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Dec 8, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Plinkit: Web Sites Designed for
Small and Rural Libraries

Sonya Schryer Norris

Library of Michigan


Free Web site and hosting

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Training and support

Advanced features

Professional, customized look


Where Did Plinkit Come From?

2003 LSTA grant in Oregon to specialize
Web site development software for libraries

Designed for small and rural libraries

But LSTA prefers to provide seed money…

In 2006 it opened up to other states, now 22 in

Why Would You Participate?

Does your library need a Web site but you
don't have the time or resources to build one
from scratch?

Or perhaps you don’t have a staff member
with expertise in HTML?

Then Plinkit is for you!

Already Have a Site?

Does your library have a Web site but it's
difficult to maintain?

Do you have to pay someone to maintain or
host it?

Do you want a more professional look?

Do you think your Web site could be doing
more for you and your patrons?

Then Plinkit is for you!

What’s In It for Your

A 21

century library presence

The ability to search your catalog from
home (where applicable)

The ability to access hours/location and
other basic information about your library

Plinkit Has All of This

A One
Stop Solution in

All of These Areas

Why Did the Library of Michigan
Choose Plinkit?

Plinkit is optimized for libraries

Plinkit is backed by a nation
collaborative of library agencies

Plinkit is customizable in Michigan

Plinkit Is Easy to Use

Plinkit refers to the software that powers the
Web sites.

It’s called a Content Management System

What’s a

Content Management System?

It’s the Easy Way to Create a Web
Site and Most Professional Sites Are
Powered by Them and Guess Who
Uses Ours?

Yes that’s right, the

FBI and the CIA

A Content Management System…

Allows you to edit content with controls similar to
Microsoft Word

you don’t need to know HTML
and you don’t need special software.

Sets the look of the pages so they are consistent

Gives the site a tailored, professional appearance

Provides advanced features

It’s About How It Works

A CMS controls the back
end of a Web site:
how it works.

Web sites built on the same content
management system can look very different

Who Controls

Content on the Site?

YOU do

There will be a template and state
information and features such as the MeL
logo and selected MeL databases but you
control the content.


Optional Community
Organizations Database

Digital Exhibits

How Will My Site Look?

To start, pick from among 16 different color

Next, choose from among a selection of
designs for your banner

Coming in the next years will be completely
new “looks and feels” for Plinkit sites.

Let’s Take a Look at the Color
Schemes Currently Available

What Else Can Plinkit

Provide to My Library?

Plinkit will have support materials like
press releases and other marketing supplies

Plinkit will have state
wide participation
and a community of Michigan libraries to
share the joy with

Plinkit will have the resources of a nation
wide consortium backing up our sites

Where Are We in

Michigan with This?

I’m glad you asked!

What Did the Advisory
Committee Do?

The Advisory Committee met for two full
days of training, Web site work and
consideration of policies and procedures.

The result of their work on policies and
procedures was approved by State Librarian
Nancy Robertson

let’s view it at

What Do I Need to Supply to the
Library of Michigan?

In order to set up your site we’ll need
information such as:

Selecting a color scheme

Selecting a banner

Making decisions about which staff members
have access to your site

Choosing a URL

Question 1

Do you have staff that will be dedicated to
the Web site development process? The
entire process could require as much as 30
hours over a 3
month period. Changes to
site after development are on

Question 2

Staff Travel for Training: Training consists
one three hour training. Can you dedicate 1
2 staff members for this training? Training
locations will be held throughout the state.

Question 3

Ongoing Web Site Development: Will you
dedicate staff to maintain the Web site once
it is up and running?

Question 4

Do you have a staff member willing to
serve on the Michigan Plinkit Advisory
Committee for one year?

This is NOT a screen question, we are simply
trying to find people who would like to serve
on the advisory committee.


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