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Oct 28, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)



The TCS is a Mandatory Part of the CCNA Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment


It is acceptable, even preferable, for you to Localize the TCS

Semester 3 TCS

LAN User Requirements Document

Physical Topologies (Site Wiring Plan, Device Interconnectio

Site LAN Logical Topology (including District and Site IP Addressing Scheme)

Wiring Closet Diagrams

LAN Electronics Spreadsheet

LAN Media Spreadsheet

IGRP Implementation

ACL Implementation

IPX Implementation

Pros and Cons of this particular LA
N Design

Semester 4 TCS

WAN Requirements Document

WAN Physical Topology

WAN Logical Topology including IP Addressing

WAN Electronics Spreadsheet

WAN Media Spreadsheet

PPP Implementation

ISDN Implementation

Frame Relay Implementation

Traffic flow and
Routing Update Analysis

WAN Pros and Cons


Cheating and the TCS

It has come to our attention that students, demonstrating their proficiency in using the Internet, have
been doing searches on “TCS” and finding some excellent work posted, which they then


Resources for Doing the TCS

TCS prompts and information in the Student Version

Cisco Network Designer (CND) Software and Tutorial

ConfigMaker Software

Common Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Graphics, HTML generating, and Browser Software

Local net
working professionals

Thank you.