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«Investigation of the effects of electromagnetic wave influence on matter properties in

on the intensity of radioactive decay of radioactive elements for the purposes
of creation of new kind of nuclear power which does not use neutrons as well as for the
development of protection systems against nuclear weapon».

General validity


art, its novelty and actual value of exploration

It is generally known that along with the great worth of nuclear power such as
compactness of nuclear fuel tha
t excludes necessity in its daily supply to the reactor and huge
specific power there are also serious disadvantages which include expensive technologies for
power generation which does not satisfies requirements of radiation protection of station
l and also attending personnel as well as environment and population. It is the
technology from the level of uranium ore deposit production to the level of nuclear wastes
utilization which include the elements of radiation damaged reactor construction tha
t results into
significant appreciation of costs required for liquidation of nuclear plants over the costs spent for
its construction after warranty period of its operation.

With the purpose of elimination of the above shortcomings the investigations are c
arried out in
several directions. So the Preston laboratory (US) carries out investigations on nuclear reactions
free of nuclear fuel and which does not produce any nuclear wastes. The main emphasis is made
on the neutron
free nuclear reactions. For insta
nce when positively charged proton is introduced
into the Bohr atom then nuclear disintegration process with power generation is initiated. The
experts of the laboratories see the solution of the problem connected with positively charged
atom in generating

the beam of high
rate charged particles stream.

However we may trace the other trend which from our point of view is more perspective and
connected with and connected with destabilization of atomic center in plasma or in the molecule
of the substa
nce under the effect of radiation of longitudinal electromagnetic waves.

The term

longitudinal electromagnetic waves was introduced recently approximately 15

years ago and was introduced into physics in connection with decision of the problem of the

electromagnetic field theory.

In plasma the longitudinal electromagnetic waves are the objective reality and they are
observed in the experiments. The physicist did not have any doubts about the theoretical
foundation of their existence in the nature (pr
ior to the works concerning their search) as proofs
of their reality were based on the material carrier

space redistribution and movement of electric
charges in plasma.

In empty space and in vacuum where there are no free (or bound) electric charges, th
statement about existence of longitudinal electromagnetic waves contradicts the difficulties of
such kind. Although the existence of rotational electric field which did not require any charges
did not raise any doubts from the moment of their introductio
n into physics..

This difficulty in general is connected with deficiency in development of the mechanism of
wave process generation as for transverse waves as well as for longitudinal electromagnetic
waves in vacuum. Actually the Maxwell's equation sta
tes that the vectors of electric and
magnetic fields in the transverse electromagnetic wave (which represents the radio wave, light or
gamma emission) are strictly cophased i.e. they pass the minimums and maximums

It is in direct contradic
tion with the effect of Faraday electromagnetic induction as the
generally accepted mechanism of generation of wave process in empty space. Actually it is
known from the practical radio engineering that upon transmission by the transmitting antenna of
sverse electromagnetic antenna in the space nearby the vibrator of the transmitting antenna
the bias currents appear first of all (alternating electric field) which are then covered with the
circuital magnetic field (Maxwell’s hypothesis) which is in its t
urn covered with circuital electric
field (Faraday’s effect of electromagnetic induction) and so on. At that electric and magnetic
fields in the wave are dephased relative each other by quarter of the wave. It is generally
accepted mechanism of formation
and transmission of transverse electromagnetic wave in empty
space. It is the main mechanism for the theory of formation and transmission of transverse
electromagnetic wave as the problem of energy conversion forms is solved on its basis:


form of energy to magnetic form and vice versa. As it is running at any other wave
process for instance in the mechanics of continuum where kinetic energy of molecules
movement of continuum is converted into the potential energy of interacting molecules a
nd vice
versa. Exactly this effect constitutes the essence of any wave process as it is and at that without
such energy conversions there will be no waves at all. However at the long distance from the
vibrator of transmitting antenna as it was already ment
ioned above it follows from the Maxwell’s
equations that phases of electrical and magnetic component of the wave coincide. Here we may
see the obvious contradiction. The above question about phase relationship of electrical and
magnetic component in the tr
ansverse electromagnetic wave is not solved within the modern
electrodynamics. However here it should be mentioned the following circumstance. Some
authors upon solving the problem of phase relationship advanced the hypothesis about that the
traditional tr
ansverse electromagnetic wave is purely magnetic wave. Electrical component in
such wave is absent. And forces which appear along movement of electric charges constitute not
the forces which effect the charges from the side of electrical component of the w
ave but
Laurence’s forces as there is movement of magnetic fields as respects to charges. That is way
these forces are perpendicular (transverse) as regard to the vector of speed of wave transmission.
The potential form of energy in such wave is the “defo
rmation” of the structure of physical
vacuum which impedes formation of circuital magnetic field and may be to some extent
identified with electrical field. It shall result into the following effect. The alternating electric
field which may be revealed out

of such beam shall be round of any directed beam of transverse
electromagnetic wave, i.e. light and gamma emission and radio waves. Such field constitutes the
emission of longitudinal electromagnetic wave. As such wave represents backward emission
then it

has low intensity, but exactly this wave is responsible for expansion of beam section of
transverse wave upon its movement through empty space. This hypothesis solves almost all
problems such as the theory of the electromagnetic fields as well as formatio
n of electromagnetic
wave process in empty space explaining generation of transverse and longitudinal waves.

