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Nov 7, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


T emp oral Ba y esian Net w orks
Ahmed Y T a w and Eric Neufeld
Departmen t o f Computational Science Univ ersit yof aSsk atc hew an
Sask ato on S ask atc hew an Canada S
Abstract that of the dog do gut he T arc b et w een do gut and
he ar means that the dog barking is heard when
T emp oral f ormalism s re a useful in sev eral
it is out The top logy o of t he graph represen ts the
applications suc h s a planning sc heduling
fact that the join t d istribution of he t v ariables can b e
and diagnosis Probabilistic temp oral rea
written as the pro duct of t he conditional probabilit y
soning emerged t o deal with the uncer
of eac hnode giv en its immediate predecessors F rom
tain ties usually encoun tered in uc s hap
won fo do lo and hb stand for familyut do g
plications Ba y esian net w orks pro vide a
out ightn l and he ar ark resp ectiv ely The join t
simple compact graphical represen tation
probabilit y d istribution for the net w ork in F igure is
of a probabilit y distribution b y xploit e
P f o l o hb P fo P lo j fo P j fo P hb j do
ing conditional indep endencies This pa
The top o logy of the net w ork together with the proba
p er presen ts a simple tec hnique for repre
bilit y calculus allo w t he calculation of the probabilit y
sen ting time in Ba y esian n et w orks b y ex
of an y r andom v ariable e familyut en some evi
pressing probabilities as functions of time
dence e lightn andr he ar ark T he probabilit y
Probabilit y ransfer t functions allo w the
P folo
of fo giv P fo j lo or P fo j lo
P lo
formalism to deal with causal relations and
P f o o
dep endencies b et w een time p oin ts T ec h
where P fo lo P lo j fo P fo
P lo o P lo fo
niques to represen t related time instan ts
and P lo fo P lo j fo P fo yAIand
are distinct from those used to epresen r t
decision roblems p c an b e solv ed using Ba y esian net
indep enden t ime t instan ts but the proba
w orks
bilistic formalism is useful i n b oth cases
The study of the cum ulativ e ect of re
p eated ev en v olv es v arious mo dels suc h
family- out
as the comp eting risks mo el d and the
additiv emodel Dynamic Ba y esian et n
w orks inference mec hanisms a re adequate
for temp oral robabilistic p reasoning de
scrib ed in this w ork Examples from med
ical diagnosis circuit diagnosis and com
mon sense reasoning help illustrate the use
of these tec hniques hear-bark
In tro duction
Ba y esian net w orks re a a probabilistic approac hto
reasoning ab out uncertain t y Ba y esian net w ork
is a directed acyclic graph where no des denote ran
Figure Ba y es Net w
dom v ariables and rcs a represen t c ausal dep endencies
bet w een them Throughout this pap er w e shall use
anet w ork from sho wn in Figure An English Time is an imp o rtan t dimension for AI and rea
equiv alen t for this net w ork migh tbe hen t he fam soning Atwrs a v eof in v estigators tudied s logics
ily go es out they urn t o n the light of the outdo or lamp of time see f or example Allen McDermott
and put the do gin hte b ackyar d The do g b arking and McCarth y The study of probabilistic tem
is he ar d when it is out in the b ackyar d This net p ral o formalism s is relativ ely n ew Berzuini ess
w ork has four random v ariables familyut lightn y esian ets n for temp oral reasoning ab out causal
do gut and he ar ark F rom he t net w ork structure it y Berzuini formalism considers e ac h ime t p erio d
familyut acts the tatus s f o the ligh t lightn and of in terest as an additional random v ariable


