Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology of ASM (IMB)


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Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology of ASM (IMB)
Republic of Moldova, Chisinau
Technical Area: Microbiology and Biotechnology of Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Keywords: microbiology, biotechnology, xenobiotic research, physiological, biochemical and ecological features
of microorganisms spread in different natural ecosystems of Moldova
General Information
Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology of
ASM – organization in scientific and innovation
sphere – was founded as a result of the Decision of
the Government of the Republic of Moldova nr.
1326 dated the 14.12.2005, through the fusion of
the following academic institutes: Institute of
Microbiology created in 1992 on basis of
Microbiology Section, that started to work in 1959
– the sole scientific institution in Moldova in the
field of general and industrial microbiology and
National Collection of Nonpathogenic
Microorganisms, founded in 2003 according to the
Decision of the Government of the Republic of
Moldova as a research institution, as well as
information and coordination in the area of
storage, keeping and utilization of microbial
Scientific Centre of Patobiology and Pathology of
ASM founded in 1991 according to the Decision of
the Presidium of ASM with the purpose of
integration and orientation of the principal
fundamental-applicative research directions in the
area of the patobiology and clinical pathology.
Institute’s Focus
The objectives of the IMB:
ü The improvement of physiological and
biochemical potential of microorganisms as
sources for products used in agriculture, food
industry, preservation of the environment,
medicine (hepatoprotectors, imunomodulators,
antiatherosclerosis preparations);
ü Scientific argumentation of agricultural
biotechnologies for vegetal protein obtaining and
improvement of soil fertility;
ü The elaboration of biotechnologies for
microorganisms potential using for improvement
of soil and water quality, biological degradation of
ü The elaboration of the advantaged
biotechnologies for microbiological preparations
ü The elaboration of biotechnological
methods of water, air and soil quality monitoring;
ü The elaboration of proceedings for optimal
keeping and storage of strains microorganisms in
accordance with international standards.
Institute structure
· National Collection of Nonpathogenic
· Laboratory of Phycobiotechnology
· Laboratory of Oleobiotechnology
· Laboratory of Enzymology
· Laboratory of Phytomicrobiology
· Laboratory of Soil Microbiology
· Laboratory of Xenobiotransformation
· Laboratory of Vegetal Protein
· Centre of Pathobiology and Pathology
Valuable Technology Offerings
· Improvement of physiologic-biochemical potential
of microorganisms as biotechnological objects;
· Elaboration of technologies of bioactive
preparations production for usage in agriculture and
medicine; food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry;
· Conservation and efficient utilization of microbial
Scientific Cooperation and Technology Transfer
The Institute maintains extensive international
scientific contacts and collaboration with many
scientific centers, such as:
· Research Center "Molecular Endocrinology and
Oncology" of University Laval (Quebec, Canada)
· Neurology Center of Kislovodsk (Russia);
· Department of Molecular and Structural Biology,
Max Planck Institute Bad Nauheim, Germany etc.
· Institutes Phtisiopneumology and Cardiology,
"Al.I.Cuza" University of Iasi;
· State University of Marakesh, Morocco
Contact Details
Rudic Valeriu
Director, Dr. Sc., Prof., Academician of Academy of
Sciences of Moldova
1, Academiei str., Chisinau MD-2028,
Republic of Moldova
Phone: + (373 22) 73 98 78
Fax: + (373 22) 72 57 54
Chief Technology Commercialization Officer
Daniela Elenciuc – PhD, sceintific researcher
Mobil: + (373) 695 26 370