Without deepening into the discussion of all sides of this problem and its possible solving it is
possible to state the following circumstance. Mo
st of the researchers have left the final solving of
the question about mechanism of wave process in empty space and their main efforts were
directed for creation of generators of longitudinal electromagnetic waves with the purpose of
investigation of thei
r physical properties. As only integrated knowledge of physical properties of
transverse and longitudinal electromagnetic waves may solve finally the question about the
mechanism of wave process in vacuum. The principle works in this direction of investiga
were connected with the idea of induction in the closed fields of space of alternative in size
electric charge alternating with sufficiently high frequency. Kinetic form of energy of involved
wave process was identified with hypothetical effect of “m
ovement of structural elements” of
physical vacuum. Such form of movement of “electromagnetic ether” in his theory of wave
process (1886

1890) was considered by G.R.Hertz discoverer of transverse electromagnetic
waves who stated that “the correct theory
would differ movement of bodies and movement of
ether”. Although this effect has direct relation to magnetism but its discovery in direct
experiments is quite complicated due to huge difference between sizes of forces effecting the
single electric charge
from the side of electric and magnetic fields. Such difference as it is known
is determined by the size of their relation which is equal almost to 17 orders. Theoretically this
relation also determined the relation of velocities of transmission of transver
se and longitudinal
electromagnetic waves in vacuum, i.e. the velocity of transmission of longitudinal wave in
vacuum over the velocity of light in 9*10

times. However for better determinacy we would
line to point out that alternating magnetic field sha
ll be formed round the directed beam of
longitudinal electromagnetic wave, i.e. from such beam to all directions of the space the
transverse electromagnetic wave shall be transmitted. Thus there is the longitudinal and
transverse waves have backward emissi
on which requires special investigation with the purpose
of experimental demonstration. The same ideas were suggested by such outstanding s
as dr. V.I.Dokuchaev (Moscow), Prof. A.V.Chernetsky (Moscow), member of Scientific
Academy РНА R.Avramenko (Moscow), Dr. E. Grane (Berlin), Dr. Edwards (USA), Dr. H.
Puthov (USA) and by others.

We have suggested other idea of generation of lon
gitudinal electromagnetic waves which is
different in principle from the above idea. It is based on the effect of electric polarization of
vacuum at electrodynamical interaction with it. In the involved case for generation of
longitudinal electromagnetic w
aves in physical vacuum it is necessary to activate electrically the
area of physical vacuum and as the result of power electrodynamical interaction of active field it
is formed the area of forces which are alternating in the time. Induced field of forces
is not
circuital electric field and its field lines are not closed and at the same time it does not have
electric charges as its base. According to the mechanism of forces generation it is similar to
Lorenz’s forces. However we don’t have a firm belief tha
t induced power field effecting electric
charges has the mechanism of interaction with them which is identical to the mechanism of
electrostatic fields of electric charge. Whereas the modern electrodynamics does not make any
difference between Lorenz’s for
ces and forces of electrostatic field of electric charge and it is
considered that only the electric field is able to induce the movement of charges. It is the basis of
relative electrodynamics of Einstein.

The reality of existence of longitudinal electrom
agnetic waves with the definite physical
properties is proofed on the basis of experiments carried out in our laboratory and also in other
laboratories to which we have supplied our «

of longitudinal electromagnetic

Further you will
find the description of experiments on investigation of properties of
longitudinal electromagnetic waves which were carried out in our laboratories

All experiments described below applied the same «transmitter». Transmission power does
not exceed 0,5 Mwt.

0,5 Mwt is the electric power input which diffused in the active zone of the
«transmitting» device and admittedly it was converted into the power of longitudinal
electromagnetic waves. Frequency of longitudinal wave was set by alternating electromagneti
field activating the working zone of the «transmitter» and was equal to 2*10


In one of their work the authors studied the question about level of effect of longitudinal
electromagnetic wave on the substance and in particular:

on the intensity

of nuclear decay
(spontaneous) of nucleuses of salt of radioactive isotopes of the following elements: Americium
241 and Caesium 137.

On the first group of experiments the works were carried out using standard radiometric
equipment "Quantum С" with scintillator on monocrystal NaJ(Il) and photoelectric multiplier
35. The «transmitter» of longitudinal electromagnetic wave and detector

of equipment
"Quantum С" were placed in such way in order to place the optical axes perpendicularly to each
other and longitudinal wave running from the «transmitter» did not fall onto the detector of the


The average value of background at swi
tched off «transmitter» and impulse counting time
Т=10 sec Nf=55,6

1,2 imp.


