2011 Meeting - Society for Organizational Behavior

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Oct 29, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Society of Organizational Behavior 2011 Conference

Hotel Accommodations

Hilton Garden Inn Athens Downtown

390 East Washington Street

Athens, GA 30601

Tel. U.S. 1

Fax U.S. 1


When making the room reservation, tell them you are with the S.O.B Conference hosted by the
College of Business at the University of

Georgia and if you are asked for the Group
Contact Person that would be Debbie Lovelady.

The room rate should be $109 U.S.

Transportation Options

If you are driving from your home location to here, probably the bes
t thing to do is to use
Mapquest (or a GPS if you own one) to map out the route to the hotel address above.

For those flying to here, you will fly into Atlanta Hartsfield
Jackson airport.

It is the main hub
for both Delta and Airtran, but many other airli
nes fly into there as well.

The airport is on the
southwestern side of Atlanta, and Athens is approximately 1.5 hours northeast of Atlanta.

have 3 options to get to Athens from Hartsfield

Option 1

There is an airline shuttle service betwee
n Athens and Atlanta.

Please go to

and under “Quick Links” on the right side,
you will see the Georgia Skies Airline option.

You can make a
reservation through it.

There are
other pieces of information at the website as well such as hotel numbers that have pick up service
at the Athens Ben Epps Airport, etc.

Option 2

Rent a car and drive to Athens from Hartsfield
Jackson or if you use Optio
n 1, rent a
car in Athens.

However, if you are going to rent a car and drive to Athens from Hartsfield
Jackson, please let me know as the date for the conference gets closer.

I can send you detailed
driving directions for the route that most of us use he
re and that avoids a great deal of the Atlanta

This route won’t come up on GPS.

As you are making arrangements, please keep in
mind that Atlanta’s rush hour grid lock is as bad as that in Los Angeles.

Thus, you may want to
make your arrangem
ents to avoid the rush hour time periods (approx. 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and
4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST).

Once you are in your car, it is about a 1.5 hour drive.

Option 3

There is also ground transportation shuttle service from Hartsfield
Jackson to Athens

and back.

You need to make reservations in advance.

The service is Groome Transportation.

They may be found at

The cost is $34.00
one way
or $63.00 round trip.


It shows on their website that the Hilton
Garden Inn is not one of their drop
off and pick
up points.

That is not true!!! They will drop you
off there from the Atlanta airport if you tell them as such when y
ou make your reservation.

you’ve already made your reservation, you may simply tell the driver.

You must do the
following when making the reservation for your return trip from Athens to the Atlanta airport.

Namely, you need to explicitly tell them th
at you are being picked up at the Hilton Garden Inn.

They will then tell you the time of your pick

When returning to Hartsfield
Jackson from Athens, give yourself plenty of cushion. Not only
must you consider the drive there, but being the world’s bus
iest airport also means security can
make for long lines.

Given that the conference weekend is not a public holiday, I’m hoping that
the latter will not be a major issue.

In any event, my wife, Carole, who works for Intuit, travels
quite a bit and she ne
ver leaves the house any less than 3 hours before the scheduled flight during
rush hour times, and 4 hours during rush
hour times.

This gives her plenty of time to drive
there, park the car, take the parking shuttle to the main terminal, go through se
curity and take the
airport subway to her departing concourse.

Getting from the Hilton Garden Inn to Sanford Hall (Conference Location)

From the Hilton Garden Inn take a right onto E. Clayton Street.

Cross over College Avenue and take a left.

From Colleg
e cross over E. Broad St. and you will see the UGA Arch in front of you

under it onto campus.

Follow the sidewalk and the building on your right before you make the hard right is the UGA
Law School.

When you make the hard right, you will see the Terry

College of Business (Brooks Hall) straight
in front of you.

Sanford Hall is the building immediately to the left of the Terry College.

Conference Program (as of Wednesday, October 26, 2011)


Russ just emailed to ask about computer and projector ava
ilability in the room, and yes,
there is.

In fact, if all of the presenters (Fran has done so already) will send me their PowerPoint
presentations, I will make sure to have them here as a backup.

Further, as long as there are no
last minute changes, I wi
ll have them already set up on the computer for you.

Alternatively, you
can also hook your laptops directly into the system.

Apple users will need to bring that
video/vga adaptor.

Let me know if there is anything else that needs to be done in advance fo
r all
of you.

Friday, October 28, 2011

7:00 pm

9:00 pm Welcome, Cash Bar, Hilton Garden Inn, Appetizers

Saturday, October 29, 2011

8:30 Breakfast (Continental style; Sanford Hall 314)

All presentations on Saturday and Sunday in Sanford 312

8:45 New Members Introduction. “Old” Member Updates

9:30 Russell Cropanzano (University of Arizona) “Extending the EASI Model Of
Negotiation: The Role of Complementary Emotions”

10:15 Fran Yammarino (Binghamton University) “Twice Visually Ch
allenged: The Double
Blind Review Process”

10:45 Coffee Break (Sanford Hall 314)

11:30 Bob Eisenberger (University of Houston) “Supervisor’s Organizational

12:15 Michael Frese (NUS Business School) “Evidence Based Management”

1:45 Lunch (on your own)

2:30 Bob Lord (University of Akron) “Implicit and Explicit Values, Moral Judgments, and
Moral Behavior”

3:15 Gilad Chen (University of Maryland) “When Individual Members Matter: Upward
Influences in Teams”


Coffee Break (Sanford Hall 314)

4:30 Jeff Greenhaus (Drexel University) “A Different Approach to Studying the Work
Family Interface”

5:00 Business Meetings

6:30 Dinner (UGA bus to Casa de Vandenberg; bus leaves to return 9:30)

Sunday, October 30
, 2011

8:30 Breakfast (Continental style; Sanford Hall 314)

9:15 Martin Kilduff (Cambridge University) “What constitutes a theoretical contribution in
organizational behavior?”

10:00 Jason Colquitt (University of Georgia) “Lab vs. Field in
OB: When (and How Much)
Do Findings Converge?”

10:30 Coffee break (Sanford Hall 314)

11:15 Paul Tesluk (University of Buffalo) “Designing research on leadership development
and demonstrated impact at multiple levels of analysis”

12:00 San
dy Wayne (University of Illinois at Chicago) “LMX Differentiation and
Outcomes: A Multi
Level Model”


Bob Vandenberg