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Get Over I

Justin D. Hill


I remember a lot of things that don’t seem to be important
, but
many of these pointless memories are actually quite

to my current frame of mind, and how I have come to be who I
am today

My first memories took place when I w
as less than
three years of age. H
onestly they really have no reason to be
retained by my psyche

at first, second, or even sixth glance
, yet
here t
hey remain and frequently find means to reappear.

None of these memories are “horrible” or “traumatic” although
there are a few that weren’t the best of memories and times.

Even back to my pre
three memories, of which there are only
four, the surroundings
in my direct vicinity are like a film for me,
easily relatable and to visualize.

Memories of both my par
ents, around each other and not,
hree o
f them are positive in nature. O
ne of those positives
contains my mother’s actions and words while the other two

positive memories belong to my father.

My parents divorced while I was even younger, I cannot
remember the actual

the ramifications therein.

I have been educated partially by both of my parents at various
points in my life, where I felt question
s were qualified and part
of my business…not that I felt I must keep it silent from either
of them for any reason, just because in all honesty by the age of

I remember clearly answering one of my friends.

“Why doesn’t your mom live with you, J.D.?”

ley asked me.

“They don’t get along.”

I responded.

Why not?”

“I dunno.

It ain

t none of my business.”

It wasn’t, but neither of my parents ever said such a thing to

My father,

Scott, retained cu
stody of me at the age of three.

gave him no choice, really.

I remember the day

fairly clearly

know that really annoying child that screams at the top of their
lungs in a public place, for absolutely no reason what

Yeah, that wasn’t


I threw a fit, absolutely
, however
and to
this day I feel justified

I pretty much used one of those rare
“I’m your offspr
ing, but I’m the boss this time” moments, and
ops obeyed me.

I don’t feel there is a necessity to go

into my decision to stay
with P
ops, or why I made it and

remember making it so
I have no problem sharing the

memory of my
mother, trying to claw her way into the car like a savage
madwoman, refusing to let him take me “permanently” to Las

It did not end well for

she ended up falling of
f the car at a
cruise speed thanks to that one annoying rock that sn
under the front driver’s

side tire at that one perfect moment
when you’re re
finding your grip.

Don’t you hate that?

Needless to say, I was a little startled by her ravenous

but later in life I understood that it was because she
loves me and the thought of me leaving was too much to keep
sanity through.

All I can say is that I made the decision, and gave my paren
ts no
choice but to comply.

I’m still not sure which one I put m
stress on that day…Dad, for

having to tell her for me, or M
because there I went…

After Dad got out, cussing a few times of course, he scooped
her up and did his best to bring her back inside while she
screamed her face right off, then he hustled bac
k to the car and
on we went to Las Vegas.

(She wasn’t

it was just a little

This is, as I stated previously, all in memory, and it is my sixth
earliest memory.

The events actually occurred. C
by my parents has reassured me of this,

especially the reaction
given when I brought the instances up throughout the years.

What does any of this have to do with the subject matter and
title of this short manuscript?

Nothing really, other than an
insight as to what kind of memory, mind, and
processes I have.

An insight to the author that most of my
writings will not provide, since most of my stuff is fiction and
completely imagination droned.

Neither parent has been a relig
ious parent, but as I was with
Pops, M
om didn’t have much a ch
ance to instill any of
though when asked about her views
years later
they were
surprisingly s
imilar to my own and my father’s


I have been through several phases of religion on my own,
Dad has been very supportive of each of them while
reminding me that some things need thought

and consideration
before they are accepted as facts.

I don’t mean to say that beliefs are wrong, or scriptures are
misinformed, and neither did my father when he began instilling
the nearly thirty
year proces
s for me to truly understand my
own views.

However, what must….MUST….

be considered upon
reading the many scriptures

available and that

I have read
through and struggled to read through

struggled to decipher
for myself in mannerisms most would not subj
ect their minds or
beliefs to

is that languages differ greatly from one another.

Many of the early languages do not posses means of explai
particular occurrences, events, or artifacts.

I’m no scholar, I’m no Mensa member,
and I

didn’t even care
about m
y GPA, to be honest.

I did the bare minimum of work to
graduate in order to make my Dad happy, as public education

while containing many interesting subjects

moved extensively
too slow

for my taste and often failed to inspire

Regardless, I like to conside
r myself educated, and many might
say that I am far more so than most…I’m not sure about all of
that, but I definitely

noticed a trend in my thought
processes and thoroughness that seems to be borderline
obsessive compared to many people I have met.


don’t consider that a capacity, though, only a use. Everyone
and anyone is capable of what I know, all it takes is some focus
and determination.

I was bored by Kindergarten. T
hey tried putting me in special

in the first two months
, but the
teacher there
pinpointed the “problem” simply through observation

attention to details

By making something ente
rtaining she was able to get
operation out of me, and the other


teacher followed
right along.

Next week I found myself back in the re
gular class,
with the older and less entertaining teacher
. G
uess I

played possum of the brain

Unfortunately most of the teachers from that point on were
this way
, no fun, repetitive, bo

I would listen along in part, but my focus


more than


in majority

by my artistic curiosities:

What could I make with this pencil and paper?

