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Nov 14, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)



Blur Studios is a primarily a video effects company. Having done work for multiple
movies such as The Girl With The

Dragon Tattoo. They have done work on several
commercials for different companies. Toshiba, Southwest, Lucas Arts, Pennzoil
and Pringles are just a couple of examples. They also do cinematic work

for large
format movies and video games trailers.

While they do work for other clients, they have also created their own CG shorts
or movies. In 2004, Blue was nominated for its first Academy Award for original
short film, “Gopher Broke”. They have a total of 5 original films. All written,
cted and created over the years to develop original content and build a solid
work pipeline. I like the fact that they are able to work against multiple genres.
fi, action/adventure, fantasy as well as family features.

Aside from creating
their own w
ork, they have worked with several accomplished directors and
writers to develop feature films

They work with in house motion capture systems, teams of directors, producer
and artists, along with a character pipeline to bring all types of creatures to lif
Having worked with EA, Fox, Microsoft, Universal Studios, CBS, Y&R, Warner
Bros., Activision, and Paramount studios makes them a force to be reckon with in
the world of CG.

While Blur Studios is not currently accepting internships, there are several
positions posted. One thing I have seen while looking through these postings is
that there seems to be a minimum of 3 years of experience required. So the
chances of starting here is slim to none, that is not necessarily a bad thing. I look
at this as a co
mpany that knows how good it is and only wants people that have a
background of working as a team and maximizing their potential.

Current job postings include:


they are looking for an artist to assemble shorts in
production. This pos
ition requires a strong eye for lighting and composition with
a keen eye for detail.

CG supervisor

CG supervisor is a key leader at Blur. Overseeing the projects
through the production pipeline.

Previsualization Artist


Previs animators at Blur collabora
te with the direct to
shape the project through solid camera work, editing, and animation.

Character Modeler

At Blur, character modelers produce organic and mechanical
models including high quality, stylized an photorealistic models of creature,
robots and cartoony characters. Artists build the models from scratch
and see them through the modeling pipeline from start to finish.