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Kristopher Pasi-Hoeksema • 87 V. Street Washington DC 2001 • juntotv@gmail.com • 410-941-9139
ios dev specific experience
Core Data, AVFoundation, Geolocation, MapKit,
Media Kit, OpenGL, Passbook, Store Kit, Storyboards
Game Engines: Cocos2d, Chimpmunk

Booz Allen Hamilton • Herndon, VA
contractor, app development,
Sharepoint development • July 2013 -present
• Developed online Veterans’ Administration
training and testing modules for revap of VA
• Created enterprise iOS-based push
notification and chat service to push location
outages and to facilitate secure real-time
Trustfunder • Park Ridge, IL
web and app developer • March 2012- June 2013
• Developed beta for equity crowdfunding
website (PHP and HTML 5) along with apps to
help users maintain compliance with
anticipated Security and Exchange Commission
KPOW Group • Annapolis, MD
web and app developer • May 2010- Dec. 2012
Congressional Quarterly • Washington DC
web producer •
Dec. 2008 - May 2010
Ephoe • New York City, NY
co-owner • March 2006 - Nov. 2008
• As partner, managed all sales and marketing for
women’s wear line, including coordination of
2007 New York Fashion Week showroom
New York Sun • New York City, NY
page designer, web designer •
Oct. 2005 - Nov.2006
Cherryone Web Design • Chicago, IL
web developer, Flash developer •
March 2002 - Aug. 2005
Web development, front end
• creative direction of online branding, from
development of logo to user interface of website to
development of branding book
• interactive web-based info graphics
• Flash development
• HTML5 animation
• Responsive design
Web coding languages:
• CSS3
• JavaScript
• ActionScript 3
• PHP5
coding for app development:
• Objective C
• Java with swing library
• classroom experience with C and C++
• some ASP.NET (for e-commerce)
UI/UX mobile
• developing user interface for 11 apps on iTunes,
experience developing UI both programmatically and
with Adobe Creative Suite
• analysis of user tasks and goals based on highly
technical criteria e.g. user interface for equity crowd
funding compliance
- developing UI and UX for Cocos2D games
- development of visual libraries
Technical criteria e.g. user interface for equity
crowdfunding compliance
• developing UI and UX for Cocos2D games
• development of visual libraries
• overseeing transfer of websites to
responsive format
• User experience for crowd funding website
ASP Server, SharePoint and Oracle experience:
• Developing e-commerce portals with GoECart
• contribution of JavaScript for SharePoint apps
• Development of pages in PHP for Oracle content
management system
Cisco experience:
• basic server security
• classroom experience setting up intranet
Design software experience:
• Adobe Creative Suite for print, web and mobile
• Final Cut Pro
• Sound design with Adobe Soundbooth,
Native Instruments Software
Other applicable experience:
• study in information security
• experience developing educational applications in
Apple research lab, Interactive Computing
Environments Laboratory
Specific Technology Experience