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Dec 10, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


The Social Network for Apps!

Opportunity to be part of a revolution as ‘Applications Developer’

About Appucino

Appucino (
) is a mobile social network that is
offered to third party developers through an easy
integrate SDK. Using this
SDK, applications auto
magically get social features such as chat, walls*,
files, gifting* and location
based leaderboards. These features help host
applications improve retention and engagement. Users get a fun social network
that is geared to discovery

of people, applications and activities.

Through one application alone,
Appucino has over 20,000 users and 5,000
ins’. Our goal is to grow this network to over 1000 applications and
20,000,000 users in the next year.

To grow this network, we need a vital element, and that’s you!

(ps. if you are wondering what appuc
ino means, we will leave it you to figure it

The Company You Will Keep

Appucino is a business of Games2win (G2W), one of the fastest growing
online gaming companies in the world and features in the top 20 online gaming
properties (USA and World) (
comScore reports). Top tier investors such as
Clearstone Venture Partners, & Silicon Valley Bank have funded G2W.

G2W owns and operates

(online games for tween
and teen girls), (
) (social games for kids), (
) (online games for tween
and teen boys), Invizia
ds (

a unique in
audience netwo
rk, and multiple properties in social networks such as Facebook,
Hi5 and iBibo. The web properties and the in
game network reach over 20
million unique users a month. G2W also publishes games on the iOS and
Android App Stores and have over 3 million player
s on that network across 40

The company’s studio’s are based in Mumbai

India and also has operations in
the USA.

The founders of G2W Inc are Alok Kejriwal

serial entrepreneur See

and Mahesh Khambadkone
an online gaming specialist See


What's the opportunity



Based in
: Mumbai

Reporting to:
Client SDK Team Lead, Kamal J; with dotted
line reporting to
the CTO.


At least 4 years experience developing mobile applications, and at
least 1 year in iOS development. Past experience building A
PIs is a huge plus.


At a component level, Appucino comprises a client component
which developers integrate into their applications/games, and a complementary
backend application that work in tandem with the client.

The client SDK handles aut
hentication, Google Maps integration, Inbox
management, XMPP
based communication protocols, player management and,
of course, the interface between the Application and the Appucino APIs.

What the job is all


Role & Responsibility:

The candidate w
ill be r
esponsible for designing, implementing and managing
(code) of the Appucino iOS


This will involve:

understanding the existing API and architecture

understanding new business requirements

coordinating with backend, art and other client
SDK team
s for
developing and trouble
shooting the API

designing interfaces and implementing robust code that works well

updating existing documentation

Desired Profile:

Proficiency in iOS Frameworks/APIs is a must, programming directly to
the SDK. Must have
a thorough understanding of iOS fundamentals,
such as Application lifecycle, management of services, memory
mangement and the like.

Prior experience working in multi
functional teams and building APIs
for other developers is a HUGE plus.

Knowledge of

game engines like Cocos2D, Kobold2D, etc. will be
an added advantage.

Experience building custom views on Google Maps, using Google
Places and other location APIs, XMPP libraries, and building other
custom views to build rich interfaces.

Desired Soft ski

Team player, good debugger, lateral thinking on problem
solving, go


B.E. / B.Tech or Science graduate. Certifications preferred.


As a practice, we have typically matched candidates existing
packages + ADDED on

lucrative performance incentives and of course

* in the exit of mobile2win China to Disney

the group has now a proven
track record of demonstrating how valuable its company esops can be.

The idea is to make the candidate actually take an own
ership role and then
provide additional compensation on performance.

Growth and prospect

This is a huge opportunity for someone who wants to
be associated with ONLINE GAMING as an industry and be responsible for
scaling up a start up mobile social netw
ork venture to a large business. The
scope to experiment, innovate and pioneer mobile social network ideas and
concepts will be enormous. The mobile market, and specifically the gaming
market, is poised for immense growth and the candidate can look forwar
d to a
very long term vertical growth curve in this industry.

The candidate can vertically grow into a Tech Lead management position as
he/she scales up.