The phenomenon of Technology and entertainment in the 21 century

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Nov 30, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


The phenomenon of Technology and entertainment in the 21 century

The Apple Phenomenon

For the masses, being entertained, hence making art,

is the primary interest of the technology can deliver.

What are the high technologies that you can name?

How old are these high techs?

How do they benefit your life?

Are you fed up with all the gadgets?

What is the best film that you’ve seen since


Why do you think it’s the best?

How about paintings?

With high tech at our finger tips,

would it be likely that smart machines may be as good as

or even superior to human’s creativity?

Thinking about the movies:
iRobot, A.I., Terminator
, etc

and may be a batman …

the dark knight rises

The Silence of the Lambs

OMG!!! R thy syria? Cul8r!

English as a foreign language

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time & papr? ?nt we b 4wd tnking + txt? 13yr grl frm w scot 2ndry schl sd ok.
Sh rote GCSE eng sa (abt hr smmr hols in NY) in txt spk. (NO!) Sh sd sh 4t txt
spk was "easr thn standrd eng". Sh 4t hr tcher wd b :) Hr tcher 4t it was nt so
gr8! Sh was :( & talkd 2 newspprs (but askd 2 b anon). "I cdnt bleve wot I was
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! OW2TE. Sh hd NI@A wot grl was on abt. Sh 4t her pupl was
ritng in "hieroglyphics".

Source: Tuesday March 4, 2003 (,3604,907113,00.html)

The Guardian

Strange as it sounds!

… we are beginning to be over
at least everyone who is incapable of
learning has taken to teaching

that is
really our enthusiasm for education has
come to.


Oscar Wilde

October 10, 1854
November 1900

There are people, for instance, who have picked up the simple points I
have tried to make in this chapter, and who understand that there are
great art which have none of the obvious qualities of beauty of
expression or correct
, but

who become so proud of
their knowledge that they
pretend to like only
those works which are
neither beautiful nor correctly drawn. They are always haunted by the
fear that they might be considered uneducated if they confess to liking a
work which seems too obviously pleasant or moving

I should like to help to open eyes, not to loosen tongues.

To talk cleverly
about art is not very difficult, because the words critics use have been
employed in so many different contexts that they have lost all precision

The Story of Art
by E.H.

First edition: 1950, 16th edition: 1995, last reprint 2009

Knowing art is not about impressing others,

but being able to do great art does impress


Qiang LIU

SM5308 Semester A

Wednesdays, Sept. 04
Nov.27, 2013

School of Creative Media

Wednesday September 4, 2013

Course Outline

Life and Art


Technology and Society


Arts and Technology


Life more enjoyable

or supposedly


Introduction: a historical perspective

Life, Art, Technology, Society, and Culture

centered media: Media for humans, Human Resolution and
Human Dimension (HRHD)

Cyberspace: the Web and Machine Intelligence

Virtual environments: How and what can be achieved

Artificial life: Making artificial beings

Social Networks and Social Media

Art and Technology interaction: new developments

Course Components





Lecture Information



Wednesdays: 7:00pm to 9:50pm


M4001, CMC

Lecture homepage:

We update lecture materials at least once a




Class participation



This will be one essay on a topic that you select,
which will be written in two stages:

Initial draft:

Topics will be handed out in week 4;

It should be handed in week 9;

Comments about your essays will be returned to you;
and discuss with you in week 11.

Final essay:

It will be due in week 14.



Essays are prepared individually if we have less than
15 students in this class, otherwise, you

work in
groups of no more than 3 members.


You are encouraged to discuss with

your essay topic;

You should always

the use of available
materials (code, art designs, original ideas, etc.) from
other people.


You should

Attend the lectures on time;

Participate in class discussions;

Participate in group activities;

Actively contribute to the lecture your ideas and

We will call for presentations (talks) during the
semester, which may be done by groups
depending on the final enrollment in week 2.







What’s Life?


living things collectively; "
the oceans are teeming with


the course of existence of an individual; the actions
and events that occur in living; "
he hoped for a new life in
"; "
he wanted to live his own life without
interference from others


the condition of living or the state of being alive;
while there's life there's hope
"; "
life depends on many
chemical and physical processes


a characteristic state or mode of living; "
social life
city life
"; "
real life


What’s Art?


the creation of beautiful or significant things; "
does not need to be innovative to be good
"; "
I was
never any good at art
"; "
he said that architecture is the
art of wasting space beautifully


the products of human creativity; works of art
collectively; "
an art exhibition
"; "
a fine collection of art


a superior skill that you can learn by study and
practice and observation; "
the art of conversation
"; "
quite an art


photographs or other visual representations in a
printed publication; "
the publisher was responsible for
all the artwork in the book


What’s Technology?


the practical application of science to
commerce or industry


the discipline dealing with the art or
science of applying scientific knowledge
to practical problems; "
he had trouble
deciding which branch of engineering to


What’s Society?


an extended social group having a distinctive
cultural and economic organization


a formal association of people with similar interests;
he joined a golf club
"; "
they formed a small lunch
"; "
men from the fraternal order will staff the
soup kitchen today


the fashionable elite


the state of being with someone; "
he missed their
"; "
he enjoyed the society of his friends


What’s Culture?


the tastes in art and manners that are favored by a
social group


all the knowledge and values shared by a society


a particular society at a particular time and place;
early Mayan civilization


a highly developed state of perfection; having a
flawless or impeccable quality; "
they performed with
great polish
"; "
I admired the exquisite refinement of his
"; "
almost an inspiration which gives to all work that
finish which is almost art
Joseph Conrad


Technology in recent history

Three important eras
(Lewis Mumford, 1934)

Eotechic era (1000
water and wood

PaleoTechnic era (1700
coal and iron

Neotechnic era (1900
electricity and alloy

We will discuss these …

The Fourth Era

Now we are in the fourth era:

Infotechnic era
(Liu, 2000)


Electronics and data networks.

The invention of semi
conductor devices, information theory and
cybernetics among many others during the 1940s to 1970s were
largely responsible for laying a foundation for the digital era that
we know of.

Opportunities and challenges await us….