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Man Middle School

Year Strategic Plan










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The mission of Man Middle is to

provide a safe and challenging

environment that develops every students’

growth and potential in a process that

leads to life
long productive learners.

Core Beliefs

WE Believe:

that all students can learn and be successful.

all positions in the school are critical for the school to

it is vital for the school community to model ethical
and moral behavior.

teachers must be responsible for motivating students
to achieve in an active learning process.

a classroom should be safe, orderly and conducive to
centered learning.

education is a shared responsibility; therefore, the
school will provide opportunities for involvement of
parents, family and community.

the curriculum should be focused, specific and
standard based.

Goal 1

Man Middle's academically

diverse students will work

toward obtaining mastery in the

areas of Reading/Language Arts

and Mathematics.



To maintain proficiency in all groups
and to decrease by 10% those not
meeting proficiency in the area of
Reading/Language Arts and thereby
decrease the achievement gap among
the sub
groups attending Man


To maintain proficiency in all groups
and to decrease by 10% those not
meeting proficiency in the area of
Mathematics and thereby decrease the
achievement gap among the sub
groups attending Man Middle School.

Goal 2

Man Middle's academically

diverse students will work

toward obtaining mastery and

above on their writing

assessment scores.

Goal 2



To decrease the percentage of
students that did not demonstrate
competent and proficient performance
in the application of their writing skills
by scoring mastery or above.


To have each classroom teacher
utilize effective instruction that targets
all students and results in highly
engaged students who master the
essential writing curriculum.

Action Steps

Utilize the OZ Program for work order on any
technology repair problems

Staff development for new teachers on Excel,
Microsoft Word, Access, and Powerpoint.

Powerpoint presentations will be conducted by
administration and staff.

Staff will use overhead projectors in daily
teaching of objectives for Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Provide staff with Accelerated Reader Training.

Action Steps

Accelerated Reader will be networked to all

Students will be connected to the Plato

Man Middle Homepage will be updated weekly.

Provide a website for parents and students.

Schedule common planning time for teachers
in the same grade levels or subject areas.

Action Steps

Promote math skills across the curriculum
through Learning Skills, Basic Skills, and
Advisor/Advisee classes.

Continue to utilize Kansas Writing strategies in
all classes.

Promote writing across the curriculum in all
content areas.

Utilize a 6 point rubric when assessing writing

Action Steps

Provide staff development for Special
Education teachers in instructional strategies
for implementation in the “Inclusion Program”

Provide instructional strategies staff
development for Special Education/Inclusion

Provide professional development in
Differentiated Instruction.

Action Steps

Identify potential compass students scoring
below mastery in Math, Reading, and
Language Arts.

Staff development will be provided to teachers
on basic maintenance and repairs of

Set up email accounts and webpages for all
staff members.

Action Steps

Man Middle will make our labs or computers
available for adult literacy classes through
collaboration with adult basic education
programs in the county.

Create a data management system to be used
to collect, analyze, and monitor student data
through the Respect and Protect Program.

Implement a standards based mathematics

Action Steps

Core subject teachers will assist in the
development and implementation of prioritized
calendars and curriculum mapping.

Success lab will be utilized for students scoring
below mastery.

Students will use Orchard and Compass in the
computer labs.

Principal will check lesson plans for integration
of technology.

Action Steps

Students will take computer tests on different
books recognized by the Accelerated Reading

Students will use computers and the internet to
complete virtual activities

Staff will provide a bi
monthly newsletter to
parents that will include articles written by

Action Steps

Staff will refer students to the Student
Assistance Team (SAT) in the areas of
achievement, attendance, and behavior.

Teachers will emphasize subject area
vocabulary to increase writing skills.

Provide wireless access and printer in every

Implement the Odyssey Program

Action Steps

Students will implement a design, program to
operate an automous mode robot to specific
tasks given for national LEGO Robotics

All students, both regular and special
education, will create and maintain writing
portfolios through the use of computer word

Action Steps

Implement basic skills and success computers
for all students by integrating these into the

Students will use computer based research on
various careers in order to prepare for field
trips exploring career options.

Analysis of test data to identify strengths and

Action Steps

Provide after
school tutoring for identified low
achieving student.

Implement a multimedia project using digital
camera, video cameras, and digital editing

Conduct a pre
assessment in Mathematics and
Language Arts to determine the skill level of
each student.

Action Steps

Provide a “Ruby Payne Framework for
Understanding Poverty” workshop.

Provide a WV Writing Assessment

Work Plan Summary

All activities will be focused upon a sustained
and continuous improvement model. Constant
monitoring of the goals and objectives of
proposed action steps will take place on a
frequent basis. Reports pertinent to the
development and success of proposed goals
will be continuously monitored and adjusted
based on data analyses.

Work Plan Summary

The Superintendent will work with all central
office administrators to evaluate progress of all
proposed action steps. School level
administration will monitor progress using
walkthroughs, classroom observations, teacher
evaluations, student scores on benchmark
assessments, and core team discussions. If
progress is not indicated then plan will be
adjusted and professional development will be
provided in needed areas.

Work Plan Summary

Evaluation will be based upon student outcome
measures of WESTEST and WV Writing
Assessment. Technology Plan will be revisited
annually by the strategic planning committee to
ensure progress indicates MMS is on target
with plan. Data analysis will completed and
compared with goals to determine if revisions
are in order.

Man Middle School staff and administration
thanks you for this opportunity to share our
plan to increase all our student’s knowledge
and thus close the achievement gap.

Henry Ford once said

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether
at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps
learning stays young. The greatest thing in
life is to keep your mind young.”