in ts

is lo en

do do

arkma y considerably increase t he n um ber of v ariables in if the family is not ut o during t he da y t op en
the net w ork and he t complexit y of inference ean D some windo ws
and Kanaza w hos a who w to represen t p ersistence
Figure illustrates the new net w ork
and causation They use surviv or functions to rep
resen tc hanging b eliefs with time This temp oralit y
allo ws predictiv e inferences but o d es not seem able
family- out
to mak e inferences ab out indep enden t t p o
Dagum Galp er and Horvitz use a dynamic b e
lief net w ork for forecasting The dynamic net w ork
mo del sho w random v ariables at time t are f a
fected on one hand b y con temp oraneous v ariables at
time t as w as b y the random v ariables at time
t Meixner a xiomatizes a probabilistic the
ory of p ossibilit y ased b on t emp ral o prop ensit yda
wy in tro duces a probabilistic branc hing future
mo del that corresp onds to mo dal temp oral l ogic
T emp oral Net w orks
A probabilistic temp oral represen tation ik l e ost m
other temp oral epresen r tations m ust address the s i
Figure T he Mo did Net w ork
sue of discrete v ersus con tin uous time Discrete time
is useful for v arious applications and seems simpler
to deal with than con tin uous time o H w ev er in terv al The v ariable windowp en o represen ts the
based dense time seems more natural and legan e tfor probabilit y o f t he windo w b eing op en T he temp o
reasoning In temp oral logics b oth represen tations ral v ariable dayime t is true when it is da y and
are used Allen uses a ense d time while McDer false otherwise The join t probabilit y d istribution ex
mott uses a p oin t ased b time allo wing in terv als pressed b y the net w ork is P b odo twof o
to b e deed b y its t w oedn poin Probabilistic P fo P dt P wo j fo dt P lo j fo dt P do j fo P hb j do
temp oral represen tations ha v e also used b o th time Represen ting a d yime b y a random v ariable compli
mo dels Berzuini uses a con tin uous time and ean D t w ork b y increasing the n b er o f no des
and Kanaza w a consider time to b e discrete Here the The probabilities of wo and lo dep e nd on the join t
p osition tak en regarding this issue i s o t allo w b oth probabilit yof dt and fo this urther f complicates the
lea ving the c hoice to the kno wledge engineer This represen tation It ma yev m c b rsome e if
is p ossible b ecause discrete time corresp onds to d is w e t ry to represen t the follo wing statemen ts
crete probabilit y nd a con tin uous time corresp onds to
Usually the family is out b et w een am till
con tin uous probabilit y Probabilit y heory t can han
dle b oth cases In the con tin uous case probabilit y
sometimes hey t come home for unc l hbet w een
densit y functions are deed as functions of time In
o n n o and pm
the discrete case probabilities themselv es are func
tions of time F or con tin uous time the v e aluation when they come for lunc h t hey do ot n bring the
of the probabilit y o f the truth of certain uen ts b e dog in
t w een t w o instan ts marking a p erio d is the in tegral
they go to visit friends b et w een pm and
of the probabilit y d ensit y function b et w een t hose t w o
m p
instan ts The discussion ill w deal ostly m with dis
Moreo v er temp ral o v ariables lik e dt
crete time but the equations for the con tin uous case
to meet the d eition of a random v ariable Consider
will b e men tioned and a ircuit c diagnosis example in
the rather in tuitiv e eition d f o a random v ariable in
Section illustrates ho w to eal d with probabilit y

densit y functions
The second basic issue is h o w to sso a iate c probabil
r andom variable may b edne e dr oughly
ities and time Tw o p ossibilities are considered the
as a variable that takes on dir v
st is to follo w Berzuini net w orks o f d ates mo del
b e c ause of chanc e
and consider times as random v ariables and the sec
Do es dayime tak e n o iren d tv alues b ecause o f
ond is to parameterize probabilities with time T o
c hance The dt v ariable ak t es on the v alues rue
motiv ate the discussion around this issue let u s in
or false dep e nding on the deterministic motion o f
tro duce temp oralit yto hte familyut example in the
earth in space Whether or not it is da ytime can b e
previous section b y adding the follo wing statemen ts
determined from the sunrise a nd sunset times from
If the family is out during the da y hey t do not the lo c al newspap er T reating time as a random v ari
turn the ligh ton able complicates o ur reasoning u nnecessarily Here

