Service Learning Reflection: Week 1

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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Jared Azulay

Service Learning Reflection: Week 1

This week I set a meeting for Tuesday with Tricia Zwirner from State Farm. I met with her and

discussed the areas that she needs assistance in.

We decided to focus on her marketing efforts, namely


engine optimization and keyword analysis. She showed me her account through Maine Today

Digital Business Center. This is a company that she pays to monitor her marketing efforts.

Their research

showed that there were 17 websites that had her listing but

were incomplete and missing information.

She asked that I get in touch with Maine Today Digital to see if there’s any way to fix these errors.

Secondly she showed me the F
acebook page for her State Farm office. She asked me to look into ways

of increas
ing the number of followers that she has and finding better ways to interact with them. Lastly

she showed me the list of all of the keywords that she pays for to get her page to show up in

searches. This list included how much the search terms wer
e used, how many times her link was seen,

and how many times people actually clicked on it.

By looking at all of this data hopefully I can find some

trends in the information resulting in a more effective SEO marketing campaign.

Jared Azulay

Service Learning Reflection: Week 2

This week I got in contact via email with Geoff Grigsby; a digital marketing representative with

Maine Today Digital.
He was able to set me up with a username and password to get into Tricia’s

reputation management pro
gram online. I took a look through here visibility and why her results are

coming up with errors. It looks as though the listings are just missing some basic information and should

be simple to fix. There were a lot of neat features on the site that were

worth looking through. The site

also sh
ows how many Facebook and

twitter followers

the business has. There were also graphs showing

her share of relevant searches compared to local competition. Now that I have familiarized myself with

the site and how
it works I can start getting in
to fixing the errors next week.

I also had a meeting with Ethan this week. We have decided that

we will be working together on

the project. He was given access as an admin to Tricia’s Sate Farm Facebook page. He’s going to t
alk to

Tricia to gain me access as an admin as well so I can examine her Facebook page and look into gaining

new followers. I will be in contact with Geoff Grigsby to get Ethan set up with a user name and password

for the reputation management site.

Jared Azulay

vice Learning Reflection: Week 3

Week 3 was a short week for me. I was very busy and did not get much of a chance to work on
the service learning project. What I did accomplish was correcting 2 of Tricia’s online listings.
Most of
the listings that show up as having errors usually just aren’t uniform to other listings. For example the
correct business title is “Tricia Zwirner

State Farm Agency” that means that “Zwirner

State Farm
Agency,” “Tricia Zwirner

State Farm Age
nt” and Tricia Zwirner

State Farm Insurance Agency” will all
show up as having errors in the listing.

The titles should all be uniform so that they are easier to search
for and find. This week I fixed the title errors for her listings on

Some other errors that the websites had was that one listed her business location as being in the town
of North Windham, one site didn’t have and phone numbers or email addresses listed and one didn’t
have the corrected link to her webs
ite available. I went in and fixed all these errors. In order to fix the
errors on I had to register my email address with them, hopefully that won’t result in
excess newsletters and other junk mail. The corrections were made, but they don
’t yet show up in
Tricia’s reputation management monitor or on the websites. Insiderpages requires a 48 hour
consideration period before making any changes. Judysbook requires a review period of 5
7 days. Over
the next week I plan to continue to make corre
ctions to the listings showing errors.

Jared Azulay

vice Learning Reflection: Week 4

This week was busy for me, so I didn’t get a chance to work on any listings. It was also a busy
week for Tricia as she was out of town and unable to meet on Wedne
sday. Instead we have made a plan
to meet on Wednesday November 7
I’m excited to see what she has in store for me and Ethan to work
on in the office.

Jared Azulay

vice Learning Reflection: Week 5

Early in the week I continued to work on the listings. Some problems that arose were
because the site didn’t recognize the address entered and therefore wouldn’t post an address. I tried
the address multiple ways (Windham vs North Windham, ME vs
Maine, Storm Rd. vs Storm Road) but
nothing satisfied the sites requirements. Tricia said not to worry about that one. Citysearch
’s site
was one where Tricia did not have any listing. I looked into it and it

that you had to pay to have
a listin
g on that site or their networks of sites. I had an email correspondence with Jerry Magliozzi;
senior interactive account executive.

He confirmed that it was a paid site and would cost $100 a month
to be listed. Tricia chose to not pay for the site at this

time. I was able to successfully make the correct
changes to the Yahoo listing. They had to email Tricia first to verify the corrections, but the changes did
go through.’s listing could not be fixed. The page showed that someone else had
ready claimed the page and had control of it. Tricia wasn’t sure if it was her or another of her
employees and said that site could temproraily be left alone. On Wednesday we did meet with her. We
concluded that the listing were mostly completed and that i
t was time to move on to other projects.
Collabratively we put together a survey for her and then look into a service known as onlineimage. I was
asked to look further into that for our next meeting on Monday the 12
. Ethan will be making the