Leveraging Manila for

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Dec 8, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Leveraging Manila for

The Swiss Army Knife of Web
Development for Faculty, Staff

& Students


Sean Baker, Web Manager, Computing


Carol Burritt, Web Specialist, Computing


Monroe Community College, Rochester NY

The MCC Web Crew

Web Manager


team leadership, development, programming, design, Web
infrastructure, R&D, reporting, planning, not shrugging

Web Specialist


design, development, programming,

faculty/staff training for Manila

Web Specialist


design, development, programming,

primary Lotus Notes developer

Web Specialist (pt)


design, development, programming,

primary liaison to academic departments

The MCC Web Toolkit


Apache, IIS, Domino, Frontier, MySQL, Oracle, SQL


HTML, DHTML, PHP, ASP, Perl, Java, XML, JavaScript,
Lotus Notes, CSS….


HTML/Text Editors, DreamWeaver, Lotus Notes &
Notes Designer, Contribute, FrontPage, Flash,
Photoshop, Manila, Contribute

Types of Content

general information


Web Services for students and employees

sitelets for individual academic, student
service and administrative areas

sitelets for college community groups and
special projects

individual faculty sites

Manila is…

A browser
based tool that allows
authorized users to manage their website,
publish information, edit content, post
images and more with any browser from
any location.

A tool that allows for access and
functionality limitation through built in
membership and editorial roles features.

Manila is…

A tool with built in collaboration
capabilities through online discussion,
direct email and RSS feeds.

A tool that provides one touch content
editing control through the “Edit This
Page” button.

A tool that automatically archives Web site
content and makes it accessible through
links on generated calendars.

Manila is not….

a course management system

a content management system on the
scale that an institution the size of MCC

the MCC Intranet

our primary Web development tool

Where does Manila fit in?

Manila has become the web development
tool for:

Individual faculty web sites

Organizational sites for faculty, staff and
student groups

Faculty Senate

Student Government

Faculty Association

student clubs

Where does Manila fit in?

Manila has become the web development
tool for:

Sites that meet the needs of special projects

Group communication and collaboration

Information dissemination

Document archiving

Event promotion

Benefits of Manila for Users

Maintaining a Manila site does not require
knowledge of html coding, or web design
tools such as DreamWeaver or FrontPage

Benefits of Manila for Users

Graphic elements such as digital
photographs and properly formatted
artwork can be saved within the site
structure, and added to web pages.

Benefits of Manila for Users

Many digital file types can be loaded into a
Manila site space, to be accessed by web
site visitors. In Manila, these elements are
called Gems.

.pdf, Flash, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, audio,
video, zip, and more

Benefits of Manila for Users

Capability for
discussion is
built into every
Manila site

Benefits of Manila for Users

Participation in
the discussion
is limited to site

notification can
be sent to
whenever new
content is

Benefits of Manila for Users

Through the built in feature of
membership and editorial roles,
functionality and access can be easily
controlled at many levels of a Manila site.


managing editor

content editor

contributing editor



Benefits of Manila for Users

Access can be
controlled by role,
group inclusion or
time, right down to
a page level

Benefits of Manila for Users

ability to change the look of the site by
applying a different theme

Byan Bell, Weblogger.com

Benefits of Manila for Users

Once a Manila site is set up, the user can
focus on the content, not the design.

content that is available in other formats,
such as Word documents can be
incorporated into a Manila site in a
number of ways

resources can be made available to
anyone with internet access, on a 24/7

Benefits of Manila for Users

Communication tools

Benefits for the Web Team

allows us to promote the use of Web sites
by many individuals and groups, for a
variety of purposes

many users become comfortable with the
tool with a minimum of instruction

the Frontier server license includes
frequent automatic upgrades, that provide
useful enhancements and improvements
to the tool

Benefits for the Web Team

Key administrative
functions such as site
creation and upkeep
usage logs, server
maintenance and
upgrades are web

Benefits for the Web Team

both Frontier and Manila are fairly well
documented, making management and
user training easier

uses technologies that will most likely be
around for the foreseeable future, such as

licensing cost is very attractive

Benefits of Manila


The coolest thing about Manila is that it's as simple or
as deep as you want it to be. Few other Web products
scale well in both directions

you either wind up with
use homepage
building tools that can't handle
dynamic sites, or you have complicated, expensive
management platforms that aren't helpful for
beginners or small sites. Manila lets anyone set up an
interactive Weblog quickly and easily, without any
side software, but that site can grow into a
sophisticated, high
traffic site on the same platform.”

Kevin Werbach,

Managing Editor of
Release 1.0