What couldn’t I?

It took me nearly 10 years to find out that I “could” draw

anything I dang well pleased. T
he problem was the amount of

energy to expend on something so vulnerable to the elements
of chaos involving a child’s life.

No big thing to spend an entire
day making one drawing or another, but protecting,
maintaining, and keeping track of my drawings?? Impossible.

Dad was supporti
ve of my talent, but he cannot be blamed for
his loss of patie
nce shortly into grade school. T
he teachers
would complain about how smart I was
when confronted and
questioned about my lack of correspondence to him and my

at every opportunity.

I can’t say that I blame them. L
ooking back on it now

I can
appreciate how disrespectful my aloof and mildly pre
attention span was to them.

I only hope that eventually they
understood I meant no insult by it.

It’s not easy to focus when your mind is
racing about the
possibilities of information you’ve already found an attraction
to, especially when the particular attractions number in the
dozens and your educators keep on going about the same dang
thing for weeks on end.

It went on like this throughou
t school.

I was able to keep myself
from being caught on the majority of my naughty childhood
“extracurriculars” because most of the adults were constantly
focused on having to pay attention to the obvious
knuckleheads and trouble makers.

(Thanks guys, tee


who was going to expect anything out of the quiet weirdo
in the back who did nothing but draw and make
sound effects
for said drawings?
That really made it easy to escape a lot of
blame, and skate right through unnoticed after causing some

I recall at a young age I inquired to Pops about why other
people do things like they do them
. U
nbeknownst to him it was
reference to why
someone got caught for something he had
done, because he was entirely too obvious about it

I was around eight
years of age, and it was in accordance to my
“step brother” Toby, and his older sister Stacey.

I won’t go into
the topics I am referencing here, as somehow I doubt they
would appreciate it much, should they ever come across this.

The “Raths” as I c
all them now, as a shortened nickname made
from their last, were a quirky bunch.

I liked the mannerisms of
some things, others were strange at first

though over time
they applied the “mold effect” as I call

it, growing on me like
the fungus

and some I stil
l just do not agree with.

Dad didn’t fully grasp the question at first, he answered it
mildly, but when I elaborated he took a moment and it turned
into a ten minute discussion, with the parental addendum

The traditional “Right and Wrong, be your own person, treat
others as you’d want to be treated”, yada yada, rigga
marole…or however the heck it’s spelleded.


I won’t lie, he called me on
the fact I

was spacing

the end.

Mostly hanging on one
particular line he gave me after
I responded to one of those answers.

Sometimes what other people do is not going to make sense
to you, Justin.” (He


my first name when in “parent
mode” instead of J.D.)

“You think a lot like I do, it sounds li
ke, and that could cause you
some problems in relating to others if you don’t remember that
people think differently.

They believe what feels right to them,
and they live by that belief system.

Sometimes people have less virtuous beliefs than others,
se some people just can’t help it.

The world is not perfect,
and neither is any one of us, we do what we must to survive.

The difference for you, is you


understand what is good
and bad, so just make


good decisions and do your best.”

Of course I

have adlibbed a little bit of the response
, as

recollection skills aren’t what they used to be

The key elements
are present, and that’s pretty much how my Dad still talks,
though, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was darn near verbatim.

Anyhow, the re
ally big catcher for me was the last part, it has
hung with me all these years, and I have heard it from him more
than once.

“Most people are not going to think like you do automatically,
Justin, if you let that upset you then you will never find a
l co
existence with them.

Focus on what you

change, because everything else will just drive you crazy.

I love you, Dad.

No truer words have ever been spoken.

Ever since those words, I have tried for the most part to keep
an open mind and at least hear

someone out, no matter how
eyed the topic might seem.

That was how my personal struggle between science and
religion began, and can finally come to a peaceful
companionship in my mind wi
th the completion of this book

d with luck help you if you ar
e struggling as well.

The first t
hing one thinks of when he


of being “good” is
religion, but

in my case

the other people around me were a
more easily acquired sample.

I recall thumbing through a few
Bibles at around ten years old, but the words made

no sense for
the most part.

When I asked about it, I got a whole bunch of over
programmed responses from the people I asked.

inside just told me they were spewing back what was fed to
them, and it didn’t feel right
. I
t didn’t come fr
om research

I did not understand this sensation until after my couple years
spent at Harbor Christian Academy, for sixth and seventh grade.

The Bible study assisted me greatly in understanding the
terminology, but as I read through I found that much of th
documentation was very vague and almost structured to be
somewhat biased.

Not to mention there was missing
information, and not the kind that can be found through other

By the first time I read all the way through the King James, my
brain had s
tumbled over many points of interest.

Obviously I
would have to indulge this curiosity further.

I befriended the pastor


we spoke freel
y about
much and had a lot of fun.
Steven was an excellent friend.

