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Fact Sheet


06 March 2008

Building a project with the magnitude of Gautrain requires a strict environmental
management system. Bombela Concession Company’s Environmental Status Report reflects
how the challenging impact of cons
truction on the environment is being managed.
Adherence to Gautrain’s Environmental Management Plan is a requirement of the Gauteng
Department of Agriculture, Conservation ad Environment. It follows from initial Environmental
Impact Studies that preceded t
he construction of Gautrain.

The Environmental Status Report not only includes the protection of the environment during
construction but also the precautionary steps taken to limit environmental impact during the
design stages of the Project’s civil engin
eering works. It serves not only to comply with the
annual reporting conditions contained in the Record of Decision but also to provide
feedback on a broad range of environmental issues. Specific reference is made to:

ecology of Esther Park red data plan
t population;

all the water courses along the route;

all ground water resources along the route;

dolomitic areas within the route alignment; and

major environmental incidents that have occurred during the review period.

In terms of design each proposed ci
vil design is reviewed to ensure that environmental
requirements have been fully considered at all the various stages of design.

According to the Draft Final Environmental Management Plan specific targets listed to
ensure high quality environmental respo
nsibility for each design include:



pollution control measures applicable to the potential pollution risk as a result of
releases, hazardous substances and silt separation;


Listed mitigation measures for each section of Gautrain as prescrib
ed by the
South African National Standards Authority; and


Gautrain stations and the Depot must include resource conservation
technologies such as minimal water use and energy saving technologies.

The Bombela Environmental Status Report was prepa
red in response to the specific
conditions as contained in the Record of Decision and the topics discussed directly reflect
on these conditions. It provides a comprehensive overview of environmental management
processes followed during the first year of c
onstruction of Gautrain.