Jacob Justus


Oct 1, 2013 (4 years and 9 months ago)


Jacob Justus


Phylogenetic Analysis and Pathogen Detection: A Bioinformatical Approach

Internship done at the USDA

ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Citrus and
Dates, UC Riverside, Summer 2009.

Two of the primary objectives of the repository are to evaluate and distribute pathogen
clonal germplasm of citrus, 32 related Aurantioideae genera, date palms and related species.
Phylogenetic tree building and analysis was conducted after sequencing

the conserved malate
dehydrogenase gene in citrus plants. The analysis performed will help to develop more plants
that are more tolerant to environmental pressures. In addition to the research, testing for many
different plant and insect pathogens yielded

a broader understanding of the role that biological
threats play in citrus sustainability.


Plant Identification from Photographic Images

Internship done at the Center for Bio
Image Informatics, UC Santa Barbara, Summer 2010.

With the cooperati
on of the University of California Nature Reserve System, ground truth
images were amassed and made
nternet accessible through The Center for Bio
Informatics BISQUE
atabase, UCSB. This image data will be used to train computer algorithms
to disting
uish various plant species at the Coal Oil Point Nature Reserve near Santa Barbara, CA.
To achieve this goal, photographic images collected from the nature reserve were annotated and
imbedded with metadata related to the plant’s taxonomic information and g
lobal positioning


“Cancer Screening and Prevention, Outcomes Research”

Internship done at a division of the Population Sciences Research, City of Hope, under the
Eugene and Ruth Roberts Summer Academy, Summer 2011.

Jacob was mentored

by the lead researcher, Dr. Melanie Palomares, in interacting with patients
with breast cancer and their medical information. He makes sure that the City of Hope is within
compliance of the most sophisticated and developed method of patient classification

(on a case
case basis) and care. He will be working with databases to shape and refine their querying
and reporting methods to better meet the goal of providing top level care and treatment options
for breast cancer patients.