His family taught me everything I needed to know about the

I became “saved” by his uncle, Robert, in a delightful
little ceremony
, but the entire time I knew that my answers
were not solid, and this was not the end of my search

It wasn’t until lat
e in the second year that my brain started
finding problems and hiccups in some of these ideals,
translations, and opinions of how the manuscript was
structured and fortified
, namely because of the holes that I had
already been focusing on

In 2011

I would

be the first to boast these insufficiencies as I see
them, and have on many occasions, but recently I have found a
peace in the ways of these conflicts with many religions
because I have been through many in order to find the fillings
for these holes

enceforth, quite publically, I relinquish my arrogance and
apply once more what my father taught me, as my personal
spirituality has greatly improved s
ince my perspective has
shifted by means of both recent and non
recent events.

The answers to my holes w
ere found in the writings of other
religions using their ancient tomes and documentations
alongside the several versions of the Christian Bible.

Seven different religions ultimately came into my focus at the
same time, and using all of them, I have found w
hat I consider
to be the truth.

The Drive to Thrive


My education has been assist
ed at best by the public system.

have always been driven to focus on that which I feel most
drawn towards, and early on I decided nothing would be
permitted to sway me from my target in any situation.

I have many targets. T
he primary goal has not always been, but
rever hence

always w
ill be (I believe this is true for all of us at
some extent): To better myself, my environment, and the
quality of my conscious mind.

For the majority of my life I have tampered and teased the ideas
of m
any religions in my brain
piece, at certain points I
have been
entirely anti
religion oriented, due to the findings I have
brought together.

I have researched Christianity on many fronts, Hinduism,
Buddhism, Wicca
, Islam, and quite a few others.

I’ve spent as
long on my research as I have structuring the

eline of my
Zodaccia series, which is why throughout Zodaccia you will see
many references to my seven fundamental religious viewpoints.

In every one of them, I find great messages for behavior,
practice, peaceful co
existence, and promotion of joy.

ligions have very strong prolific tendenci
es, and unfortunately
in most cases, the truly important teachings go entirely
underwhelmed and overlooked by the masses.

Even Satanism has quite a number of practices which are

and al
though it is
considerably selfish by any right
the overall message behind it is one of a peaceful nature
despite popular and often unfounded beliefs

If you are disgusted by the fact that I have read the Satanic
Bible, I wish to remind you that I am a non


I must
have the facts before I proceed with applying something to
who I am and how I work.

I am not demanding of you the same,
nor expecting any form of change in your beliefs.

Just sharing my own, which seems to be fairly interesting to a
number of peopl
e I have met, and it seems to have helped
others as well.

If you are a die
hard fanatic, the only thing this book will do is
flat out piss you off, most likely.

I apologize if you react badly to
my honesty, but I hope that if you continue following along,
might calm the storm inside

with some elaboration.

Please understand, my aim is not to offend anyone; it is only to
help those who are like myself, and needed better answers that
made more sense.

This brings us to how I lessened my focus on religion and turned
towards scientific theories and ideas, and ultimately brought my
mind to a place of enlightenment even without these fancy
degrees and accreditation.

When I put all of these religions togethe
r, and picked out the
us and inconspicuous problems alike from

the mesh, I
started seeing a very blatant pattern and similarity.

A similarity that I could not ignore, and that could not be
answered due to

elaborate sequence of apparent holes

may or may no
t have been placed with purpose in ALL of
these books.

Many of these holes are completely understandable, given the
information that I have derived from collaboration on science’s

People would freak right the frack out

for the most part

Thousands would uproar and horrible problems would arise,
millions perhaps.

I can honestly say that your religious leaders, no matter what
religion you are, have been doing their best to protect you.

For this reason I have decided against listing the hol
es or their
reasoning on a large scale, but there are some things I feel that
the human

race is entirely ready for...
you bet your butt I’m
gonna talk about these.

Before we get into all that fun jazz, however, I want to remind
you that I am indeed a believ
er in a divine constructor.

With what I have taken from science, it is fairly obvious to see
that the universe is not chaos, but a very precise algorithmic

There is no doubt in my mind that we are not just a random
possibility floating throug
h space.

Our universe is intended for a
purpose, by a creator, of
intelligent consciousness

this is not

it is math.

Precise, fundamental, sound.

What I do have a doubt in, is that

are the direct design of
that essence.

While there is an undeniabl
e difference in our kind against every
other species that has ever been on the current

surface of our
planet, there are

also very many possibilities in regard to this
and our unique similarity to apes.

A compilation of information taken from both science a
religion has brought me to a very clear and sensible
determination of who we are, what we are, and why we must
abolish this war between belief and fact.

In no way will this book be written as a means to take away
your belief in a higher power, your
faith in the will of said deity,
nor attempt to belittle your personal ideals on the afterlife with
that deity.

In fact, you are absolutely right.

This is not, by far, the end of
the road, nor is it a pointless presence for each and every single
one of us.

There is a plan, but first we must acquire the
necessary energies in order to transcend.

Some of you might ask: “How do you know?”

Astral projection.

