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From: Meng Lee

To: Shampa Bhattacharyya

Subject: UN2001

March 5
, 2011

File Sharing

There are many ways to describe file sharing, but in simpl
ex term it can be described as

practice of giving or providing access to digitally stored information. There are many ways
file sharing can have an effect on. Whether it is file sharing in general or online networking file
sharing, it can greatly impact people and industries.
File sh
aring should be
. This is
another way of stealing without the physical form of items. So are technologies worth buying?

of course,

technologies are worth buying for they are reasonably priced for a purpose and
not to be abused
by sharing its c
ontent or information.

ile sharing has weakened the copyright laws and protection. In this modern time, more
than 60% of the World Wide Web or Internet is being
ed by people who shared music, movies,
books, games, programs, and Software.

opyright la
w clearly states that it is illegal to download
or share copyrighted materials without having the permission of the copyright owner. Yet
people ignore these rules and file share without knowing the risks

are putting themselves in.
With all these new

advances in technologies in downloading, the record and movie industry has
taken in approach to stop people from illegal downloading and file sharing.
ver the past few
years in the increase of file sharing the demand to protect works are on the increase




If the industry did not try to enforce such copyright laws then the idea would be that
stealing is not a crime and is okay to be practiced

(Gee, 2009)

File sharing has a huge impact on
the music

industries. With the rise in the digital
technology it has dramatically lowered the cost of produ
cing movies, music, and gaming.
file sharing is
on the rise it has been suggested that in the music industry, no more than 20% of
the past declines in


due to
file sharing

(Gee, 2009)
The m
usic industry loses
about $5 billion

worldwide due to piracy of music downloading and sharing files, which is
close equivalent to almost one million dollars per day. Music piracy includes four

specific forms
of illegal distribution

which are known as pirate recordings, bootleg recordings, counterfeit
recordings, and online piracy

, 2000)

Pirating music and movies has many effects on
many levels of the industry especially on music a

Megan Taylor who is a music artist had produced a song
known as “Free Your Mind”
had made it to the Billboard’s club charts. Many D.J.s took interest in her song and she alone
sold 15,000 vinyl copies of the single copy. When it came to her CD s
ales she was informed
from one of her labels that she had only moved 110 discs. Clearly the problem was due to online
file sharing of her song. Due to this she wrote a letter to the website’s server, citing U.S. law
protecting digital works and since the
n the site was taken down.
When the web page had been
taken down people lost respect for Megan Taylor and she lost many fans over the idea of free
music. In my opinion, she did nothing wrong, all she did was protect her work from being
distributed illega
lly and in the end she still suffered from all the effort

, 2004)

It could be argued that some art
ists support the decisions to

file shar

over the Internet.
File shar
ing can promote a wide spread

fame throughout the countries and spread the work of the

Even though they do, it
is hurting the overall business and industry, not the individual
artist for agreeing.

As tempting as music downloading as it is, there are other opportunities
ne to get those music without breaking the copyright law. This resource includes iTunes,
Amazon, Rhapsody, and many other web sources to help find music

(UW General Catalog,

In this age today, many college and university students are being faced w
ith tough
penalties for downloading and sharing illegal files over networks. It starts off when a student
downloads or shares a file over the internet illegally and is caught by a business or industry
authorities. When

this happens the university in most

case will inform the student of their action
and possibly close their internet access account. Colleges and universities do this to calm down
industry authorities because nobody wants to file a lawsuit every year over thousands of students
who are caught

downloading or sharing files illegally over the network. In some cases the RIAA
and other company organizations makes an attempt to file a lawsuit against colleges and
universities to reclaim control of their own networks.
This can have a huge impact on

trying to get an education at colleges and universities

(Whittaker, 2010)

Thousands of students every year have lost their privilege to use an online account to
access the Internet due to file sharing. This also includes the usage of their ema
il accounts which
are not allowed to be used. All this has and can greatly impact student’s level of education that
they could attain at college or universities. File sharing not only effects the US colleges,
universities, and

can have a gre
ater impact on non
US institutions. With all this
effects on students, a former college student who indulged himself into file sharing was faced
with a great consequence.


