GCSE Geography Managing Resources Oil in Alaska Human Engineering Feats


Nov 9, 2013 (7 years and 10 months ago)


GCSE Geography

Managing Resources

Oil in Alaska

Human Engineering Feats

Oil is a precious commodity and the companies that exploit this non
renewable resource will go to great lengths to gain access to oil, no
matter where it is located on earth. Oil

exploration projects are
carried out on an annual basis and the increasing use of technology
has meant that there is no place on earth that can’t now be

Task 1

Read case study 7, page 98&99

Energy and the

Oil in Alaska. Wider

World. On your study sheet
enter a title, your name and form and draw a sketch map showing
the location of Alaska as well as a brief history of this particular

Task 2


Diagram B shows some of the problems and concerns that
had to be overco
me in order to construct this pipeline. Sketch the
‘close up’ map of the area of Alaska that the pipeline traverses
including all of the features that hindered the oil companies in their
development proposals.

Task 3

Make a list of the Physical Prob
lems in order of their
seriousness (1

=most serious, 8 = least serious) under the
corresponding title. Do the same for the Environmental concerns.

Task 3

What types of organisations would have taken a keen
interest in this particular development?
What are the main oil
companies that you know of? Answer on case sheet provided.

Task 4

What is permafrost?

Task 5

With the aid of diagrams, explain what design
modifications have been made in order to combat some of the
problems and concerns that a
re particular to this region.

GCSE Geography

Managing Resources

Oil in Alaska

The Environmental Impact (Human Error)

All the precautions taken by the oil companies involved in the
Prudhoe Bay

Valdez pipeline project could not prevent an accident

that is still affecting the environment 15 years after its

Task 1
. Read the information on the oil spill on pages 100
(Wider World, Waugh). Complete a fact box detailing the major
facts and figures associated with this accident on you
r study sheet.

Task 2
. What were the physical dangers associated with
transporting oil from the port of Valdez?

Task 3
. Produce a flow diagram detailing the events leading up to
the accident.

Task 4
. Using the information collected so far and figure
C, page
101, categorise the effects of the disaster under the following
headings: Environment. Animals (land based). Sea Based Mammals
& Fish. Local Economy. National Economy.

Task 5
. You are a reporter for a national television organisation
and hav
e been asked to produce research notes for a programme
highlighting whether oil production should go ahead in this
ecologically sensitive area. Use the arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’ oil
production in Alaska (Fig D p101). Produce a report including all the

facts and figures but concluding in one of two ways.

….we all need to use the resources and they will run out
eventually, accidents will happen.


….we cannot afford another disaster on the scale of the Exxon
Valdez, we need to protect and conserve t
he environment.