CSC 125.009 - Spring 2009 Final Project

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Nov 6, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


CSC 125.009

Spring 2009

Final Project

In this class, we have updated ourselves of using the latest version of
application software. We
have also explored the basics of programming within the Alice environment. To wrap up this class, you
are asked to create a PowerPoint file to present the things that you enjoyed most through this class.

First, you need to choose

one topic that you value the most from the following major

that we
covered from this class


Database development with Access


Data manipulation and processing with Excel


Experience with the MyITLab environment


Programming with Alice


Word processing
using Word

Next, narrow down your topic to one aspect of the broader area that you just identified to a scenario
based application. For instance, you may want to share your experience with your fellow students (in
the future class) the ways to get most fr
om the MyITLab exercises or the problems you may encounter.
You may also walk them through the major steps in developing an Access project or
creating an
animation using Alice.

Then you can start planning your presentation by determining 6 to 8 PowerPoin
t slides that can help
make your ideas across. This will include


A cover page with a title, subtitle if appropriate, and your name


A slide to describe the topic that you’ve chosen and why you want to focus on it


A slide pointing out the specific aspect/sce
nario that you want to focus on


A few slides that detail the steps involved in your scenario/project


One slide that conclude your presentation, with possible suggestions/useful links

Proper usage of the following features

that you learned from the PowerPo
int chapters will be expected
when I grade this project:


Applying a template that fits the topic to be presented, as well as color and font schemes


The usage of bullet (and sub
bullet) items that are informative and concise


Usage of slides that contain

or image
only, or contain both text and image, to better
convey the information to the audience


Include screenshots generated using other Office applications (such as forms/reports in
Access or tables/charts in

Excel) or Alice. You may use

to copy the
image of the application of interest into the Windows clipboard and then paste it to a
PPT slide or to an image processing tool (such as Paint) for further editing.


You may also use
clip arts from various resources

when presenting genera
l ideas to
which no specific screenshots are applicable


Use other features such as WordArt, custom shapes, animation, and multimedia when
appropriate. Don’t try to use these features just for the sake of showing off. Use them only
when they can enhance yo
ur points.


Add headers/footers with your name, date, and page numbers, as well as notes

as appropriate.

Submit your final project by
7:00 p.m.

, May 7. Upload the PowerPoint file to our ftp site,
under the