A former college graduate student from Boston University, Joel Tenenbaum, was char
with illegal downloading of songs online. Not only did Joel illegally download hundreds of
songs, he shared these music files over the network and is being charged with penalties up to 4.5
million dollars. Joel shared the music files over a network u
sing Kazaa file sharing software and
these songs are

from famous bands such as Nirvana, Green Day, and the Smashing Pumpkins.
One interesting thing about this whole situation is that Joel isn’t being penalized only by the
Recording Industry Association of

America (RIAA); he is also being charged by other recording
industries such Sony, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group

(Gardner, 2009)

Some would say this penalty against the former student, Joel Tenenbaum, was a little too
harsh charging him up to $4.5 million. In my opinion, this student deserves to be penalized for
what he did because this graduate student knew the consequences of ill
egal downloading and yet
he shared them over the network. Although he probably is in debt due to college, it doesn’t give
him the right to steal and share something he does not own. Let me put it this way, even if the

man on this planet
who needs


to live on
, it does not give me the right to go steal
from others. Knowing better, I should get a sense of feeling that this is wrong and it could come
with a consequence if I break the law. Joel Tenenbaum deserves every punishment given to him


his poor decision making.

One good example and another form of file sharing that has opened a whole new level are
known as jail
breaking. What is jail
breaking? Jail
Breaking is known as a process that breaks
the software of a device such as the iphone,

ipod touch, iPad, PSP, and many other devices to
allow the user to have more access to the device that is install on it. A lot of time a company
would put a certain type of software into their product devices that would not allow the user who
use or appl
y certain programs or apps into the device. In order to achieve such a thing, users or

owners of such a device would jail
break their device by using a program, equipment tool, and
other hackings to allow the user to do what they want with their device.
This allows the user to
download applications,
games, programs, etc… to apply into the device. This is a form of file
sharing that people do online that affects big companies and their product

(Costello, 2010)

breaking goes into a whole new level.

Many people, including kids, would pay or
have someone jail
break their devices to achieve a form of file sharing over the Internet. This is
pretty common in society today and the most widely use and abuse device is the iphone. Doing
this allowed the us
er of the device to change certain elements on the device and allowed users to
download things that companies would not want their customers to be doing with the device

(Costello, 2010)
. This makes the big companies or industries lose money and make their

or products at risk of losing thousands of dollars. What people fail to understand is that
sometimes it can cause problems to the device and destroy the software on the device making it

In conclusion, file sharing should be banned. Fil
es sharing has made a huge impact on
today’s copyright infringement policy and weakened it.
It has an absolute effect on the industry
and artists that make the profits go down with the artist along with it. College students are
affected in many ways that

can come with a huge consequence. With all this problems that we
face, the best solution would be to take action and banned file sharing. If this keeps up, stealing
would never come to an end and probably consumed our whole society over file sharing.
verall, file sharing shouldn’t just be illegal, it should be banned.


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From: Meng Lee

To: Shampa Bhattacharyya

Subject: UN2001

Date: March 5, 2011


File sharing has been a topic that I feel comfor
table talking about and having this topic I
can write what I feel that is important with this subject. I feel that a lot of time this topic can be
difficult to touch certain aspects to make a strong argument, but overall it went according to my
plan of ar
gument. Some strong features that I present in my essay are the examples used such as
the student case in Boston University and how it ties to file sharing on school campus. Some
strategies I used in this essay involved having my own opinion because it s
hows not just how the
evidence can support the argument, but how I feel about the situation to grasp the reader’s
attention. Overall, I learned that there is no easy way in making a perfect argument, but to have
strong evidence that supports the claim or
argument is the best approach.