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Problems: Section 3

Problems in Education (Websites)

Because of the importance of education in modern societies and because of the many changes
and problems in educational institutions today, there are many governmental and nonprofit
organizations with Websites about education in the United States and other
countries around
the world. To begin you exploration of these Websites, go to the Companion Website™ at
. Enter Chapter 3 and choose the Web destination
module from the

navigation bar.

Visit the U.S. Census Bureau at, and find the latest report on educational
attainment in the United States.

The report is compiled each year in the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Reports, which
can be found by cli
cking “C” in the alphabetical index. Once you are in Current Population
Reports, locate “P20 Population Characteristics,” and find tables providing information about
the highest degree obtained by people over 25 years of age and for people 25 years to 29
of age in the United States. These tables also show differences among men and women in
educational attainment.

What do these figures tell us about the level of education in the general U.S. population? What
do these figures tell us about differenc
es in educational attainment between men and women
in the United States in recent years? What are the likely outcomes of the differences in
educational attainment between men and women for the future of gender inequality in the
United States?

Learn more
about the SAT exam at:
. How much does the exam
cost? How should you best prepare? How often do they offer the exam? W
ho views the
exams? Who does this benefit?

Go the home page of the National School Safety Center at the following address:
. Click on “School Crime and Violence Statistics.” What trends do you

find to be the most alarming? Do these statistics match those of the text?

Learn more about U.S. education by going to the website of the U.S. Department of Education
at the following address:
. Under the heading, “Select a Topic,”
Choose Charter Schools. Read at least three articles related to charter schools and relate them
to the text.

How easy is it to obtain a college degree through the Internet? Using a search engine,
find at
least three different institutions that offer a college degree on
line. (Try typing in such phrases

as “college degree” or “on
line college degree”.) Examine the requirements for obtaining a
college degree on
line. Do you think that the degrees
offered online are valid or fraudulent?