At switched on «transmitter» Nф=55,7

1,2 imp.

3. Am 241 was introduced into the cross of optical axes of the «transmitter» and detector

а) At switched off «tra
nsmitter» N =10705

17,1 imp.

б) At switched on «transmitter» N =10929

6,1 imp.

The measurements were alternated and along the whole group of experiments (100
measurements) it was obtained the increase in the intensity by 1,8%.

4. Experiments with Caesium 137 gave the following results:

а) N=7324

13 imp.

б) N=7617

9 imp.

Exceeding of impulses over initial level by 4% was observed upon radiation treatment.

Actuality of the work.

ty of the work is already determined by the experiments which were already carried
out. Experiments described earlier show not only the sufficiently effective interaction of
longitudinal waves with inorganic and living matters but also point out the extrem
ely new
method of nuclear power generation when the initiator of nuclear fission of radioactive elements
accompanying with energy liberation is the beam of longitudinal electromagnetic waves. As
effect on the substance is made distantly then this condition

opens huge perspectives for nuclear
power generation with full satisfaction of requirements in the field of environment as well as
regulations claimed to the installations of such kind as well as anti radiation protection
requirements of all levels. The c
onstruction of the reactor itself is simplified. But the main
advantage of this technology is that the safety of operation of such installations is warranted by
that in principle the situation with explosion of the “reactor” is excluded (events at Chernoby
nuclear power
station) as elimination of radiation of nuclear fuel with longitudinal waves at the
same time terminates discharge of nuclear power. This is non
mechanical non
inertial process of
remote control over nuclear decay. At that it is necessary t
o take into consideration the condition
that with the relevant fraction of probability depending on power and frequency of radiation it is
possible to state that under its effect the electrodynamical balance of nucleus will be disturbed
and stable atoms ma
y be converted into radioactive. Use of exactly this property of radiation
represents itself the completely another technology of nuclear power generation where
radioactive elements which are the “fuel” for modern nuclear power stations may be replaced
th other elements of Mendeleev’s periodic table. In this concern it is no necessity to remember
about limits of per capita power consumption of the humanity as it is equal to infinity. Although
with this property of longitudinal electromagnetic wave is a
ssociated our troubles. It appears at
once when we think about that

and it follows from the whole history of development of the
science and technique

that any new technology first of all shall be used for military purposes.
You should not be a genius i
n order to understand that longitudinal electromagnetic waves are
the weapon of completely other kind, when the purpose itself will represent by itself the "charge"
for its self
destruction, the initiator of putting into operation of which is the above rad
iation. We
would like to hope that this property of radiation will be used by the people only with the
purpose of clearance of the space forward the starprobe vehicle from star particles and rubbish
which move in the space with light velocities and quicker

We would like to draw your kind attention to that the science would get in its arsenal more
accurate “instrument” for investigation of nuclear forces and atomic nucleus in comparison with
the traditional method of neutron and charged particles bombardme
nt of nuclear forces.

The described technology may be also used for deactivation and clearance upon radiation
contamination of territories. For practical use of this phenomenon with the purpose of nuclear
power generation it is necessary to carry out fu
rther scientific and research works on investigation
of its properties and expected consequences of utilization of the nuclear power by the people.


Goals and tasks of the project, expected results on the project

The goal of this investigation is:


ment of the construction of the transmitter with power up to 10 MWt operating
in various frequency range.


To discover new phenomena upon interaction of longitudinal electromagnetic waves
with the power up to 10 MWt in various frequency range on the i
norganic matter and in
particular on the radioactive elements.


Determination of possibility for creation of the receiver of longitudinal electromagnetic
waves on the basis of discovered phenomenon of interaction of longitudinal on the substance.

It is planned to solve the following tasks within this project:


to investigate various construction of the transmitter with the purpose of determination of
constructive ability of increase of radiation power and enlargement of its frequency range.


To inves
tigate the abilities for creation of the receiver of longitudinal electromagnetic


To discover new physical properties of longitudinal electromagnetic waves.

Expected results:


Creation of the transmitter of longitudinal electromagnetic wave with the

power up to 10
MWt operating in various frequency range.

3.Stages of project realization




development and production of the test stand.


development, production and tes
t of various construction of the transmitters with the purpose
of determination of constructive ability of increase of radiation power and enlargement of its
frequency range.



experimental works on discovering new physical properties of lo
electromagnetic waves.


investigation of abilities for creation of the receiver of longitudinal electromagnetic waves.




analysis of completed works and preparation of scientific and technical report.

The works shall be car
ried out within 2 years.


The item "Payment for works implemented by subcontractors" shall include expenses
connected mainly with development and production of special research stands using the services
of other organizations as well as w
orks which may require special machining facilities.