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523 views | Quest Sports Travel provides all sorts of opportunities for you to travel, play, socialize and celebrate your sporting passion virtually anywhere in the world.

For your international sports tour

Quest Sports Travel

provides all sorts of opportunities for you to travel, play, socialize and
celebrate your sporting passion virtually anywhere in the world. We allow you the ability to fulfill
your dream international sporting adventure with


sports to


promise to take this opportunity to create your ‘
tour of a lifetime
’ that expertly balances the
needs and desires of players, coaches, parents and guests to provide the most memorable and
enriching experience for all.

International Basketball Tou

With International players throughout the NBA, the USA no
longer as dominant in World and Olympic tournaments, and high
profile prospects opting for apprenticeships in Professional European Leagues
rather than at College, all basketball fans know that
the sport has a growing global presence and following.

Both in South America (Argentina and Brazil), Australia and throughout Europe (Spain, Italy and Greece in particular) there a
re Basketball Tour
options to suit all levels of the sport

from top NCAA D
ivision 1 programs, to NAIA, high school and even AAU age groups.

International Football Tours

The legacy of NFL Europe is the foundation of amateur Football Teams
throughout the continent. Rostered by energetic locals and US Servicemen stationed abroad,
these clubs are
eager to welcome US teams and will provide facilities to practice and play ‘Exhibition’ games that a few years ago
you would never have thought possible.

The experience of traveling on an International Football Tour is wholly unique. You wi
ll be welcomed as a
missionary spreading the Gospel of Football. The opportunity to ‘make a difference’ is unrivaled by any other
sport. By hosting clinics, running team practices and competing against local teams you will leave a lasting
impression on a c
ommunity for which you can be forever proud.

International Tennis Tours

Traveling with your tennis team offers a variety of benefits

year round training, the thrill of international
competition, the experience of playing at both public facilities and s
ome of the most exclusive private
facilities available.

Truly a world sport, there is no country on Earth that you can’t find a court to play on. Just let us know
where you want to go and we can take you there!

International Volleyball Tours

With the growth of its beach counterpart, Volleyball has become one of the most glamorous and exciting
International Sports Tours. As well as pitting your wits against local opposition in gyms around the
world, many international volleyball tours also offe
r the possibility to compete in some of the

most beautiful and attractive venues

the Copacabana in Brazil and the Mediterranean beaches of
Spain, Italy and Greece.

That is not to say a purely traditional Volleyball tour is out of the question

ms in northern and
central Europe are waiting for your team. Playing on the beach just offers a training opportunity and
game experience it may be hard to replicate at home!

International Water Polo

While the sport’s stronghold may be in central an

Europe (both excellent tour destinations), the
universal nature of Water Polo means Quest Sports Travel can produce a tour wherever you want to

To experience a culture where Water Polo is a premier sport, travel to Hungary or the former
av republics (Croatia, Montenegro etc). For more traditional destinations combine England
and Ireland, or Holland, Belgium and Germany

or simply experience the beauty and history of Italy
and play a little Water Polo as you tour the nation.

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