Peek polish is ideal for:

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Nov 29, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


Peek polish is ideal for:

Aviation Industry:

leaning leading edges, nose cones, painted surfaces, removes
scratches from Perspex wind screens and helicopter bubbles, plastics, stainless steel
and aluminum. Peek® protects against the elements.
is a
pproved for the World's
Aerospace Industry.

Industrial Applications:
Peek® is the cure for Plate
out on fine tooling surfaces. Use
on moulds: injection, blow, extrusion, compression, etc., dies and fixtures and mould
materials. Removes plate
out, oxi
dation and stains on surfaces of cavities and cores
caused by various plastic processes. Peek provides a high luster on tooling materials,
moulds and/or parts including plated surfaces. Shines diamond finished moulds without
spiral webs, cat
tails or fine
micro scratches. Cleans and shines acrylic, polycarbonate,
and other resins to a surface finish far superior than the original molded, extruded and
casted surfaces.

Automotive, Trucks & Cycles:

removes heat discoloration, rust, oxidation,
s and tarnish from chrome wheels, aluminum

gas tanks, mag wheels,
fiberglass, glass and Perspex. Also restores surfaces discolored by tire cleaning
products and fuel. Use Peek to polish headlight lenses with a low speed buffer or by

removes tough stains from fiberglass, Pe
rspex and glass. Peek
liminates tarnish, rust and oxidation from corroded aluminum, brass and stainless steel
stanchions and fittings, bow rails, portholes and winches. After cleaning, Peek® leaves
a tough weather
shield to protect against saltwater corrosion.

Peek quality is second to none. Has been used in the Royal Household for years and on the Royal Yacht

Peek quality is second to none. Has been used in t