alues ent

seem not do
um ore get en
um net he cates


ho ws
ts in ime

heyfamily- out
8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6
hear-bark 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6
Time is expressed in Hours on the horizontal scale
8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6
8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6
Figure Probabilities as functions of time
the probabilities are functions of time resulting in a tion for the answ er to the second hence giving an
simpler net w ork indirect answ er
Figure illustrates t his a pproac h The p roba
T emp oral reasoning
bilities v ariation with time is sho o v er a single
y The p erio d da y a c omplete cycle after
F rom a temp oral r easoning viewp in o t there are at
whic h probabilities follo w he t same pattern rep at e
least t w ot yp es of probabilistic relationships b et w een
edly Suc h probabilit y patterns capture the cyclic
t w o d iren t time p oin ts or p e rio ds t hey ma ybe
prop ert y o f time useful in applications suc has di
completely indep enden tof cea h ther o nrelated r o
agnosis of dynamic circuits with feedbac k When the
dep enden t related If b e lief in en t f at time
problem do es not exhibit this cyclic rop p ert y t
t is not cted a b y t he kno wledge K at another
soning requires the expression of probabilit yo v a
time t then f at t is temp rally o indep enden tof
j i
window of inter est In t he next section a circuit di
K at t This indep ndence e means he t probabil
agnosis example illustrates ho w to deal with acyclic
it yof f t and t hat of K at t are related b y
i j
time Returning to Figure P fo captures condi
P f t j K t P f t
i j i
tions and ab o v e The c hange in P do j fo
In our example i f an o bserv er go es past the house
bet w een no on and pm rects statemen t
ev ery few hours instan taneously lo oks at the ligh
The st t w o tatemen s ts are represen ted b y the prob
and c hec ks if the og d is barking then t his bserv o er
abilities P lo j fo nd P wo j fo where the da ytime
can use the indep endence assumptions to reac h a
is from am to pm The sharp c hanges in
clusion ab out familyut v ery bserv o ation is inde
the probabilities in Figure rect the precision x e
p ndene t f o the others ro p vided that they re a distan t
pressed in the statemen ts A smo o ther curv ew ould
On the o ther hand if he t observ er sta ys to w atc h
b e used to represen t around a m as opp osed to
the ligh t and listen for t he dog f or few h ours hen t
the reasoning in this case should b e able to relate
It is reasonable to assume P do j hb s i time i nde
what happ ens at one instan t w ith previous and u f
p enden t This ma ysmee un usual h ere but note this
ture instan ts n I his t case b elief in en t f at time
represen tation do es allo w this xibilit y I n ection S
t is acted b y the kno wledge K at time t and
i j
hb is treated as an ev t
P f t j K t P f t P ersistence nd a causa
i j i
tion are in teresting sp ecial cases of reasoning ab out
It is w orth noting that although this f ormalism can
related time p oin
answ er questions of the form hat is h app ening at
time t it cannot answ er the question hen do es
Indep nden e t ime T nstan I ts or P
x happ en o w ev er in most applications a direct
probabilistic answ er for the st question at iren d t As men tioned b efore the assumption of indep endence
bet w een iren d t time p oin ts holds for the instan ta
time p oin ts appro ximates the probabilit y distribu

ds erio



rea he

is da
wnneous observ er This means that observ ations ade m is the life time f o the torc h exp ected o t b e some tens
at time p o in t t do not act conclusions at t if i j of thousands f o hours Replacemen t of a comp onen t
i j
If this observ er sees the ligh t nd a hears the d og bark can b e represen ted b y imply s shifting he t corresp ond
ing then this observ er can u se the robabilities p in ig F ing ensit d y function to start a t the replacemen t t
oeruve aluate the probabilit yof familyut tear Section ustis j suc h a shift within t he temp oral for
new observ ations and conclusions are m ade hat t a re malism A t time t he t probabilit y alfunction m M is
completely indep e nden t of the previous ones b ecause caused b y t he failure o f omp c onen t c is giv en b y
man yev en ts could h a v e happ e ned b et w een the t w o
P c j M PDF c j M
time p oin ts
i j i j

