IBM Cognos and Maximo Reporting

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Nov 25, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


IBM Cognos and Maximo Reporting

IBM Maximo 7 has provided new Cognos reporting integration facilities to Maximo customers.
Maximo provides a facility where a powerful metadata layer used by the Cognos reporting tools

be automatically generated using the underlying Maximo schema information contained within the

This facility provides immediate access to the underlying Maximo tables and the ability to use the
power of the Cognos tools. Triangle has furt
her enhanced this feature by creating our own
framework models that replace those generated automatically by Maximo.

By doing this Triangle has been able to overcome the shortcomings of the generated models by
providing a user friendly version of the model
s that all Maximo users will find familiar. This radically
improves the ability of Maximo customers to allow their users to create their own reports,
traditionally a job which had to be completed by a report developer and for which the users would
have to

schedule time.

With Triangles Blueprints the reporting can be completed by the end user reducing the time
required to deploy a report to the business and thus providing the business information in a timelier

Straight away the users are able to ut
ilise the power of IBM Cognos 10 to create their reports, or use
one of the many pre
built reports that come in the “Blueprint Box”.

Business Workspace

IBM Cognos Business Workspace provides a powerful reporting platform from where a user can
build new rep
orts and dashboards. Users have access to existing content or they can build new
reports using the comprehensive Framework models provided by Triangles Maximo Blueprints.

Cognos Workspace provides a single user interface allowing both querying and analysi
s and replaces
the previous studios used in earlier versions of Cognos BI. The latest licensing models show that
Business Workspace will replace all studios other than Report Studio where complex pixel perfect
reporting is required.

IBM Cognos and Maximo Reporting

Report Studio

With C
ognos Report Studio, your developers can create professional enterprise reports in an
advanced reporting environment.

A few of the benefits developers will see when developing reports within the Cognos Reporting
Product site include

Report developers can c
reate reports containing any number of report objects

charts, cross tabs,
and lists, as well as non
BI components such as images, logos, and live embedded applications that
can be linked to the information. The report development tools deliver a zero
print, browser
based interface for all reporting functionality. This eliminates the need for IT to install and manage
client desktop software.

Casual or novice users can author and modify their own reports with minimal training or IT
involvement. The flexi
bility of the task based interface reduces the time required to author and
modify a report.

Reports can be built with multiple data queries. Each query can draw data from any data source or a
combination of sources and be linked together in context or left

as independent.

Users can arrange report objects by dragging and dropping them into the report authoring window.
Report layout automatically adapts and rearranges as report objects are added or removed.

When used with dimensional data, query and reporting

capabilities provide automatic recognition of
hierarchies and automatic drill
up and down for both text reports and charts, without the need for
authoring by the user. Queries on dimensionally modelled relational data can be enabled for drilling
up and do
wn on each dimensional hierarchy.

Additionally, like Business Workspace, because Report Studio utilises the Cognos packages or
metadata layer, developers no longer are required to write SQL. This enables them to very quickly
create powerful enterprise repo
rts without having to develop and debug complex SQL statements.

The metadata layer pre joins the database tables together for them

so they can quickly and
consistently add fields to their reports without requiring in
depth knowledge of table relationship
and joins.

IBM Cognos and Maximo Reporting

IBM Cognos TM1

Using the powerful in memory modelling capabilities of IBM Cognos TM1, business forecasts and
budgets can be modified immediately allowing the business to react to conditions highlighted by the
enhanced reporting provided by

IBM TM1 can be used to enhance the reporting over Maximo by integrating business plans and
models and through the Cognos Portal allow authorised users to amend these plans and
immediately report over them.

TM1 is one of the Cognos family of product
s that completes the Business performance Circle of Plan,
Report and Monitor