Software Asset Management


Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Miami University

Fall 2009

Software Asset Management

What is SAM?

Purchasing, deploying, managing and
tracking software from purchase to the
retirement of the software.

The lifecycle of software

Why is Software Asset
Management Important?

Software is an Asset


$425,000 spent on new, non
capital software

$1,000,000 spent on renewal of maintenance
outside of IT!

Why is Software Asset
Management Important?

Documented Cost Savings

Educational pricing

Volume discounts

Consolidated purchases



$177,000+ over education pricing


$104,500+ over educational pricing

Techfee Purchases Fy07

$100,000 additional savings.

IT Services Budget cost savings or cost avoidance





Miscellaneous Saving


Why is Software Asset
Management Important?


What we don’t know can hurt us!

1 in 4 pieces of software is illegal!

>2500 employees = audit in next four year!

Ramifications of non
compliance or deliberate

Huge fines starting at $150K

Loss of employment


Why is Software Asset Management
so difficult?

Inconsistent licensing models that are difficult to understand.

Similar or same terms might mean different things.

Volume license keys make it very easy and tempting to use

Home use is not a component of all agreements.

Who reads those End User Licenses anyway?

What happens if I don’t read? Am I still responsible?


What is your responsibility?

Acknowledge that this is a

Responsible Use of Computing Resources
section 16.6.A.2

As a department/division:

Develop good SAM Strategies

Inventory existing software

Locate and store purchase documents

Develop a departmental specific tracking mechanism

Identify a single location for documents (Remember any of
us could win the lottery!)

Electronic or manual

Determine best location or process for storing media and
lock it up

What is your responsibility?

Know the best way to obtain software

Step 1
Software download page

Free or site licensed software

Step 2
Software store

Purchase software for your institutional computer.

Step 3
Use the software store to ask for quotes or pricing

What is your responsibility?

Teach and Promote Awareness

Communicate your SAM plan

Who can purchase?

How to purchase?

What to do with the license documents and media

What are you buying?

Do an annual refresher!

What is IT Services Responsibility?

Empower the staff to be Compliance Agents

Know what to do if you identify software violations

Who do you tell?

Your Supervisor, Manager, Dean, Chair, or Technical

Do you need proof?

It is appropriate for someone in your division to ask
for proof of purchase.

The client needs to be able to provide proof of
license upon request if installing personally owned
software on institutional computers.

What can IT Services do for you?

Assist with purchasing.

Right place, right price

Communicate software availability and best

Can we use this listserv to communicate promotions?

Do license interpretation.

Research and explain

Advise on compliance issues.

Conduct departmental training

coming soon!

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