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Biomimetics interactive
Adventurous science game on the basics of biomimetics us-
ing the example of Antifouling
The still young discipline of 'biomimetics' is one of the most
trendsetting current research directions. Biomimetics deal
with the decoding of ￿Inventions of the living world￿ and
its innovative implementation into technology. On board the
'MS-bionics, the issues and research approaches of this key
technology can be explored actively. How can ships be pro-
tected from the unwanted vegetation by barnacles, mussels
and algaes. The search for a solution against the so-called
'bio-fouling' is the focus of the interactive expedition.
Under the motto „the journey is the reward“ the player slips
into the role of the researcher. Starting from the virtual re-
search-ship „MS-Bionik“ he begins to search for possible so-
lutions against the marine biofouling, the objectionable nat-
ural cover by barnacles and algaes. Playfully the player gets
introduced into the basic of bionic-research. It took three
years till the real researchers completed their studies – and
created the artificial sharkskin - a specific silicon painture.
In the game the solution can be reached much quicker. Dig-
ital media offers immediate acces to complex subjects.
On the virtual tour the methods of research and develop-
ment can be actively followed and thus be better under-
stood. Who wants to know how much a ship is covered with-
out a protective coating after a few weeks can dive to the
hull and take a close look at the various ￿blind passengers￿.
A driving simulator illustrates the influence of biofouling on
the driving performance of a ship and the resulting cost for
Biomimetics interactive is currently shown at Technisches
Museum Wien.