Online Journalism: Theory and Practice

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Online Journalism: Theory and Practice

Week 3

Lecture 1

Summer 2011

G. F Khan, PhD

Dept. of Media &


South Korea

Last lecture…

Old vs. New Media

The technological evolution of journalism

The development of online journalism

Advantages of online Journalism

New journalism forums

This lecture…

Introduction to blog

Blog as a news platform

Advance blogging

Setting up your blog

Syndication content with RSS

What is blog?

Is a website

Short for We
b log
, a blog is a Web
page that serves as a publicly
accessible personal journal for an

Interactive online Dairy to publish
thoughts and information (i.e.
personal information, news, etc)

What is a blogger?


author of a blog

Why blog?

To express one’s opinions, an outlet

To present info,
, links,

To promote or market

To communicate or discuss

Common feature of a blog


Comments & feedback feature


Blogs are archives of past blog entries and
are in reverse chronological order (most
recent appears first


Receiving new post

Blogs as journals

Some blogs are merely a type of diary

or a scrapbook of memories.

Why is it important for a journalist
to have a blog?

Why to blog?

New media analyst believe every
journalist must have a blog

Help you in building a community
of readers

Help you in testing new ideas

Receive early & direct feedback

Publish or broadcast in the
timeliest manner possible

For a collage journalist

Blogging means testing and
learning a new content
management system

Publishing news stories, building
audiences, and getting attention

Helpful in getting a job

Its all about you

You decide how often to publish

You decide what content will you take

You decide the layout of your blog

You decide how to interact with audience

You decide what to edit the content and
what the headline line say

What is a good blog?

A good blog is continuing

You facilitate it but, audience
dominate it

Readers opinion is valued

Readers are your friends

They want you to get the story right

Readers make your blog stronger
than any single could make it alone.

Blogs are not magic

Writing a successful blog takes dedication
and determination

There is never a break

Needs constant work

Always needs updating and posting new stories

Blogs can be influential or incredibly

It all depends on the writer (s) powering the

Why blogs are important?

The first information revolution in 1990s

When everyone started creating websites just
to have one

Creating a website needed a lot of technical
skills about computers & web design

Most individual publishers were computer

Flashy website of Statics information

Why blogs are important?

However, early information revolution gave
way to two way information with advent of

Blog flipped the early model on its head

Any one can publish who can click a
mouse and type.

Why blogs are important?

Blogs changed journalism

Dan Gillmor launched the first blog
San Jose Mercury News

mainstream news organization, in

Its simplicity, immediacy, and
interactivity have improved

Bringing journalists and audience closer

Removing the constraints of time and
space that limited journalist ability to
report a story

Why blogs are important?

Most companies use blog these

Future 500 companies who have

In the beginning of 2009,CNN had 30
blogs e.g.

New York Times had 65 active blogs

Local news papers and TV stations
around the world have also blogs

Becoming a blogger

Before making your blog read news stories

You have to read blogs in order to write an
effective blog

Top 100 blogs:

Find blogs that are right for you

Select the topic you are interested

E.g. environment, politics, sports, food, or
fashion, education.

Becoming a blogger

Note which posts you like most, then
refine that information:

What makes them interesting?

Is it compelling or convincing?

Are the topics relevant?

Are there enough links to material?

Track the frequency of post:

Is the blog updated regularly?

Becoming a blogger

Learn the language

Bloggers use some specific terms

Post: an entry on a blog (post), or to make an entry on a

Permalink: A link available on each post that provides
direct access to that post.

Helpful for other bloggers to link directly to a given
post or for readers to e
mail a link


(video blog

a blog that features video
commentary as its primary medium

Blogging from a mobile device


Make a plan create a blog

To create a basic plan for your blog, answer these

What will you name your blog (1
3 words)?

What is a good short description of your blog?

What is the mission (2
3 sentences)

Set goal of your blog

Before starting your blog think about what you will
blog about

Always pick a topic you have enough knowledge
about it

You should be passionate about the topic

Using these information user will know
immediately what your blog is all about.

Make a plan create a blog

Enter “start a blog” in Google

This is a step by step guide

Chose a blog system to create your blog

Who provide blog systems?

A lots of companies

Top 40 +
Free Blog Hosts

Recommended system

Recommend system for your
group project is &

Two leading platforms

Creating blog is quick and pain less

Have demos and videos tutorials to
help you get started

Its also FREE!


provide more themes
whereas, blogger provide
flexibility to customize the design
without knowing the code

Let’s start with Blogger

How to Create a Blog on Blogger

Video tutorial:

Customize your blog

Name your blog

The name will display
on the top page of your
blog and also in the
URL (link)


Custom logo

Add Videos and Pictures

Quickly add extra
functionality e.g. search
box or calendar

Paid Domain name


Really Simple Syndication

It allows you to
easily stay informed

by retrieving the latest content from the
sites you are interested in.

Its really simple

Instead of visiting several web pages or
performing searches over and over, you
can set up RSS to do that for you.

Select a Reader

Two types

based readers: that you can access by
logging into a specific web page.

alone: that is downloaded into your
computer and then launch.

You can download & read later, even no

Popular options:

Integrated into blogs

To understand
the difference e.g.

Gmail account V.S outlook express

How to know if a webpage is RSS

Firefox and Opera display the now
common square orange badge for a
Web feed in the browser's address bar
when they find RSS feeds on a site.

You'll see a similar symbol in Internet
Explorer's toolbar.

Safari shows a blue rectangle with
"RSS" written in white letters.

Thank You

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