Stock Aluminum Extrusions

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Jun 18, 2015 (6 years and 6 months ago)


Hoskin & Muir, Inc. has the largest stock of decorative aluminum extrusions in the USA and excellent customer service. Custom powder-coating is available on any aluminum shape!

Stock Aluminum Extrusions

Hoskin & Muir is proud to offer a complete line of extruded aluminum and vinyl products. We
stock many hard
find decorative aluminum extrusions for price tag moldings, boat trim,
RV trim, wallboard trim and more. Most items

are stocked in multiple finishes. All decorative
aluminum and vinyl extrusions are stocked and available for immediate shipment.

In 1946 Ed Hoskin hauled a trailer load of decorative aluminum (counter edging, Formica
caps, mirror and carpet molding, etc
.) purchased from the William L. Bonnell company in
Youngstown, Ohio, to San Francisco, California. He struggled along wholesaling the trim for a
couple of years, advertised for a financial partner, and one day, Dennis Muir showed up on
his doorstep.

y formed a partnership and in 1948, Hoskin & Muir was born. For the next several years
Ed worked inside answering the phones and packing and invoicing the orders and Mr. Muir
hit the road drumming up business.

By the way, Dennis Muir was probably the most
unforgettable character I've ever known. A native New Zealander (he carried a green card all
his life), brilliant (a doctorate of law from the University of London), trial lawyer, an
entrepreneur who made his fortune in the outback of Australia during the
depression but
lost it all at the beginning of WWII, author of a bestselling novel, etc. In 1956 Mr. Muir (we
always addressed him formally) bought Ed Hoskin out of the partnership and the business
continued successfully for many years.

Mirror Mouldings


are pleased to stock the widest variety of mirror mouldings in the industry. The finishes
are an exact match or complementary to our shower enclosure offerings at Cardinal Shower

Many of the items below are designed to be used in pairs. For ex
ample, typically when
hanging a mirror, you might use A718 at the top and A717 at the bottom. You slide the
mirror up into the deep channel then lower it into the shallow channel.

Powder Coating


In addition to the finishes listed below, these aluminum m
irror mouldings
are available in our full rage of powder coat colors.

50's Style Mouldings

We stock a wide variety of mouldings that are used
in a nationwide 50's style diners, keeping that
clean retro look.

In addition to the finishes listed below,
aluminum showcase mouldings are available in our
full rage of powder coat colors.


Equal Leg and Unequal Leg

These alunimun angles include both decorative angles and structural angles. Some aluminum


with a beveled edg
e for trim applications.


These alunimun caps or J
Bar can serve as decorative or structural edging for many
thicknesses of panels, including formica, frp (fiberglass reinforced plastic),
Marlite/wallboard, 3/16" and 1/4" glass, and 1/2"
panels and more. Thse decorative
extrusions are available in a variety of finishes.

In January of 1995 I moved to Louisville and together with Doc (James Dachenhaus in
Livermore), built storage racks bought and installed fabrication equipment, and
loaded in
inventory. Business in Louisville took off quickly thanks to many people, but especially Curtis
Young, the best inside sales guy I've ever known and Wes DeSoto, who ran the shop. We
bought Arizona Shower Door out of the partnership in 1996 and st
arted adding distribution
facilities: Cerritos and Texas in 1999, Hawaii in 2003, and Boston and Sparks in 2004. In
2007 we added a glass fabrication and tempering facility, a powder
coat line, and a kiln for
making cast glass. Today, Cardinal Shower Enclo
sures is not only one of the largest shower
door manufacturers in the country, but is highly respected as being the most progressive and
innovative company in the business.

Now, Hoskin & Muir has the largest stock of decorative aluminum extrusions in the c
With a wide range of finishes, we've got what you need. Last fall we built a powder
coat line
in our Louisville office to provide custom powder
coating to our customers. All our stock
extrusions are now available to order online.

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ion please visit