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Recording Programs



Editing Programs

Windows Movie Maker

Adobe After Effects


There are many programs which you can use to record videos
on your PC.

Programs that record what’s on your screen are called
casting” programs.

I’ll talk about two of them, Fraps and HyperCam.

These two are arguably the most commonly used PC screen
recording programs used world

Fraps is a benchmarking, screen capture and real
time video
capture utility for DirectX and OpenGL applications.

So, Fraps is used to record video game footage, and it can also
measure your computers performance with that game.

Fraps comes with a free version, with
which you can only record up to 30
seconds of footage at a time. It also
causes you to have a

watermark at the top of your footage.

The paid version of Fraps let’s you record
for as long as you want, without the
watermark. It costs $47 AUD.

Made by
Beepa Pty Ltd.

HyperCam is a screen recording program that captures the
action from a Microsoft Windows screen and saves it to an AVI

It’s primarily used to
create software demonstrations, tutorials,
walkthroughs, and other similar tasks.

(e.g. A tutorial on Adobe Photoshop)

HyperCam has a free un
registered version
which leaves a watermark at the top
corner of the screen and asks you to
register on every start

The paid version costs around $40 AUD,
and lets you record without the watermark.

Made by Hyperionics
& Solveig

There’s countless video editing software available.

Which software is the best? It depends on what type of video
you’re editing, and what you intend to use the video for.
(e.g. Tutorial, Machinima, Music Video)

All video editing applications
have different features that
separate them from each other.

I’ll talk about two different types of video editing software,
Windows Movie Maker and Adobe After Effects.

Windows Movie Maker is a video creating and editing software
which is included in Windows Me, XP and Vista. Can be
downloaded to Windows 7 for free from Microsoft’s website.

It’s a relatively simple video editing program which has some
simple effects, transitions, timeline
narration and an audio track.

Due to the audio track, you can also use

the program as a basic audio editor.

New effects can be made or existing effects
modified by using XML code.

Development stopped after the release of
Vista and a replacement is included with
the free, Windows Live Essentials.

Made by Microsoft.

Adobe After Effects is a digital motion graphics editing software
which is primarily used for creating motion graphics and visual

AE allows users to animate, alter and compose media in 2D and
3D with various tools. Using this software you can create cool
effects such as lightsabers, lightning, levitating
objects, etc.

AE operates in a layer
oriented fashion. This
allows for the creation of some fairly complex
special effects.

You can test AE with a free 30
day trial. If you
like the software you can buy the newest CS5
version for only $1,671 AUD (including GST).

Made by Adobe Systems.

If you’re looking to record and/or edit a video, decide
what type of video you’re making.

For recording games, Fraps would be your best choice
due to it being made specifically for that purpose.

For making a video tutorial, HyperCam is a simple yet
effective program that most people prefer to use.

Movie Maker makes it very simple to move around video
segments to alter the video to how you want it, and it’s
great for adding some simple effects.

If you want a video with some more complex special
effects, try After Effects. It’s expensive, yet still one of
the most used editing programs in the world.



Beepa Pty Ltd.

Hyperionics & Solveig Multimedia.


Adobe Systems.