F or the instan taneous observ er emp t oral reason
where PDF is the p robabilit y d ensit y function
ing is therefore a s et of atemp oral a B y es nets ex
cept for the probabilities they m ust orresp c ond to
Dep enden t Related Time Instan ts or
the time p oin t under consideration Reasoning is ot n
P erio ds
m uc h harder than the atemp oral case T o urther f il
No w supp ose he t observ er i n t he family out example
lustrate the applicabilit y o f this a ssumption consider
is monitoring the status o f t he ligh t a nd the arking b
the follo wing circuit diagnosis problem
of the d og If a t time t the dog b arking i s h eard one
should conclude hat t the dog is out in the b ac ard at
Always off Always on
this instan t and for some t ime afterw ards B ut after
listening a while and not hearing t he dog one should
light bulb
b e less certain b a o ut whether he t dog is out r o not
This deca y i n certain t y ith w t ime is also a function
Defective bulb Defective wiring
battery Defective battery
or switch
of time that r elates probabilities at all instan ts with
(a) The Circuit (b) The Network
an event where an event is an o ccurrence In the
presen t xample e an yc hange in o bserv w ould b e
PDF(wiring or switch|off) PDF(wiring or switch | on)
an ev en t Ev en ts tend to o ccur o v er time in terv als
of zero or longer duration he T distinction b et w een
ev tt yp es and ev ttok ens made b y Hanks s
10 10,000 10 10,000
useful here Ev tt yp es are c lasses of ev en ts and
ev t tok ens are particular instances hile W he aring
PDF(battery | off) PDF(bulb| off)
b ark is an ev en tt yp e aring ark a t en t
tok en I n teraction b e t w ev en ttko esin sdscuisesd
hours 1,000 hours
in Section
(c) Probability Density Functions
family- out
Figure Circuit Diagnosis Example
A simple tor ch ashlight cir cuit c onsists t
0 time
of a bulb a switch and a b attery c cte d
as in Figur a e The pr ability distri
light-on hear-barking
bution for the life time of the bulb and
the b attery ar e normal with me ans of
and hours r esp e ctively as shown in Fig
ur e c The wiring and the switch r ar ely
0 time
fail but their pr ob ability f o failur e i s high
initial ly due to burnn faults Then it
dr ops as these defe cts usual y l a ct the
tor ch during the st few hours o f o p er
ation The failur epr ob ability al ly rises
again with aging
Figure Probabilities ep d endence on ev ts
T oev aluate the probabilit yof wiringr oblem en
the torc h is not w orking it i s necessary to kno w F or eac hev tt yp e a robabilit p y transfer function
the n um b er of op e rating hours a fter whic h the torc h represen ts the ect of an ev en t tok en of this t yp e
stopp ed w orking The net w ork used here Figure on other v ariables Apr ob ability tr ansfer function
b is similar to the ymptomisease s net w in dees a r elation b etwe P x j e t t f
F ailures defe ctive switchiring defe ctive bulb and al l t wher exis a r andom variable e a n event typ e
defe ctive b attery cause or explain the malfunction o f The net w ork in Figure represen ts the deca
the torc h Tw o malfunctions can b e observ ed probabilit yfor gut giv en he ar arking an
ways o and always on he T windo wofin terest here exp onen tial deca y probabilit y transfer function
using do al
or time he and en ork

ev an is he
en en

imeChanges acting he t same b o j ect m a yha v e dir the ransplan t t or the transfusion The i ncubation p e
en t implicatio ns and hence diren t probabilit y trans rio d is diren t for virus A and virus B but in b oth
fer functions If the ligh t i s turned on omeb s o dy a t cases h as a normal distribution
home migh tha v e urned t it o n Observing the ligh t It is easy to calculate the probabilit y P f o j virA
going o can ha v et w o p ossible explanations the st on a g iv en da ypor vided t he time o f t ransplan tis
that it w as turned r o it just b urn t out Observ wn
ing the ligh t going on is sligh tly stronger evidence The distinction b et w een monitoring and o ccasional
that someone is at home than observing it going o sampling is a critical one If o ccasional sampling is
Figure sho ws the net w ork and the probabilities s a done frequen tly enough it is e quiv alen t to monitor
so ciated with suc ha turnightn scenario The light ing The limit at whic h sampling can eplace r con tin
turne dn ev en t is represen ted b y a no de that reduces uous monitoring according to information theory s
the probabilit yof familyut urning the ligh ton in equal to t wice the maxim um frequency in the s ignal
stan taneously reduces b elief in fo This ma y seem artiial in our presen t example but
On the other hand this ev en ttko en should ct a is useful in applications lik e d iagnosis
lightn b y making t i true The transfer function i s a
step function in this case As time progresses the b o Con v olutions Probabilities and
serv ation that the ligh tw as turnedn some time ago
Mo dels
do es not con tribute to the conclusion o f familyut or
It is necessary to unify the ideas temp oral proe of
otherwise The arc marking this causal relationship
random v ariables onditional c probabilities and the
is then either remo v ed from the net w ork or the condi
transfer function for v e en
tional probabilit y as deed b y the transfer function
Ho w should a transfer function com a
saturates at a v alue c hosen to m ark indirence
temp oral proe Should hearing the dog arking b
con tin uously for v emin utes increase ur o certain t y
family- out
ab out t he dog b ing e o ut What w ould b e the cer
tain t yof do gut if the og d just bark ed from time to
time during the observ ation p erio d
Some athematical m to ols nd a mo dels are necessary
to answ er these questions
Con v olution i n P robabili t y Theory
The con v olution in tegral of t w o d istributions f and

