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Michael Franklin

UC Berkeley

© 2003 Michael J. Franklin

The Last DBMS Implementation Project

We need to build one more DBMS

Big 5, 4, 3, … systems not meeting customer


Open Source


Cluster (blade server)

Shared Disk

Caching to enable Centralization

Open Source

© 2003 Michael J. Franklin

Why a new DBMS?

Commercial systems not architected for
the emerging world of:
Linux, blade servers, virtualized compute
& storage pools.

Cost of hardware shrinking while cost of
software is not.

Users feeling locked in to one or two

Lack of innovation at the DBMS level.

Open Source will enable quick and
continual evolution.

© 2003 Michael J. Franklin

Open Source for DBMS?

Linux is winning the Server Wars.

Driven by CIOs concerned with cost,
reliability, security, and lock

It’s just a matter of time until it takes over
the desktop.

Driven by developing nations

cost and
innovation on open platform, and hurting
companies (e.g., Sun).

Apache, SendMail, Gnu tools, …

DBMS is doable (but not ready)

MySQL, PostgreSQL, SleepyCat,…

Open Source ensures it will be the last
DBMS needed to be built.

© 2003 Michael J. Franklin

Project 2

The Info Sponge

Not a new idea:

Rufus (the original info sponge), Lifestreams, My
Life Bits, Memex…

Personal and Group Information Organizer

Lots of fun Problems

mixture of structured, semi, and un

inherently multimedia

time as a basic organizing principle

place as a basic organizing principle

annotations and their propagation


archiving and forgetting

privacy and security