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Sylwia Wajszczyk

Explain the ideas behind grid computing, cloud computing, and virtualized computing.
Point o
ut how Cluster Competiveness had used these ideas in making

their consulting


The idea behind these is that a sustainable MIS infrastructure identifies ways that a
company can grow in terms of computing resources while simultaneously becoming less
dependent on hardware and energy consumption. Grid computing is a collection of
ers. Often geographically dispersed, that are coordinated to solve a common
problem. With grid computing a problem is broken into pieces and distributed to many
machines, allowing faster processing than could occur with a single system. Clod
computing refe
rs to the use of resources and applications hosted remotely on the internet.
You can basically store everything online and access it from almost any device.
Virtualized computing created multiple “virtual” machines on a single computing device.
Basically m
any machines in one from i.e. printer with a copy machine and fax.
The use
of cloud, grid, and virtualized computing can all be utilized to reach a common objective
through remote service. Grid systems take advantage of systems across the globe that is
ll grouped together however more loosely than the conventional computing systems.
Cloud computing is essentially a remote storage capacity capable of being retrieved
anywhere. And virtualized computing is the sharing of actual devices across a
network. Cluster Competitiveness has overcome many “cluster” issues in the
business world by keeping their employees interconnected through a remote

Cluster Competiveness had used these ideas by
figuring out that many businesses have a
to learn from each other and that there is a need for people who are working to be able
to communicate fast and effectively.

Using Cluster Competitive case as the source, identify (a) individual cluster consulting
problems, (b) cluster consulting indus
try problems, (c) cluster consulting industry’s
attitude, (d) idea used to solve business challenges, (e) actual solutions to re
solve those
business challenges.

Cluster competitive

biggest issue is the ability to retain and hold onto long term
employees due to larger consulting firms with higher pay grades. Installing the
apprenticeship program should keep employees more ingrained in the company and
further a corporate culture of re
sponsibility and leadership. As well as the apprenticeship
program Cluster’s CEO has made all employees schedules and activities public on the
network so peers can work together.

3. On page 203

in opening case study on “Business Intelligence software’s T
ime Is
Now” explained how Carnival Cruise Lines used multidimensional analysis to target
more valuable customers for marketing campaign. Explain how they transform
unstructured transactional data into structured information. Also how can they use this
structure to
make sense or create meaning of

a customer or a section of customers.

Carnival Cruises bookings have been in a sl
ump over the last few years so b
y utilizing
business intelligence software Carnival can direct its resources in advertising and
rketing towards the customers they know will continue to book cruises during an
economic slump.

4. Continued from 3, list how many sets of analytical information have been mentioned in
the case and what are some of purposes for better transactional informa

The businesses in this article utilize several different types of analytical information
including: business intelligence software, keeping cost containment, forecasting sales and
expenses, and strategic modeling. Keeping close track of transactions
will cut costs, and
being aware of unnecessary labor costs can be a major factor in keeping a company afloat.

5. Explain what is information granularity? Why is it essential for decision making?
Explain how you can use pivot table and database queries to f
ulfill information
granularity requirement.

Information Granularity refers to the relationship between computation and
communication. This concept is essential in decision making because the higher level of
larity a company knows about it
s market the
higher level of penetration it may

6. Use ”The Ironman”

case to explain how new technologies

can help transform

a dead
capital like Triathlon competition. What technologies are used to help bring this dead
capital into a valuable business and how are they used to create value?

Until the Wimax camer
a system was installed the Iron
man race was a completely
zed situation. By integrating the spectators into every bit of the course by
tracking the athletes a much larger crowd base and therefore sponsorship opportunities

What are

technologies or computer systems

that Zappos can use

to stabilize their

the five forces?

For Zappos

to continue
as one of the internet’s leading apparel retailers they must
continue to take full advantage of the state of the art “Amazon” warehouse space and
shipping methods that Its parent company has become so fa
mous for. In terms of the
porters five forces: suppliers will be thrilled to work with Zappos because they contain
such a large market share of online shoppers, customers are generally pleased with the
high level of customer service and incredibly quick sh
ipping standards. The thing setting apart from other online retailers is not only the service as I mentioned but
also their extremely flexible return policy and in
depth website. Substitute services and
rivals are of course a threat but if Zappo
s upholds its stellar reputation they should
continue to hold an overwhelming market share.

8. Smart is used as an acronym. What does each letter in smart stand for?
Use your group
project II to explain the five elements that make that company became s

Smart stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bound.

Zappos had to start specific and specialize in the shoe area before they could even think
about expanding. As in what they want to accomplish.
Set specific critical success

Why do they want to achieve this goal. Who will be involved. Where will they make their
plan go through. And which requirements and constraints do they have. Zappos needs to
set measurable goals for themselves as in how much they want to make or
how many
they want to sell per day or month.
They measure by setting performance indicators.
Then they have to make sure to have goals that are realistic and attainable which they
have so far. They seem to be taking it one step at a time instead of rushing
They need to
have a proven work model that has been done before and reused.
Another important
aspect for zappos is

choosing goals that matter. As in is it the right time to enter such a
market and sell online are people ready for it. Last one is setting
goals and making them
time bound. You have to set goals that you will achieve in a certain amount of time or
you might never get to them or forget and not push yourself as hard.

9. In Campus ERP case, there are difficulties in dealing with diversity. What

are some of
the information systems that can help mitigate the problem?

A transaction processing system, a type of information system would help solve the
varying semester pay schedule dilemma. By being able to look back at all purchases and
the IT department can come up with a concise answer to fulfill any payment
schedule issues.

10. Use “HP’s Software Problems” to explain why Intel’s founding CEO said “Only the
Paranoid Survive”. What is the underlying phenomenon behind this problem? What i
s the
best way to help resolve this problem?

When Hanger undertook the conversion systems of her product divisions she was sure to
reserve extra server space and manpower to compensate for the extra workload.
Unfortunately the change didn’t go smoothly and

5 weeks were lost to overcome the
dilemma. An increased server system integrating both the SAP and ERP may have been
the answer instead of strictly choosing to the SAP system.

11. What is a model of intelligence that is explained in class? Use your
group project II to
e the smartness of the founder of the company

that your group has presented in

The founder of Zappos is very smart because he figured out what the problem is and went
above and beyond to solve it. He knew people have an

issue and are afraid of purchasing
online which is why he offered free shipping and a 365 day return policy which no one
else can offer right now and all of these are topped off with excellent customer service.