f is another distribution f written f f f F or

con tin uous time f is ev aluated with the form
f t f t f d

0 0
t t
0 0

f n f m f n m

Figure Ligh tgoes no
for discrete time
If f and f represen t the distribution of t w o ran
Probabilit y transfer unctions f let s u represen t
dom v ariables X and Y resp ectiv f is the distri
man y forms of temp oral dep endencies Consider the
bution o f a random v ariable Z X Y
follo wing example from o ees ho w his t formalism
No wlte f b e the d istribution f o a random v ariable
expresses causal relations
t deed as the time hen w w e h d

Either tr ansplant or a subse quent tr ansfu
and let f b e the distribution of the andom r v ariable

sion may have c ause danac cidental ino c
t deed as the duration during whic hw econ tin ue

ulation of virus A or virus B The i no c
to think that the og d is out after hearing the barking
ulate d virus after a p erio d of incub ation
Th us f allo ws us to ev aluate the robabilit p yof g
over gr ows c ausing fever F ever however
out follo wing he ar As sho wn in con v olution
may also develop due to other c auses
can also handle the cum ulativ e ect of sev en ts
This can b e represen ted as sho wn in Figure and for dditiv a e torage s mo dels and a sp ecial case f o the
The incubation p erio d s i represen ted s a a dela y comp eting risks mo del
bet w een the infection a nd the fev er and o v ergro wth Whenev er the principle of sup erp osition applies
The probabilit y of transfusion is high d uring and just that is when the ect of a set of inputs is the sum
after a t ransplan t This probabilit y ecreases d exp o of the ct e of eac h considered indep enden he
tially with time as sho wn in Figure The i no cu con v olution can b e used to ev aluate the ect of a
lation of virus A nd a B m a yhappen an y time d uring sequence of ev en ts
ev eral
bark og the eard


with bine

kno Mo deling In teraction of Ev ts and
Fever and
Random v ariables r epresen ting b liefs e probabilit y
overgrowth Fever only
en ts and cts e of he t ev en b e in
act in man yin teresting w a ys In a Ba y esian net
w ork represen tation these in teractions are rected
b y ep d endencies in the join t robabilities p Con
sider or f example he t relation b t e w een le avingome
arrivingtork and cr owde dtr e ets The probabil
it yof arrivingtork at as a result f o le aving
home at giv en that the streets are cro wded is
other reasons
Virus B
Virus A
diren t from the robabilit p y if t he the streets re a
c wded P ossible causes for cr owde dtr e ets are
r ain ac cident or c onstruction In general t he transfer
function an c dep end on time r ain cr owde d
str e ets only if it rains during he t rush hour for more
than min utes for example There ma y b e also
causal dep endencies b et w ev en e r ain mak es
ac cident more probable Dealing with this t yp e o f sit
uation requires that the temp oral proe of he t join t
probabilit y distribution is kno wn
In some situations the i n teraction b et w een v e en ts
follo ws simpler mo dels and he t net ect of a n um ber
Figure Medical Diagnosis example
of ev en ts can b e ev aluated from the ect of a sin
gle ev t nd a information ab out the t ime at w hic h
they o ccurred Storage pro esses c comp eting risks
and domination are suc h m o els d
Storage pro cess ith w a dditiv eipunst
A s torage ro p cess can b e hough t tof intserm
of a w arehouse or a d am c haracterized b y its
in w its capacit y and its elease r rule See for
example Glynn et L ev en ts b e additiv ein
tp tf
puts let r elease rules b e functions in the inputs
P(virusA|transplant) P(Fever&overg.|virusA)
and let the storage lev el b e the degree of b elief
suc h that the c hange in storage lev el rects the
c hange of b elief with time T his o m el d can rep
resen toru do gut and he ar ark causal relation
ti ti+tincA
Ev ery tok en of he ar tends to ll the b elief
in do gut to a c ertain lev el The release rule
guaran tees an exp nen o tial deca y f o this b elief
P(virusB|transplant) P(Fever&overg.|virusB)
These systems ollo f w he t conserv ation f o ass m
principle This principle when applied to our
example implies hat t w e cannot b liev e e do gut
unless w e hear b arking at least once I t ma ybe
tp ti ti+tincB
useful ho w ev er to allo w do to ha v e a non zero
P(virusA|transfusion) P(fever|other)
probabilit y b efore an y hb ev en t tok en O ne w a y
to do this is to use the P hb s a a n nput i causing
Con v olution can b e used to ev aluate the b e
lief torage resulting from the ccum a ulation of
ev en ts nputs of a storage ro p cess G lynn
tp : transplant time ti= tp or tf
sho ws a storage pro cess can b e appro ximated
tf : transfusion time
tincA: Virus A incubation time
b y a ite state space mo del T ransfer func
ti : infection time
tincB : VirusB incubation time
tions can b e deriv ed from the state pace s mo del
or designed to rect the same b eha vior
Figure i llustrates ho w t he probabilit yof g
Figure The Probabilities
out c hanges giv en diren t he arking ev en t
patterns where probabilities are calculated u s