’s real, it’s not easy, but it is

proof beyond all
doubt that this is most definitely not the only place where life
exists, neither in dimension, nor in planet.

Whatever yo
ur deity’
s name may be, it is the same

being as
everyone else’s deity. E
ven new renditions of this deity by other

are the same fundamental being, and while projecting
you are as close to this ultimate consciousness as ever you can
be while still breathing.

Perhaps it was divine intervention that spawned such a wide
variety, perhaps it was contact from another form

of life which
ated elsewhere in the universe...
or better still a
confusing combination

of the two?

The only thing that is very certain is
that every single one of us

felt both a divine presence as well as a divine absence in our
lives at numerou
s points.

If you have not, you’re either a liar or
far more aloof in life than I

was to

of my teachers

during their boring course agendas

We all have our angels and demons within, we all struggle with
“sin” and “righteousness
” but do most of us

what these things truly are?

What I mean by thi
s is our perspective of them is

askew in most
cases. A
s an example

I would like you to pause for a moment
and consider Anarchy.

What does it mean to you?

What is the definition?

How would

react if you were in a time of anarchy?

No government,
law, punishments?

Grab a pen, open a notepad, or use your celly to jot down your
I would like you to be part of an interactive activity,
nothing huge.

Using as much paper space as yo
u’d like
, write me a little ditt
about what Anarchy means to

and what you think it would
be like if we were in it?

Send it to me, at

or post it on the
Zodaccia Inc. Facebook site by searching “Zodac
cia” in the
proper field.

You can also send your response to @ZodacciaInc
on Twitter.

I am quite serious, I will personally read over every single one
and send correspondence to let you know t
hat I have finished
your words and
your opinion is important to

Once you have done this, which I truly hope you will, please feel
free to continue to the next page.

Welcome back, thank you for compromising a little more of
your time at my expense.

The purpose behind that activity is
merely to show you what I mean

by perspective.

Most of you will be reverting to the widely spread belief that
anarchy is chaos, that the definition by reality is murder,
mayhem, and atrocity.

This is incorrect.

Anarchy is simply a lack

in necessity

of law and government, not
necessarily order.

What I call “pure” anarchy is actually the most efficient, fair,
peaceful, and evolved form of civilization that there could ever

It’s no wonder we have not achieved it.

People go to work, whatever the

rk is, because their
community needs them to do this job, and because their
community provides to them what they need as well.

is a daily event, because learning wi
ll not cost you living
it will not cost anything but your attention span

In a pure anarchy, there is no violence or crime because
everyone takes care of everyone else as a team.

You don’t have to follow any laws because you already
appreciate and understand the necessity for you to do right by
others, for others do right by y

You don’t worry about making ends meet, you don’t worry
about where you will sleep, or if you get cancer how the hell
you’re gonna pay for the TREATMENT, because money is no
longer the driving force.

Why would there be crime, if your community would pr
you with whatever
comforts or amenities you would like,

are dependable for them as well?

True anarchy do
es not require laws, because its purpose is
prolific. T
here is no underlying scheme, or “catch” to following
the rules.

You don’t get

a hand up by being a greedy little
bastard, but through respect of your community.

Instead of death or incarceration, those who
cannot conform to
the community

would be simply relocated to another
community, where they fit in better.

Violence would not be

tolerated by the community, because it is
counterproductive, and some crazy
job shooting up a school or
a movie theater would be met by a battalion of packing civilians
who had no mind to put up with inconsistency in their peaceful

Wars would b
e unnecessary, because communities that do not
see “eye to eye” still understand the purpose and right
to exist
of the other community. U
pon entering a community afar, you
would understand that “this” is how it is done “here” so this is
how I will do it as

long as I am here
, because it is required of me
and these people will protect me and my rights as I do theirs

Your host community would gladly provide whatever you
require until you could relocate, because they understand that
helping you on your path wo
uld lessen the


impact of
yours on theirs.



Good and Evil are a choice, ladies and gentleman, a choice that
religion and science try to control, with good intentions of

However, the road to Hell is paved with good intenti
ons, isn’t
that the saying?

Intention does not put you right with

deity, but it does
start the process.

Before you can act

, you must intend to do so, but
there is more to it than just that my friend.

Application is by far the hardest part.

Let’s look into why…

In the Beginning...


created expansion.

At the
center of our visibility
, light can be seen in a former
aspect of “time”.

Clusters of energy are being propelled outward from a singular
point, they all move

approximately, but exactly

at the
same rate of expansion, the same speed.

Something is forcing the light outward in a dynamic three
dimensional structure.

Dark matter is a scientific theory that I was pondering on after I
had convinced myself that black ho
les were not only real, but

A few years later, sure enough, scientists reveal that they have
mathematically proven the exi
stence of these hungry hippos.
ut what astounded and sling
shot me into quantum theory
head first was the way they had do
ne it.

We knew the stars were galaxies in actuality, we knew that
these energy clusters turned out to be trillions of stars bundled,
but we didn’t know “why” they bundled.

It was theorized in several ways, such as the expansion was
forcing the matter and r
adiation together like oil in water…

I felt differently.

