Regional Capital Exchange is a registered trademark

Both Companies and Capital Firms Who Join
The Private Capital Market Have the Ability
To Search and Sort The PCM Member

Search by SIC Code

Search by Stage of Company Development

Search by Use of Capital

Search by Type of Capital

Search by Type of Exit

From Inside Their PCM Admin Portal,
Companies Can Upload Press Releases and
News Articles Into PCM and Distribute the
News On Internet Distribution Channels

Companies can push their news out to PCM members
who are conducting an investigation on the company

Press releases and articles that are distributed on the
internet, or on social media sites like LinkedIn, contain a
link back to the front page of PCM, where interested
viewers can join to see more about the company.

Companies Can Upload a Schedule of
Company Events Into the PCM Event
Calendar and Invite PCM Members to Attend
the Event

Companies can distribute the event announcement on
internet event calendar sites, like EventBrite.

The event announcement contains a link back to the
PCM so that interested viewers can join PCM to learn
more about the company and the event.

After the Capital Raise Ends, Companies
Have the Option to Open Up The PCM
Investor Relations Module

The company can upload periodic financial reports into
private password protected pages and allow authorized
investors to view the documents.

Previous documents are archived in the Due Diligence
Library for easy access.

Investors can communicate with the company privately
and the company can communicate with investors.

Investors have an internal bid/ask trading platform to
exchange their private securities with each other or with
the company.

The Costs To Use the PCM Are Very

Memberships for companies are on a 6 month fixed fee
subscription membership.

All categories of capital firms can join for free, but the
membership application requires the investor or firm to
make certain representations about their credentials.

Companies can select the right level of outside
marketing services to attract potential investors.

Companies can retain PCM to conduct the Reg D Rule
506c third party verification of the status of an
accredited investor.

Are You Ready To Raise Capital?

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The Private Capital Market,


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