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Nov 3, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


SafeDesign Support Policies

SafeSite, Inc.

52 Pacific Rim, Suite #145

Santa Clara, CA 93445

Voice: (423) 555

Fax: (423) 555

Introducing SafeDesign

Safe Site Inc. is the new industry leader in Web site security. Our new software,

SafeDesign, takes everything we’ve learned about Web security and allows you to apply it to
your own e
commerce sites.

Of course, at SafeSite, we know that software is only as good as the training and
technical support behind it. That’s why we are commit
ted to teaching your company’s personnel

how to use SafeDesign efficiently and effectively. We also offer state
art technical
support to ensure that you can get answers to all of your technical queries.


We can train your personnel at our of
fices in California. Our training courses are
designed for beginning, intermediate, and advanced users of our software. Call for more
information about upcoming classes, or visit our Web site.

Technical Support

SafeSite provides four support plans (Levels

I through IV). You should choose a plan
based on your needs and resources. Call us for more information on the options available with
each plan.

: The cost per year of the Level II and Level III plans does not include travel and
lodging for our techn
ical support representative.

Using Technical Support

Our team of highly trained support representatives will answer your questions quickly
and courteously. No question is too simple or too difficult. You can get answers in the following

Call our tel
ephone support number. The number you call, and the average wait time
depends on your technical support plan.

Fax us a question at (432) 555
8740. We will normally fax back the answer within two

mail your question to Expe
ct a reply within 1 to 4 hours,
depending on your technical support plan.

Average Wait Times

The average amount of time that support callers have to wait is as follows:

Level I: 15.8 min

Level II: 9.2 min

Level III: 3.23 min

Level IV: 1.28 min


Asked Questions

Many difficulties you might encounter are common to many other users. For this reason
we publish a current FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document, which you can download
from our Web site at