I took very sharp notice of the disc

pictures of the
same galaxies over time were showing an obvious rotation

the galaxy, but not a free
form rotation.

I saw the structure immediately, I

think everyone does, but for
me the structure was a clear sign of compression occurring
around the matter as well as a very noticeable center of gravity

and propulsion

amongst the debris.

The only way that could be possible in my mind was that
something a
t the center was pulling at space between poles.


s smashing it all together like a big marble, but that would
mean there was a point where matter was escaping in a very
violent manner

at the poles, because these forms were
essentially flat around the centers

I thought about it for a few weeks, using some of the high
school math from other classes and then something I had been
looking in physics hit home.

These galaxies are not spewing the matter they were

they were spewing the stuff at the center that got
flung back out in the rotation.

These things were moving so fast that they were practically
vaporized by something pushing them to move fast
mind thought immediately to soap and sand whirling the drain
in my shower.

Little particles would be flung apart as they circled the drains
rim, but went fast enough to fling out farther away.

I had been thinking on a much smaller scale than I needed

to be,
trying to replace on
e type of material with another, but the
dimensional appearance of the drain seemed to make
sense when I looked with a different perspective.

I realized that space is not curved…it’s linear and three
dimensional at the same

There is both an outward, and a
forward movement in the same vicinity.


in one dimension, but they

in three


Like the back of Gramma’s hand (but only with

Something inside.

There’s something INSIDE!

An existential

Sure enough, a few years later scientists announce they have
found mathematical evidence.

Inner materials wobble, as our
moon wobbles and helps us to wobble.

The effect of two greatly dense bodies will pull upon one
another, with an
affirmation to the wobble of the heavier

These objects weren’t just wobbling as they got in close,

They were
inclining in velocity


the speed of

and being flung off

Something inside, alright, that there is referred to in th
e real
world as “evidence” and “evidence” means some shiz just got
found out to be fairly undeniably T

There was something inside, so damn heavy it could move
MATTER at nearly the speed of light.

hundred and eighty
six miles per second, things
our own sun…

So where is the density going?

Something that dense is
“physically” not possible to exist in such a small area.

matter alone could not be broken up small enough to compress
tightly enough to fall within the equivalent “event
which is the point where matter cannot “escape” a black hole.

So W
F does the trillions of cubic tons of matter

every second

that IS sucked in go?

Beyond a visible dimension, beyond a dimensional availability of
physics on the third plain, so it

is sucked most likely back into
the linear point of the universe that is moving outward.

Proof for me that there are at least three more dimensions
beyond ours, because each dimension is mathematically
proportionate to space, visible or non
, by an equal a
ount to
the sub dimensions within

(college stuff… bleh.)

This would explain why our universe is speeding up

in my
… all those galaxies sucking matter in and turning it into
this extra
dimensional form of energy.

In laymen term, this means black holes

eat “light” or visible
matter, in order to convert the energy into the many forms of
“dark” or invisible matter. (Space)

This would mean in turn that light is actually a byproduct of
these “darker” forms of energy, these sub
sub particles that
make up al
l that black out there.

So before light happened, the expansion had to be in play,
because these particles are what mingle in order to form
matter, and for that to occur there must be motion.

In the beginning… God actually created darkness….so It had
here to put the light.

Think about it, if you were a divine creator, wouldn’t you want
to build the foundation of your creation first?

It’s how we all
build anything and we are made in its image.

Are we not?

So how many dimensions are there that we exist w

More than nine, I am gonna disagree with the popular theory on

I think dimensions depend on the construct of the verse.

Different tools are used for different jobs, though there are an
easily identifiable group of tools that are almost necessa
ry in
any job.

Dimensions are like God’s tools, while each universe is a tool
box designed to contain the tools of specific jobs.

Life is what God creates with Its’ tools, and not to be abrasive,
but anyone who refuses to accep
t that there is most
“other” life out there is a G
D tool of intensely dense



Sorry, but it’s the truth.

Only a complete know
nothing who has
not a single bit of basis for comparison would have the absolute
audacity of ignorance to say that in the
countless galaxies, most
of them larger than our own, WE…are the only “intelligence”
to arise.

I’m sorry if you happen to be one of them, but it’s true.

Most of
these galaxies are 95% the same exact crap that we are, and the
odds of absolutely none of them

generating similar conditions
to ours is literally one to a number that cannot be measured.


Try to do t
he math if you don’t believe me.

I gave up after the twelfth digit, who needs more of
a ratio than that?

God, only that being, beca
use that mo
fo’ be
the one


Or somebody in some serious denial, quite possibly who has no
clue what they’re on about. That’s who. I wouldn’t recommend
taking “life” advice from this person… I’m just sayin’.

Not only would these galaxies make lif
e like ours, but imagine
how many other forms of amino acids and other proteins that
actually trigger life there are on our planet alone. Imagine how
many could be compiled in all that OTHER stuff out there that
we don’t even HAVE in our galaxy, let alone

just the tiny arm we
surf on way out at the edge of ours.

