The Earth Resonance Technology in the BioElectric Shield

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Nov 16, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


The Earth Resonance Technology in the BioElectric Shield


Today, we have to move beyond the Newtonian version of reality. We aren’t just a combination of little building blocks.
Traditional science has told us that all energy can be measured and qu
antified, and if you can’t see it, you don’t need to believe it
is real. However, in the field of

Quantum Physics
, it has been shown than fields of energy impact and influences other fields of
energy constantly. Lynne McTaggart has shown in her book, The
Field, that thoughts have been shown to produce biological
effects in humans, plants and organisms. Thoughts and other energy vibrations travel in an immeasurable, ever

Point energy


Man Made Chaos

It is a well
known fact that stress l
evels are at an all time high. More than ever we need an electromagnetic radiation shield. We
are stressed by many conditions that are invisible to the human senses. Electromagnetic radiation transmitted in wave forms,
bombards penetrate our physical bodie
s, challenging our immune system. Energy from other people can produce equal amounts
of exhaustion and discomfort. We need protection from electromagnetic radiation emotional stress, and pollutants from air, wa
and food create an unbearable body burden.

When it’s too much, we start to show symptoms

fatigue, aches and pains,
depression and anxiety.

Nobel Prize Winning Physics meets Zero Point Energy

In 1914, Max von Laue won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discover of the diffraction of X
rays by cr
ystals. He showed that
the X
rays could be reflected and redirected with a zinc
sulfide crystal (ZnS), much like mirrors can reflect light. William Bragg
won the Nobel Prize in 1915 for establishing "Bragg's Law," which determines the specific crystal spac
ing needed to reflect and
redirect any type of electromagnetic energy.

Since those early discoveries, scientists have used natural crystals to reflect and redirect other times of electromagnetic r
(like gamma rays). Because of this fact, the first
wave radios used quartz crystals which could stabilize and amplify certain
fixed frequencies.*

In 1990, a crystal matrix was revealed to Dr. Brown in a series of waking dreams, By blending Nobel Prize winning technologie
with the intentional energie
s used in
Zero Point energy

field studies, Dr. Charles Brown created Earth Resonance Technology
(ERT). In a proprietary process, a matrix of precision
cut quartz (and other) crystals is created, and then placed in a special
chamber which infuse each matrix

with bio
resonate frequencies.

Because the BioShield has living crystals inside, these continuously communicate with your cells, amplifying, balancing and
protecting your energy field. Thus, your Shield functions not only as an electromagnetic protection
shield, but also as a personal
energy shield, protecting and amplifying your energy. It personalizes to your exact energy within 24 hours, and remains in pe
synchrony with your energy as long as you own it.

Energetic balance is the optimal state of he
alth and well
being. The crystal matrix constantly communicates and reminds your

ERT interacts with your bioenergetic field in four ways.


Generates a harmonious biofield that surrounds you
naturally strengthening, balancing and

your energy


ERT energy balances all four aspects of your energy: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


It organizes your energy field all the way down to your DNA, helpin
g you maintain coherence so you are not affected
by the chaotic energy around you.


At the edge of this cocoon of energy that surround you is a layer of spinning energy. We call this the "gatekeeper".
Since it's vibrating at your unique energy, it knows wha
t energy is compatible with you, and that which is not. It will
deflect any energy that is incompatible with you

from people, places or things.

What is special about Earth Resonance Technology?

Other devices use technologies with similar names. The reso
nance described in these devices is an artificial frequency, generated
by a computer chip and often combined with other unnatural materials. Our Earth Resonance Technology is created by a special
matrix of natural quartz and other crystals which are then E
nergetically Charged in a special all natural chamber for maximum
(See photographic comparison of Shield and other EMF pendants)

The S
hield can never wear out, unlike other technologies who use artificially produced frequencies. Because our crystals can be
recharged by exposure to the sun's energy, the Shield's frequencies are always in perfect harmony with the sun and the earth,

g maximum balance and protection of your precious energy field.

*Physics content drawn from an interview with Dr. Mark Semon, physicist, Professor, Bates College.

How it Strengthens your Energy

You have your own unique vibration. The Shield, using
Earth Re
sonance Technology
, comes with a vibration that is very
similar to the Ocean or the Forest, and to You when you are perfectly healthy. When two tuning forks are placed next to each
other, and they are less than 1 note apart, they will tune to the same note

within a short period of time. Like two tuning forks that
are less than one note apart, the Shield will TUNE to your exact vibration within 24 hours of you placing it on your body. Wh
it does this, your energy is being strengthened and amplified.


put, when you wear a Shield, it amplifies your energy to such a strong degree that other energies see you as a "brick
wall", and they simply go around you. It is a well know principle in physics that energy will always take the path of least
resistance. A
ny energy that is not compatible with your specific vibration will come up against this brick wall. (

How it Protects Your Energy

The Shield amplifies and
enhances your own natural healthy energy, making you much less susceptible to unhealthy frequencies

colds, flu's, anger, electromagnetic radiation. Using principles of physics, it also refracts or mirrors away unhealthy frequ
that are not resonant
with your energy: electromagnetic radiation and other people's stressful energy. (More info)

*Physics content drawn from an interview with Dr. Mark Semon, physicist, Professor, Bates College.