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Exam : 000-M80
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Version : Demo
IBM ISW 9.7 & Smart
Analytics Technical Mastery
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1. Which is NOT a target audience for an InfoSphere Warehouse opportunity?
A. New SAP implementation
B. Existing DB2 9 customers
C. Small and mid-sized businesses looking for their first Data Warehouse
D. Companies looking for a complete reporting solution that helps to create, manage, and deliver reports
Answer: A
2. A customer is planning a very large Data Warehouse (size = +5 TB, access by at least 200
simultaneous users). What is the best InfoSphere Warehouse system configuration to recommend to
the customer?
A. Database and Application Servers on one system; Clients on many systems
B. Database and Application Servers on separate systems; Clients on many systems
C. Database and Application Servers and Client on one system
D. Database Server on one system; Application Server and Client on another system
Answer: B
3. A customer is planning to create a small InfoSphere Warehouse and does not want to install Data/Text
Mining or Cubing Services. How can this be done?
A. Obtain a different license key that disables these features.
B. Manually modify the script used by the installation launch pad.
C. Deselect the features during the installation process.
D. It's not possible to exclude these features if they are available in the edition the customer has
Answer: C
4. Which two InfoSphere Warehouse components can be installed in one pass of the installation launch
A. Client and Database Server
B. Client and Application Server
C. Database Server and Application Server
D. All components must be installed using separate passes of the installation launch pad.
Answer: C
5. Which component of DB2 9.7 is included in the InfoSphere Warehouse Enterprise Edition but NOT in
the other Editions?
A. Cubing Services
B. Deep Compression
C. Data Partitioning Feature
D. Design Studio
Answer: B