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Dec 8, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Students’ Motivations for Social
Media Enhanced Studying and


, Tampere University of Technology, Hypermedia


, Tampere University of Technology,
Hypermedia Laboratory



Web 2.0 based social media
have recently
become well known

A few new students know any of their peers at
the beginning of studies in their new university

Developed a site that provide convenient tools
for interaction and study support

The aim of the research was to find aspects of
social network services that motivate students to
actively participate in discussion

Literature review


(2000): a group of people in the web for some
particular intention that the individuals in a community
are controlled by community policies

Boyd and Ellison (2007) define a web community in the
context of social networking and creating connections

Typical aspects of social networking sites are user
profiles, connections between users, comments and
private messages

Technical aspect

The most commonly used O’Reilly’s (2005) concept of Web

Motivation research model

Rogers(1976) categories people concerning
adoptability of technology


Early adopters

Early majority

Late adopters

Reluctant adopters

Data was collected from 10 students regarded
early adopters
insight into method

System: The TUT Circle (1)

Study Circle


fall 2008

Basic Engineering Mathematics courses at TUT

Static groups for different study

all usage was voluntary

void of content

Blank discussion boards and walls did not
encourage new students to start discussions

System: The TUT Circle (2)

New system:
TUT Circle

Content Management System by

Target: social network site with separate features offering support for
studying at TUT

Personal profile

Basic user actions

status updates

private messaging

Suggest potential friends

content can be tagged with keywords

Groups provide collaborative activity

The discussion board

The questions feature

ask a question anonymously

System: The TUT
Circle (3)

Further research

The activity will be monitored and the
development of networks in TUT Circle will be
studied using social network analysis

Feedback on TUT Circle usage will be collected
during the academic year 2009


There is a variety of options available to motivate
users to participate more actively in social
network sites

access to information about friends’ and similar
users’ activity

Users need some examples and models of how
the system can be used

Tools provided by social media are attractive to
students today and making those tools a part of
traditional teaching


Hot issues

It’s a
like system for academic use

Spent too much pages on system detail

Good motivation aspects for system designers

Lack of data analysis (due to it’s under
experiment )