Which leads me into my next chapter, but not before ending
this with one final piece
of “
how ya doin’?”

Black holes, especially of the super massive variety, are
fundamental proof for me that our
niverse is a form of engine.

It is a

onstructed machine that is self

These machines may have a sinister purpose from one
perspective, but from another it would be ruthless to do away
with them, as they quite obviously are at least assisting i
f not
fully responsible for the continued expansion of our universe.

I envision God

as being a genderless, formless


conscious energy, which acknowledges this universe and
initiates a sudden spark that moves through the dozen or so
dimensions (at least) at such intense speeds that it ignites the
dark matter, causing it to flux and fuse to create new more
complex structu
res at an impossible rate.

This event is named by us “The Big Bang” and it is only a theory,
but I have basis to believe it to be entirely correct… with some
slight …adjustments.

Dark matter, like visible matter

will be comprised of many
different forms.

From particles to waves, to rays, and fields, and
probably all sorts of other nifty things to boot
so there must
be specific uses for different kinds of celestial bodies similar to
black holes.

There are many.

Nuff said.

It’s all physics, but dimensiona
l laws

of these physics

depending on your position and… can you guess?



Perspective, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s all you know….literally.

Praising our creator is to keep your own perspective open to
grand design and It
s “maste
r plan”

while at the same time
keeping a humble understanding that you don’t know JACK in
full aspect.

God gave us our own perspectives for a reason, and I fully
approve of your right to having one of your own.

My only desire
is to share my findings and ex
plain why mine are the way they
are, as well, because I truly beli
ve that my purpose is to help
s see what I have been blessed with seeing.

Many people do not have the time, patience, or desire to
devote their mental processes to

these philosophical
conundrums. T
he way our world has forced us to react and
adapt has taken away the availability to devote ones’ self to
truly finding the inner peace of contentment and

I have been hell
bent on maintaining my freedom in a mental

s has not made for an easy life.

I have had to
adapt in many other ways in order to maintain my unique

My life is one of sacrifice to the material, I am by no means well
off, nor am I free of hardship by my knowledge, but for me the
e has been worth it more than not. Even when I am not
sure where my head might rest

at particular times, when I see
someone without a finan
cial care in the world,

someone who
seems fully happy in their ignorance or lack of concern for
knowledge; I am driven to stay this course of enlightenment.

I recognized the presence and locked on for dear life, because I
just happened to notice how everyone else had seemed to l
et it
slip in order to “follow protocol” at t
he e
xact same period in my
life. W
hile because of this grasp my life has been hard, I know
God is with me on this because I am still here and thinking.

My views are non
biased, as I have said.

They are not an
jection or claim to wrongness of any religion, nor is it an
attempt to undermine the great deeds and fulfillment that
some people DO get out of the religious practices

they subject
themselves to

Your deity is my deity by default, because the belief in you
deity is directly in accordance to what I have come to accept as
the creator as well.


the Olympians, the Titans, Allah, Yahweh, Christ,
and all of the above.

Our civilizations have different
perspectives of the exact same being, but why?


asked God this…I believe it has been answering me through
my own search in my life, and this is why I have been so
confused for so long.

In from the Heavens

Angels or Aliens?

Deafening trumpets that can be heard the world around, flames
in the sky

and Angels riding in on chariots of fire and on
magnificent beasts.

Shimmering lights that blind and obscure, while bathing in
warmth and transporting from here to there and back again.

Fantastic tales of transparent beings, images of our own kind,
and ab
ilities beyond explanation.

Psychics, vampires, witches, zombies, demons and devils…

Fairytale nonsense and science fiction, or is there a more
fundamental explanation for the fantastic stories we have held
firm for thousands of years?

A more logical explanation for countless paintings throughout
the human history, depicting supernatural and extraterrestrial
fantasies, or perhaps these really are just people being creative.

Nuclear power was science fiction at one point
, recently if you
can recall

So were lasers that could cut steel

Space and time travel are
starting to look like possible
as well.

By looking through a simple lens we can observe what is literally
“the past” while also living in the present, and even looking at
the same spot as the present by using

a different kind of


To say that evolution is false is like saying a crocodile is cuddly
because evolution happens in all things, including the non

Those who deny it, usually have no understanding o
f genetic
mutation and how it responds to an environment.

Pick up a
course if you can’t self learn it.

Seriously, you sound like the
worst kind of moron when you say something like that.


be the same as saying “Gravity

is not
real because it’s
y a theory,

when clearly i
t is occurring at all times around
quite noticeably

The only difference is our genes work much more slowly than

Every type of life evolves…it simply
in order to survive the
constant geolog
ical changes of a planet.

Evidence suggests that
in every “event” throughout history, the animal life in the
vicinity undergo distinct transformations through the samples
of generations, but all life connected to the event through
secondhand affiliation, s
uch as predation and defense
undergoes the change

as well

It happens…get over it.

It d
oesn’t mean your deity is false;

just means that what we thought we knew at one point was
only another piece of the puzzle.

nother puzzle piece in a canvas

that is n
early immeasurable?

