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Nov 9, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Environmental Policy

As proud as we are at Afrimat of our achievements in extracting and supplying
construction materials, so too are we proud of our Natural Heritage and
committed to environmental stewardship and the responsible use of our natural

We stand fully accountable to ensure that our Environmental management
practices keep up with the highest levels of expectation amongst all stakeholders.

We endorse a holistic approach to Environmental management both within the
boundaries of our o
perations and the integration thereof with surrounding areas,
users and communities.

We believe that management should lead our Environmental management effort
through their personal commitment and example. Conversely we believe that
staff should be encour
aged and empowered to participate and contribute freely
towards our Environmental management effort.

We will...

Integrate Environmental management in our routine management
functions and processes

Optimize the recovery and use of resources and practice re
mining and rehabilitation practices

Limit the generation of any form of waste to the minimum and implement
the correct waste treatment and disposal practices

Limit hydrocarbon pollution to the absolute minimum

Comply fully with all applicable en

and regulations

Educate staff about environmental concern and responsibility

Monitor and report the environmental performance of our business and
continuously improve our environmental performance.

Support industry
related Enviro
nmental improvement initiatives and
share our knowledge of environmental management with industry

We have no illusions about the potential for conflict between our operational activities
and environmental conservation. Consequently, in achie
ving the above goals, we
strive to reach parity between the economic utilization of a finite resource and the
preservation of a sustainable built and natural environment.