Mobile Based Security System

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Oct 31, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Mobile Based Security System

Group 11

Awantha S.A.T.

Darshana S.A.T.

Kumara M.D.B.J.B.

Sandakalum H.K.L.S.

Progress Overview

Prototype Mobile Applications

Bluetooth API

Server side implementation

Infrastructure Devices and Tools

Discussions with people in related areas

Design the project website

Prototype Mobile Applications

User authentication via mobile application.

Why we go for a prototype application?

Keep progressing under dependencies

Achieving compatibility in different platform.

Windows Mobile platform

Java platform

Difficulties found and further researches.

Bluetooth API

Necessity of Bluetooth API

Currently in research state

Analyze the Bluetooth signal strength.

Received signal strength indicator

Analyze Bluetooth data packets.

Server side implementation

Overview of our server structure.

Main application server

LDAP for the domain logins

Main Application server and functionalities

Handle all the user interactions.

Communicate with LDAP.

Maintaining databases

LDAP and its functionalities

Mapping between main application server and user domains.

Infrastructure Devices and Tools

We requested to use the Microsoft Mobile
Laboratory in our department.

Expecting to have standard mobile devices,
Bluetooth dongles and standard version of Visual
Studio 2005.

Discussions with people in related

We had short discussions about Mobile
application development and Bluetooth
communication with Mr. Kutila and some
researchers in Dialog laboratory.

Discussed regarding the project with our project
supervisor Mr. Shantha Fernando and currently
not having any issues in design stage.


Design the project website

Basic features








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