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Nov 14, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Section 1: Biomimetics
Process sequences in biomimetic research
T. Speck & 0. Speck
A novel spray system inspired by the bombardier beetle
N. Beheshti & A. C. McIntosh
Biomimetics on gecko locomotion
Z D. Dai, W. B. Wang, H. Zhang, M Yu, A. H. Ji, H. Tan,
C. Guo, J. Q. Gong & J. R. Sun
The molecular mechanism underlying the liver mass
optimization rule
R. Utoh, C. Tateno & K. Yoshizato
Biological insight into design against crime
D. E. Santos-Reyes
Bio-inspired solutions for technical problems:
biomimetic cable entries and shock-absorbing pallets
T.Masselter,M Milwich, H. Monnerat, U. Scharf M Hartel
& T. Speck
Biomimetics as problem-solving, creativity and innovation tool in
a first year engineering design and communication course
M. J. Eggermont
Section 2:Shape and form in engineering and nature
Fail safe design with crack stoppers and warners
Mattheck Ch. Wissner, K Bethge & 0. Kraft
A simple graphic way to reduce stress concentrations by growth

Mattheck, I. Tesari, A. Sauer, K. Bethge & 0. Kraft

Organizational features in leaves for application in shading
systems for building envelopes
L. Badarnah & U. Knaack
Descartes, Plateau, and sea urchins
M. Abou Chakra & J. R. Stone 97
Modelling the micro- and macro-structure efficiencies of a
compliant petiole beam
D. Pasini 107
Encounters with the golden ratio in fluid dynamics
M. Mokry
The dynamical view of natural form
T Irwin & S. Baxter 129
Meaning of the 45°-angle in mechanical design according to nature

Mattheck R. Kappel & 0. Kraft

Application of "abstract formal patterns" for translating natural
principles into the design of new deployable structures in architecture
M R. Matini & J. Knippers 147
Morphing modes of mobility in natural and engineered systems
R. J. Lock, R. Vaidyanathan & S. Burgess 157
Numerical study of blood fluid rheology in the abdominal aorta

Carneiro, V. Gama Ribeiro, J. C. F. Teixeira & S. F. C. F. Teixeira 169
Axial variation of droplet distribution in a venturi scrubber
M Silva, C. P. Ledo, S. F. C. F. Teixeira & J. C. F. Teixeira 179
Section 3: Nature and architectural design
On nature, culture and sustainable design
A. Yates 191
Eco-systematic restoration: a model community at Salton Sea
I.Mazzoleni & Team (P. Ra, A. Barthakur, S. Price, V. Zajfen,

Varma, B. Mehlomakulu, H. Portillo, S. Milner & S. Proudian) 201
Designing with nature in landscape architecture
D. Dagenais 213
An evaluation of the design of room characteristics of a sample of
healing gardens
K Maikov, S. Bell & K Sepp 223
Sensitivity to site and the nature of materials - Southern African
architectural design
B. P. Jekot 233
High performance masonry wall systems: principles derived from
natural analogues
J. Laver, D. Clifford & J. Vollen 243
Dynamics and evolution of urban patterns: the evidence of the
Mobile Landscape project
S. Bastianoni, R.M Pulselli, P. Romano & F. M Pulselli 253
Section 4: Natural materials and surfaces
Friction in nature
T Liskiewicz, A. Morina & A. Neville
Investigation of adhesion forces at the peritoneal surface
G.W. Taylor, T. W. Liskiewicz, A. Morina, A. Neville, P. Gaskell
& D. Jayne
From geotechnical and hydraulic researches to use of natural
materials in mitigation works for river embankments: a case study
S.Amoroso, M Leopardi & G. Totani
Section 5:
Dissipative structures in nature and human systems
E. B. P. Tiezzi, R. M Pulselli, N. Marchettini & E. Tiezzi
Natural evolution, human creativity and engineering design in the
context of paradigms of modern physics
A. A. Berezin
The coherence of an engineered world
D. Halsmer, J. Asper, N. Roman & T. Todd
Section 6: Education
Design education oriented to nature
B. Colombo, F. Rosa, E. Rovida & R. Vigand
Human buildings + education
Y. Lopez-Wilson 339
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