Go figure!

What are the odds?!

Pretty effing good, actually.

In fact the chances that we only
have a handful of pieces to the entire puzzle of over thirty,
followed by nearly

zeros is infinitely more likely
than the chances
that our couple
thousand year old books have
ALL the answers to every question or intention or working of
God’s construct.

If you are a religious fanatic, and you preach that your precious
book is the only truth to our existence that needs to be EVER
d into, you are the WORST thing for your religion.

How dare you stand up and claim to know and understand the
works of a deity, and then anticipate you will be revered for it
when you meet up with it?

You make your whole religion look crazy.

and have no effing clue what is going on around you, because
you’re living in the B.C. and early A.D.


Even the book that you are so adamant about preaching upon
has CHANGED drastically throughout the years.

Shut…. The
…. UP!!!

It is people like

who are responsible for the
and holocausts

our species has committed in the name of
these deities for thousands of years.

How long do you really think our creator is going to keep us
around if we keep TAKING AWAY what it gave
to someone else
just cause we THINK we know what the heck is going on?!

Let me offer

a little advice on the matter of following blindly
into anything without doing your own ample research before
coming to the said “conclusion”.

There was a television serie
s on History that had some REALLY
good topics, called “Alien Ancestors.”

It caught my interest because it was touching base on theories
that I again was contemplating in my own mind for a few years.

Watch this series.

While there is some “filler” that is p
farfetched, there is also some VERY impressive detective work
to be accorded to the creators

of the series

The series goes through several religions and sites of religious
history, in which many
scientifically explainable
remnants are br
ought to attention.

The biggest piece of evidence that people have been confusing
extraterrestrial visitation and corruption with actual divine
intervention (which has also occurred in my opinion, but rare
in a physical manifestation)

is the site of Quet

The ruins and all around them are etched in one of the hardes
stones we have. T
hey are so finely etched that even our own
machines struggle to replicate the quality, not to mention the
sheer magnitude of these pieces.

But the seller

is the glass

that is all around the site, proof of
intense heat and the diameter of the ruins is an obvious blast

The entire area is mildly radioactive.

Explain to me what a DEITY would need a nuke for?



Early man saw these beings, in their

ships, and their suits, with
their tools and weapons, but had no way to properly convey
what they had seen.

For these people the Sun rising every day was an act of God,
and the Moon was the same.

These were not a rock

around our own

and a big ball of burn
energy at the center of our solar system.

They were gods and
acts OF the gods.

Doesn’t take a pyrotechnic engineer to see a pattern in early
man thought processes, huh?

Or does it, because you’re
in denial?

I sure hope not.

Either way, my point is

that there is much more to be found the
more you expand your… what?

Yep, that’s right… PERSPECTIVE!

Always remember, perspective is eight tenths of reality.

would you limit yourself

to tunnel vision, when there are

whole dimensions that God has
given us to explore with our
physical eyes and bodies

in order to shape those dimensions we
can’t see or feel

Could you truly expect that a being that went through all this
trouble in the last near fourteen BILLION years to generate ALL
of this stuff arou
nd us if it just wanted us to stop expanding our
own psychological evolution?

We are full of imagination, curiosity, intelligence, compassion,
understanding, free will, and POTENTIAL.

Can you honestly think that God is not the same way

if we are
truly made

of It
s “image”

Imagination to create this existence,
the curiosity that drives
t to watch us grow, and t
intelligence to put all of this together in such a precise
mannerism as to appear entirely chaotic

and force us to LEARN
about it
? T
he compassion
to let us know


t is here for us if
only we
appreciate what
t has given us and the oppor
tunity to

he understandin
g that we are not perfect like I
t, we
must be given ample opportunity to prove our worth, free will:
the ultimate act of faith in
ts creations, and to instill in us the
OTENTIAL to thrive and PROVE I
s greatness in all that we


murder, rape, theft, torture, condemnation,


and brutality come into place?

How do
these things promote our appreciation for this chance to be
here and find the beauty

our own

We kill what we fear, despite the fact that our fears are
unfounded because we do not understand them.

We are selfish and closed minded, we ar
e arrogant and

A combination of science and spirituality would suppress these
fears, these sins, and these trespasses against our creator.

Look at all we have accomplished in our time, yet look how far
from our potential we truly are.

Right now
our governments have the ABILITY to focus on our
lives, on funding science to heal our ailments and our
inadequacies, to educate our children with the best of
information and utilize our resources in ways that can bring
about less wasteful and toxic means
of existence on what is our

But they make weapons and
war, and we celebrate it as if we have made an achievement.

We don’t HAVE another planet we can just “roll on over to”
when we destroy this one, in which we are WELL on ou
r way,
ladies and gentlemen.

We can barely live in space for a few months before our bodies
start to break down



in top physical

Our ways are ruining this planet and it is namely because we
cannot just accept that we all b
elieve in our deity however
other people raise us to in most cases.