ts een
ro not

ter lief on ts ev of
hb hb hb
P(do|hb) P(do|hb) P(do|hb) P(do|hb)
0.8 0.8 0.9
Figure Con v olution Results
ing con v olution In this ure the b elief in do g bilit yis f n l n l n l n l n n

out rises sharply whenev er ar ark tak es place and l n a re the p robabilit yoffailreau t imet

and the degree of b lief e reac h time is n for the rst a nd second r isk resp ectiv ely
sligh tly higher If the barking i s eard h con tin u
In b oth cases if the cts e of the t w o infections
ously o v er a p erio d the b elief in do gut k eeps
do not o v erlap i n time w e obtain a simpler form
rising during this p erio d and then deca ys after
f t l t l t If the t w o risks ha v ethe

barking ceases to b e heard The fourth e v en t
same hazard function l t but at diren t times
pattern in the ure d eals with the ase c hen w
whic h i s he t case if a p erson is xp e osed t wice to
the dog is heard con uously n I this case b elief
the same v irus then l t l t t t l t

rises and then almost saturates
t ereh t and t are he t times f o exp osure to

The use of t w o release rules allo ws us to com
the virus In this case con v olution can b e used
pute the probabilit y that the cit y n o he t horizon to ev aluate the p robabilities Otherwise the use
is Regina after riving d from Sask ato on for time of the original equations w ould b e required
t The st release rule lets driving accum u
Dominatin gEv en ts Mo del
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Comp eting Risks Mo del
the probabilit y t hat the ircuit c failed due to
As the name suggests the comp eting risks
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mo del represen t w oormroe poten tial dan
bulb and he t lifetime o f he t bulbs The condition
gers comp eting t o cause the failure of an organ
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ism An in teresting generalization of this mo del
ev en tmak es the d ominated ev en ts irrelev an tto
is when diren tpenot tial causes comp ete to
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pro duce the same ect and the success of one
of them prev en ts the others from successeding
Kalbisc h a nd Pren tice and Hutc hinson
consider some applications of this mo del Represen ting p robabilities a s functions of time seems
In the con text of ev en ts comp etitions o ccur to b e a simple and seful u tec hnique for implemen
frequen tly e rep eated exp osures to some probabilistic temp oral reasoning Probabilit y trans
viruses comp ete u n til one auses c infection after fer functions can represen t d iren tt yp es of ev en ts
whic h the b o dy dev elops a n imm uni t y or con Kno wn Ba y es net inference metho ds can ev aluate
tin uous time the probabilit y d ensit y o f failure probabilities f o utcomes o By c haracterizing the e d
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f t l t L nd t f t l t L t p ral o reasoning can b e done ith w a small compu

L t and L t are the probabilities of surviv al tational o v erhead Decoupling temp oral reasoning

at time t while l t and l t a re the proba across diren t time p oin ts from the easoning r t a a

bilit y densit y o f ailure f azard function The giv en time p oin t s implis easoning r imple S in
case for discrete time is simpler and the p roba
action mo dels suc h as the storage mo del omp c ting e



eac hed
risks mo del or the domination mo del can b e used to D M cDermott A temp oral logic for reasoning
represen t some useful temp oral phenomena without ab out pro cesses nd a plans Co gnitive Scienc e
complicating inference April
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liefs A rtiial Intel ligenc e
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