All religions are based on
one solid alignment of beliefs. When these beliefs happen to be
found inadequate thanks to some new scientific finding, people
don’t even consider the facts or e
, that our methods
might need a change

They preach what was written in an age where a gunshot would
be considered as a hole in the chest that appeared with a crack
of thunder but no lightning
, from a prophet of the gods,
blessed with their unrealis
tic power

The gun would be considered a magical or divine tool that
created a hole from far distances to allow your soul to drain out
of your body

without any physical explanation as to “how”

Stop it.

You cannot get all the answers from ONE book, especia
lly not
one that has been translated and retranslated hundreds of
times through thousands of years.

You don’t have to blaspheme


religion, but for the creator’s

sake at least read ALL the information about it you possibly can
before you start making hu
ge claims about what is fact or

And before you get that far, mix some dang science in

I’m just saying, religion might not look so ridiculous if it was

always so closed minded about what the “Lord” wants of us,
especially if we stop proc
laiming to know things without a

even with no evidence
, like say… The world is six
thousand years old?

If that claim had not been made by someone with

information, and thousands of people hadn’t blindly followed
through simply because on
e thing or another made sense

who cares about what doesn’t,
then science wouldn’t have
been the bad guy when carbon
dating blew that couple
thousand years into a couple few hundo

Ya’heard meh?


Throw down your swords, pick up a


Scholar…going on to learn

ithout this

war or violence, no more hate shall burn…

All may pray in their own way, none shall be condemned,

Violence in the name of


be sung in hymn.

Our creator gave us lives to live, in
each our own special way,

With all that we have come to learn, peace should rule these

Our prayers should ne’er be selfish

our actions true the

No matter d
omination, no matter


worshipped name,

We are all one species, regardless wh
ere we hail.

Whether planet Earth is


place of birth,

Or out where


starships sail.

Give thanks to our
maker, by utilization of this gift,

For we all have this life to live, and time here is but swift.

To understand your purpose, is so simple in
truth, to get.

The meaning of life, is simply “Live” (but right),

ut don’t do the things you may regret.

I know this short book won’t “change the wor
ld” or solve all
our problems. M
ost religious minds probably won’t even
consider it simply because these
ideals counteract the control
these “organized” religions have over many



the spread of free

use spirituality as a way to connect with the
creator, but unfortunately spirituality seems to have

to do
with re

anymore. I
nstead, control has become the friend
to religion.

It’s not alright to question or go outside of the books, it’s not
alright to search for answers in broad scopes,
and it’s

alright to expand your curiosity and understanding of how it

all” works in order to make sense of things.

People are trapped into this fear that God is going to punish you
and hate you for spreading out your interests and indulging in
the many glorious mysteries, joys, and tools that our creator has
put here for us.

God just wants to see us flourish, to see us come together and
begin learning how to use all these nifty little unseen “miracles”
left for us

in the right ways

Pray for understanding, pray for the truth of our purpose to
open up within you, in

whatever w

you feel


comfortable, but primarily pray to be a compassionate and
open minded person for everyone around you.

I challenge you all, my entire species.

I challenge you all to treat EVERYONE you meet like they are
your best friend

if they have done
you no wrong
, despite their
appearance or how they speak, despite their pigment and
despite their spiritual orientation.

I challenge you as a species to
endear upon a stranger as might you endear upon your family…

Help someone in need, or offer it if they
appear to be

Extend that hand of friendship with a friendly smile and pride in
who you are…

Instead of

fretting your
money, bring a beggar some
nourishment and kind words of encouragement and hope…


My challenge to you, the human race
, is
every single day
consider the emotions and importance of every person’s life
that you come across.

Reach out to the people you come
across, and if confronted by animosity simply offer them best

regards and bow out gracefully. Y
ou never know what ma
have happened to them that day to cause the

Maybe they’ve lost someone they were
close to.

What if it was your loved one, what if it




Consideration and Application are the keys to Righteous

Enlightenment is within everyone’s reach, all it takes is the
desire to achieve it and the patience to breathe calmly, and
think before you act.

Imagine what the human race could accomplish if we worked
together like ants, and planet Earth was our ant hill

By using science to learn about our
religions and
universe, we
can better understand our creator.

No one book can teach you
everything about anything.

Books are made by man
, even if
commanded by the Lord

Man is flawed.

Your soul and our reality posses
s every answer we could ever
ask God, we just have to pay attention when God reveals a truth

to us

It’s a divine creator, people.

It has to speak to us in very
specific mannerisms, because each of us are a unique part of
who and what God really is.

form of life is precious, a
nd every conscious essence of
life is capable of compassion and cruelty alike.

The difference is
we have the intelligence to choose between the two, and the
right to make our own decision.

Give praise to your deity by living the
life it wants you to live,
making the choices that will give glory to him, her, it, them…by
cherishing the companions provided to us and honoring
everyone you meet with a charming, fresh, and intellectual
open mind.

Knowledge is power, but the

way you use
that power is what makes

or breaks



Focus on that which you can change,
dwelling on what you cannot,

will surely
drive you mad

Justin D. Hill